Thursday, September 29, 2011

Korea Day 3 part 4

After another hour of grilling bus journey, we finally reached our last museum of the day - Teddy Bear Museum. From the front entrance (as you can see from the picture below), it doesn't look anything like a museum to me...

First bear to greet us at the entrance - Wedding Bears

And from the 3nd storey - Boxing Bears

The Beatles Bears

Normandy Landing in WW2

Prince Charles Wedding bears

Bears from various nations

Traditional Korean Bears

And the star of the museum - LV Bear

The 3 wise man

Hey mister, how much are you selling those?

Polar Bears!!!

Pandas conveying the message to save our Earth

Bears displayed outdoor.

And we have a nice sunset to end our day!

We have seafood steamboat for our dinner. The food is average. The restaurant seems to have an endless supply of cabbages, but the small lobsters and crab in the steamboat are all too small to be eaten.... *sad*

*mds* and I managed to walk around the Jeju shopping district for a while before returning back to our hotel. There are nothing much to buy as the good prices are comparable to Singapore.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Korea Day 3 part 3

After visiting the trick art museum, our tour proceed on our way to the Osulloc Tea Museum, where they grow tea on their farm and sells them to the public.

The vast tea plantation is just beneath me!

Panorama view of the whole plantation taken from the highest building on the farm

Spider at work to protect the tea from pest

A giant teacup on my hand!

Next up is a visit to a chocolate factory, where each of us gets a cup of free coffee. Hmm, since they are making chocolates, they should give us a chocolate drink instead right?

Ingredients in a dark chocolate which I do not want to know... =)

Master chef at work

After the chocolate factory visit, which was nothing much, we proceed on our way to the last destination of the day. I was rather surprised to find Reilly Believe it or not right next to the museum we are visiting. 3 museum visits in a day, confirm museum overload........

Korea Day 3 part 2

After spending the whole morning snapping pictures of dead volcano cone, our next stop is the Trick Art Museum, a place where pictures come alive. Don't get what I mean? Scroll down to find out!

Spare my life, I am not your dinner!!

What's happening outside?

Jail break time!

The Dragon roar!

How many pandas can you spot?

How many dolphins can you see?

Anyone dare to try this over a cliff? I did!

Swordfish for dinner!!

Hanging on for dear life

Watch your step mister!

I perfected the art of 2 finger stand! Haha

Let me help you with your nose cleaning...

And this structure shall fall!

*mds* and I spent about an hour inside the museum busy taking photos before moving on to our next destination, which happens to be another museum! *faint*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Korea Day 3 part 1

Korea Day 3 - A day spend visiting Seongsan Ilchulbong tuff cone and the various museum located around Jeju. *mds* and I woke up early in the morning to set off towards Seongsan Ilchulbong.

Various wind farms along the road demonstrates Korea's commitment towards clean energy.

Finally, we arrive at Seongsan Ilchulbong yuff cone after an hour and a half of the bus journey. Spotted that this tourist attraction is actually bidding to become 1 of the 7 wonders of the new world!

And may I present to you  Seongsan Ilchulbong yuff cone, which is actually a dead volcano with a collapse cone, forming a caldera in the middle.

The panorama view of the town from the base of the volcano.

Nice view from the side

From the back of the volcano, nice view of the sea.

An interesting mix of nature and man made structure. Can you spot them?

Nice view from the mid volcano slope. I gave up climbing after 20 minutes of climbing up the endless steps to the top of the cone....

A final photo before going down the volcano slope.

Next stop is a visit to the traditional Korean village in Jeju. It was said that these village houses do not need any locks or grills in their house as everyone looks after one another, hence, there are no cases of break in or robbery. There is also a meaning to how many poles are blocking the main entrance. When all poles are down, it means the owner welcomes you to visit him. When 1 pole is up, it means come back later. When 2 poles are up, it means come back in the evening. When 3 poles are up, it means that the owner do not want any visitors.

A view of the traditional houses in Jeju

The internal structure supporting the roof

Rearing of black pigs to catch snakes, which are common in the area.

The Korean wearing the traditional costume and our tour guide

The art of collecting water in the past. (Psss...The water is infested with mosquitoes larvae. To fight it, they put in frogs, a natural predator.)

The stone mill for grinding

Finally, a decent lunch with meat... =)

A berry spotted on the roadside