Sunday, August 31, 2008


Synopsis: What if mankind had to leave Earth and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? WALL-E, a robot, spends every day doing what he was made for. But soon, he will discover what he was meant for. From Academy Award-winning writer-director, Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo"), Disney-Pixar's "WALL-E" is the story of one robot's comic adventures as he chases his dream across the galaxy.
Another wonderful movie by Disney!! The love between Wall-e and Eve was very touching even though little words was spoken between them. Initially, I thought it was quite impossible to string together a movie with minimum dialogue, but Disney has proven me wrong this time round. What they lack in dialogue, they made it up by the emotions and actions of the characters. There are also a few rather interesting supports in the movie, for example, the robot that keeps on cleaning up the foreign contaminants and the cockroach that seems to never die. Have fun catching the movie, highly recommended by me~
Rate: 4/5

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Originally, the news was that I will be activated at 9am or 10am today. So.... I wake up at 8am, and start waiting~ 9am pass....nothing.....10am pass....nothing....
Happily, I thought it was probably just a false alarm, thus I continue on with my event of the day. 12 noon, I received this sms: The advanced party was just activated and we will likely get the notification at 2pm. Well done!! I was then at Clementi and I have to get myself to Maju Camp in 3 hours time (PS wanted us to reach within 3 hours as it was an OPEN mobalisation). How mess up can my beautiful Saturday be?
At least, I am happy to get to meet my *mds* for lunch~ =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

The busiest semester ever

1 paper to write
2 free days
3 examinable modules
4 groupings
5 group projects
Why can't they just set a quiz and get it over and done with?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Official Timetable for Semester 7

Looks slack? Neh... Lots of research and papers need to be done... starting from today....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss clarity Cafe

*mds* and I tried their Beef Stew with Rice and I must say that again, I am extremely satisfied with their food!!
~A wonderful day spent~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Essential Brew Tea Cafe and Restaurant

Met up with LT on Thursday (14/08/08) at Essential Brews. How long ago had we last met before he went off to enjoy himself in the USA at Texas A&M University? =p It was nice spending time catching up and chatting with him in this cozy little shop he recommended. Hope our friendship will last for many more years to come, catching up with each other once in a while~ =)
The shop interior was designed in such a way that it provides people a place to sit down, chill out and talk for hours!! Really, I mean it. There was a group who are there before us and after 2 hours, they are still there chatting away when we left~ It helps when they have nice comfortable couches to sit on and pillows to hug~ We ordered their signature dessert: Plateau Serenade (Picture above). I find this dish quite unique as they have a layer of crunchy cornflakes as base, hazlenuts on the tops and chewy chocolate in the middle. I recommend everyone to try this dish if you ever go there, best if its shared between 2 people~ Other than their dessert, you should also try their T-Jaz and ZOC. Its contains a unique blend of tea with something else and I guarantee that you will like the taste.

Special thanks to LT for getting me this unique shirt from Washington D.C.

JB day

Had lots of fun going on a short JB trip with *mds* on 13/08/08, where we eat our hearts out at Secret Recipe. Their Black Pepper Chicken (picture below) are so nice~!! This is also where we find irresistible movie deals. At RM6.50, where can you find a movie ticket cheaper than this?I also managed to get myself a new polo T-shirt from Bossini. Hmm, I wish I can go back to the USA factory Outlets!!
~So much fun~

Friday, August 15, 2008


What people took 1 year to catch, I finished it in 2 weeks. All thanks to Tudo.
.Ordinary people with extraordinary powers

Now, waiting for Season 3 releasing in September 22, 2008!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet Dave

Synopsis: Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrive on earth in the perfect disguise - a spaceship shaped like an ordinary man! The spaceship (Eddie Murphy, the ship's captain), with each miniature alien responsible for operating a particular part of the body, embarks on an adventure in Manhattan. Complications ensue when their captain falls in love with an Earth woman! [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
A movie made whose sole purpose is just to make audience laugh and entertain them! With no plot to speak of, Eddie Murphy has to rely on his sense of humor and acting to prevent this movie from falling into the pits of doom. Fortunately, he succeeded and I find this quite enjoyable to watch, particularly his facial expression in the movie. Not a bad movie to spend your day with, if you have the spare cash around to spend. =)
Rate: 3/5

Money no Enough 2

Synopsis: Following the success of "Money No Enough" (1998) ten years ago, which is undoubtedly Singapore's biggest box-office hit with an unsurpassed S$5.8 million, Jack Neo along with co-stars Mark Lee and Henry Thia are back in "Money No Enough 2".
The opening scene of the movie was pretty enjoyable and fun, as I certainly agreed with what Jack Neo is trying to say about the Singapore ERP systems. What comes after, however, I find is pretty mundane. Topics such as filial piety, high medical cost and MLMs are things of the past that have been said over and over again. Comparing with Money No Enough 1, I find that Money 2 has lost its shine and there was not much breakthrough in the plot, except in the animation with the help of CGI. Overall, an acceptable (though not highly recommended by me) movie to watch for the day.
Rate: 3/5

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Another outing with FUGA before school reopens on Monday and we all study ourselves silly with the university life. I think I am starting to miss my holiday (its only 1 week) already!! After much coordination by Gera, it was decided that we will have our dinner at NYDC (Wheelock Place). Most of us are on time this time round, though they tell me a 0.5h early meeting time in case I am late. *hmm* After everyone has arrived, I proceeded to order my Three Amigos oven baked pasta (picture below). =) It just taste as good as ever~! I just love NYDC oven baked specialities as I think they served one of the best oven baked meals in Singapore. Perry and Fab decided to try out their sandwiches and I forget to ask them how was their meal. So Perry and Fab, how do you find the food?

After activities was spent chilling out at Starbucks. I love their Frappuccino Mocha!! Yes, caffeine has no effect on me, I still manage to sleep when I got home, thanks to the 3 years of training NUS has provided me. I think I need to start training up for my IPPT already. I just received the letter that says that RT is compulsory so long as you failed the test. Oh crap....stupid army.....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy 43th birthday, Singapore

On this beautiful Saturday, I decided to give *mds* a little treat and we had a great dinner at BREEKS cafe (Marina Square). This is all thanks to the Singtel Sweet Treats lucky draw which I had won, entitling me to a $40 discount voucher. =) Thanks again Singtel, I will continue to support you~
After browsing through the menu, *mds* decided on the Baked Seafood Mornay (picture below)
And as for me, after seeing so many nice and tasty pictures of fishes on their menu, I decided to try out their Baked Dory glazed with Lime Chili Sauce (picture below). The presentation and outlook of their dishes served, I must say, by far is one of the best I had ever seen in the cafes around Singapore. But when it comes to eating and taste, I find that their food is just average. The dory was not marinated enough to bring out its fishy taste and I find it a bit blend. Pasta served was just average, nothing great to talk about. One thing that deserved compliments from me is the speed at which they served their food. They certainly don't like to let their customers wait too long~
For some light bites, I ordered the Safari Feast (picture below) to share with my *mds*. Their waffle fries was pretty unique and good. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Thumbs up for it =). For their calamari tail and shrimp popcorn, I find that they were just average. Their Buffalo wings, on the contrary, I would suggest you readers give it a miss. The chicken was not tender enough and with the concentrated BBQ sauce all over it, I find them just too salty for my liking~
After activities was spent walking towards Esplanade through the throngs of human walls to catch the National Day fireworks which will be commencing shortly. We couldn't get close enough to the Esplanade as all the ways towards my destination was fully sealed by the police. I have tried the underpass, pathway under the bridge, crossing the road, but.. they seem to have all the paths covered. In the end, we managed to settle at a nice spot and catch the beautiful Esplanade with its lights in full glory.
Shortly afterwards, the firework display (not very good this year due to light wind condition) commence~ Enjoy the pictures:

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Perry skills in using human is not bad, I lost to him twice on 1st contact~ lol. Two years of not touching DOTA = sure lose when challenging other players~ Oh well....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How to confuse an idiot

Simply hilarious!! Thanks JunHong!!

A guy's day out

Having nothing to do on a slow Monday and in need of a recharge before the school reopens 1 week later, I met Fab, Perry, and GZ to walk around Bugis and help Perry look for his gadget of the month. After browsing through several shops in Bencoolen Plaza, he finally settles for the SEIKO Criteria Watch. Feeling the need to get off the heat from the scorching sun, the four of us headed to an ice shop called 冰馆 in Bencoolen Street. For the menu on offer, you can click on the link below of the location of the shop:
Boy, the serving of ice for this shop is enormously huge!! For the regular size selling for $8.50, it looks like it can be considered my lunch already. We ordered the 超级新鲜水果综合冰 for our first dessert shared among us. The dessert was not bad in my opinion, and as we sat chatting among ourselves, before we know it, we finished eating the whole ice in 5 minutes!! Feeling not satisfied because we downed the ice too fast, we have another go at the 超级草莓牛奶冰. This time, I remember to take a picture of the dessert before it is gone! Lol.

After the dessert, we head over to Sim Lim Square as Fab wants to take a look at the audios. For me, I bought a 1GB Ram (as they are insanely cheap now) to upgrade my slow desktop which is still struggling on 1 GB RAM running on Vista somemore. Dinner wise, we had it at Miss Clarity Cafe. For their menu, you can click on the link below:

In my opinion, I find the ambient of the shop is quite unique and cozy. Food wise, I would recommend their Gluttons platter at $16.80 as seen from the picture below. Its chicken wings and sausages are not bad. For me, I ordered the baked chicken pasta at $9.80. Originally, I intended to have a light dinner as my mom have already bought my dinner for me back home, but, little did I know that the baked chicken pasta was not light at all, in fact it was quite filling. For the price, it was worth it, but taste wise, I find the pasta just so-so, but it give a generous spread of chicken. =)
Gluttons Platter
Baked Chicken Pasta
After dinner activity for me was home sweet home, but for the other three, they decided to take a trip down to the even lorong street of Geylang for some sight-seeing. The group 2 traits continues...., I guess. hah! =p

Monday, August 04, 2008

Fuga in bugis + Geylang

Yesterday was a record breaking 7 hours spent KTVing in bugis. Perry got us a good deal. 7 hours of KTV at $20 per person on Sunday. If you are hungry, you can buy their lunch bento at $3, though I would say that 50% of the food inside is inedible. Basically, you can only eat their rice, honey chicken and the fruits. Their vegetables are best left untouched~ But well, the main deal is KTV, so if you are looking for some good deals for KTV, you can approach this shop. They are located just opposite the road from Bread Toast in Bugis Junction. Their drink, by the way is free flow.
.A choice of Grape juice, Apple juice, Fruit punch, Peach juice and Green tea.
The No. 1 drink for the day goes to Apple juice!!
By the 2nd round of ordering, everyone is choosing it!
Next up, we went over to Tong Shui Cafe at Liang Seah Street to have our dinner. The shop was set in typical Hong Kong style and one point that interest me is that they used the dim sum basket as plates to serve our meals. I ordered their Double Cheese Beef Spaghetti at $9.88. Though the price was considerably cheap, but I still find their serving was a bit small. The food was not bad though, ambient wise was ok. If you are interested, you can take a look at their website below:
Feeling not really satisfied, we decided to head over to Geylang for some supper at the famous 永和豆浆. Their 肉松烧饼 was not bad, definitely worth a try, but the 豆浆 wise, I find it too expensive priced at $1.60. Though it was 浓 and good to eat, but for $1.60, I don't think it was worth that price.
.Above photo from EatAndTrain

After the supper, it was home sweet home

Friday, August 01, 2008

Last Contribution

Yesterday, I have handed in my first ever written resignation letter to mark the end of my 7 months stint at CPG Laboratories Pte Ltd. Last day will officially be this Saturday due to a urgent job which I have to rush to finish. My supervisor decided to throw a farewell dinner for me cum welcome dinner for a new collegue who has just joined the chemical department at Sukura in Shaw Plaza.
. I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have taught me well for the past 7 months.