Saturday, November 29, 2014

UAE Day 2 - Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi)

14-Nov - Our stay over time in UAE is relatively short. With no time to spare, we woke up early next morning to make our way to Abu Dhabi, which was about 90mins car ride away. Along the way, we tried to make stops to take pictures of some iconic structures.

 Skyscrapers along the expressway to Abu Dhabi

The Sun, the sand, the sea, and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

A closer look at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Our destination -  Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi)

Luckily, almost 90% of the theme park is air-conditioned. Or else, I do not know how to survive the punishing weather elements. 

Mini Ferraris 

Formula Rossa - The fastest coaster in the world 


 Light illumination at night
Final parting shot before we left the theme park for good.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

UAE Day 1 part 2 - Dubai

13-Nov - After the desert tour (which ended quite early at about 10.30am local time), we got the green light to check into the hotel and proceed to explore the desert city.

First stop - A castle look-a-like building structure 

Ancient ship located in a museum 

The old Dubai castle wall 

Dubai museum entrance 

The old streets of Dubai 

Burj Khalifa 

Scenery at Burj Khalifa Level 124 

Gold ATM machine. Interesting way to buy gold off an ATM 

Burj Khalifa at night 

Burj Khalifa night music fountain show 

The music fountain show was simply spectacular, which of course put our Singapore Marina Bay Sands music fountain show to shame. Haha.

UAE Day 1 part 1 - Dubai

13-Nov - After a tiring midnight flight from Singapore, we landed safely in Dubai just in time to catch the sun rise. ^_^ Sleepy.... Lucky for us, this is the start of the cooler season for UAE. Temperature will typically range in the high twenties to low thirties instead of the burning forties just a few week ago!

Sun Rise in Dubai 

 The clock tower near our hotel

However, there is no time for us to rest as immediately, we are off to our desert camel farm visiting, sand biking and sand wakeboarding tour!

The desert falcon at the farm site

 First time experience with desert sand, which feels just like smooth silk

Our 4 x 4 bikes to roam the desert sands 

 Camels on the desert farm

The chosen ones who will be giving us a ride across the desert.