Monday, February 24, 2020

Baby Diaper Comparison

Which brand of the baby diaper is the best? That is the question which will weigh on most parents' mind. Truth be said, if you change the baby diaper regularly (meaning 4-7 changes a day) and diligently apply diaper rash cream on the baby, most of the brand will do fine and baby poo poo should not leaked. The other important factor is that is the baby allergic to certain diaper brand? Well for that, you will only know when you test the product itself. We have the opportunity to test a few diaper brands and the below are our observation: 

Huggies® Platinum Diapers (JB Version - Only available in hospital)
Overall, the tapes are strong and doesn't come off easily. Only problem is that the wetness indicator sometimes cannot be seen easily. For poo poo, the wetness indicator most of the times does not show and you have to open the diaper to check yourself.

Rate: 6/10

Merries Tape Diaper Newborn (Made in Japan)
Overall, the tapes are strong and doesn't come off easily. Wetness indicator works well with both urine and poo poo. Just my personal opinion, the diaper feels thin and flimsy to touch.

Rate: 8/10

Pampers® Baby Premium Care Newborn (Made in Japan)
This is the third brand we tried and personally we love this brand the most. Overall, the tapes are strong and doesn't come off easily. Wetness indicator by far is the easiest to be seen as they works well with both urine and poo poo. The diaper feels solid to touch, which gives it an edge over Merries.

Rate: 9/10

Drypers Wee Wee Dry Newborn (Made in Malaysia)
This diaper does not comes with wetness indicator, so you will need to open the diaper to check for yourself if the baby has pee or poo. Design of the diaper not that user friendly as I found you will need to adjust the diaper a bit before you can get a good secure hold. At least, the diaper printed design looks the best among the rest, though that is the least of my concern.

Rate: 5/10

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Day 30 with Bundle of Joy

All right, we have officially survived 1.5 days after sending off our nanny. What a steep learning curve we have to get to know you better little Jonathan. There are so much things to learn in this short 28 days:
  1. To bath the baby
  2. To change diaper
  3. To wear clothes for the baby
  4. To carry the baby
  5. To sooth the baby to sleep (Tough job)
  6. To feed the baby using milk bottle
  7. To research and buy infant milk powder (Nature One Dairy / FairPrice Gold seems to be the best as of now)
  8. To research and buy milk bottle (Philips Avent with Natural teats preferred)
  9. To learn how to boil herbal soup
  10. To learn how to boil red date tea
  11. To pray baby will sleep 3 hours instead of 45 mins 
  12. And the list goes on.... >.<
Past 1.5 days have been busy cleaning up the whole house after nanny left, especially the kitchen, where 28 days of cooking has left much grit and grease to get rid off. I haven't have much inroad with it as the surface still feel sticky no matter how much I clean them with soap and detergent.

Lifestyle for us has definitely changed. Looks like we will not be visiting cinemas, restaurants and hawker center in a long time. Well, at least we now have GrabFood to depend on.... for someone who do not cook at all. and when should I start cutting or filing baby nails.... hmmm... challenging job... Any suggestion?

Sunday, February 09, 2020

2 Weeks Journey

Never expected it but we have to re-admit you to hospital again after giving us quite the scare with a BRUE event and cold virus infection. After a worrisome 4 days stay, we are glad we can welcome you back home again. Recover well Jonathan and fight on. Mommy and daddy will pray for your recovery.

With Love,
Mom and Dad

*Now I understand the importance of a maternity insurance plan (to lessen the impact of medical bills) and "C" class ward (To maximize the use of Medisave)