Monday, July 31, 2006

T - 5

Yes I am counting down to my last day of work. Nowadays, sales are super bad la. It doesn't really help when across the water, Malaysia are just starting their one month GSS? (or rather GMS Great Malaysia Sales)
As a result, me, a slacker, prowls around Paragon Level 4, talking to aunties and having some self entertainment by playing TV games? Today was a new low. The whole day only saw 3 people asking me questions about my products and the sales was ...... You guess it, $0!! Lol! Well, at least xiaostar and Jenny(whom I think was pulled along by xiaostar) were kind enough to visit me at my counter when they are in Orchard to entertain me for an hour? Haha, thanks girl. The time was well spent as I know a whole lot of interesting stuffs that happened during the CAC camp. LOL!
Yes!! 4 more days to go!!


Just went for a Lan outing at Paradiz Center. Wow, the feeling of DOTAing is so great la, since I have not touch that game properly for 3 months. Yes, maybe you don't believe it, but I have not play any DOTA games since the holiday starts??? :(
真是长江后浪推前浪,our new freshie, Jia Cheng is so professional in DOTA la. Even I got pawned and have to admit defeat lor. Haha. Hope we can meet up for more Lan session soon. I still don't really know how to play that big fat ugly butcher....
BTW, if next time there is a 3 v 1 game right, you know who that one person will be right?? :P
People, lie low for a moment, something just got overblown somehow.....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

China Girls

somehow, I have the same thoughts as what the papers says:
Like it or not, China girls are now part of Singapore society.
Just see who is taking orders at your neighbourhood kopitiams.
Go check the throngs of student outside downtown English Language schools.
(and especially this...)
OR drop in on an engineering lecture at NUS and see who is kicking the butts of local students!!!
Duh..... I don't want to return to schools.......

Irritating thing

*cough cough*
Thats great, the most irritating cough is back after just a month absent?? Maybe I deserved it, smart Kangaroo decides to 赖床 and miss the time to officially wakes up from his slumberland. In his rush, he forgets his precious water bottle and ends up a day without water at Isetan Katong this tuesday. The flu virus happily looks this lazy kangaroo up and says: "hey bro, can I buddy with you??"
I hope this cough will be purge from my body soon.....

Friday, July 28, 2006

Some thoughts

What happens when you meet a super demanding customer that pissed you off?
I DAO him back!
Luckily, no confrontations occurs, but sparks definitely flew.....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Get well soon

Didn't know it was that serious until I saw him in hospital. He ruptured one lung with a few broken rib bones; had difficult speaking and cannot laugh. But well, at least he can still talk and is conscious throughout. Doctor says he can discharge by Friday. Speed recovery Justin, I hope to see you in NUS soon. :)
One advice (by Justin too):
If ever you are to be admitted to a hospital, DO NOT ever go NUH. It's a place for trainees to get some experience and patients to be guinea pigs... hmmm.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Justin, how on Earth did you injured yourself??? Rib cage fracture??? That was... wow..... hmm Sentosa trip cancelled. Nothing to do. Get well soon....
Three physical things you like about yourself
1. Eyes.
2. Legs.
3. Hands.
Three physical things you dont like about yourself
1. Hair.
2. Mouth.
3. Feet.
Three things that scare you
1. Scary Movies
2. Horrendous Looking Ghost.
3. Lots of Blood
Three things that make you happy
1. Seeing my friends are happy
2. When I accomplished something that normally I would have failed.
3. Pay day!
LoveThree of your everyday essentials
1. Wallet
2. Watch
3. Spectacles
Three things you are wearing right now
1. T-shirt
2. Berms
3. Underwear
Three things you want in a relationship
1. Freedom
2. Honesty
3. Sparks
Three of your favourite bands or artistes
1. S.H.E
2. May Day
3. Jay Chou
Three things you would badly like to do now
1. Soccer
2. Lan
3. Sentosa!!(something I would badly like to do NOW right?)
Three things about the preferred sex that appeals to you
1. Cute
2. Caring
3. Non-smoker
Three ways you are stereotypically a boy
1. Soccer, the beautiful game..
2. Lan (again??) *shrugs*
3. A longing for something dangerous and exciting.
Three ways you are stereotypically a girl
1. What else...... Shopping lor....
2. Gossips.
3. They never meant what they say.
Three female celeb crushes
1. Hebe
2. 余诗曼(not sure if I got the name correct)
3. Aya Ueto
Three male celebs that make you go weak you admire
1. 刘德华
2. ?
3. ?
Three things you want to do before you die
1. See the galaxy with my own eyes
2. Go switzerland!
3. Die in peace, a happy man with no wishes unfulfilled.
Three things you would like to change about yourself
1. My weight
2. My time keeping ability (opps)
3. My hair.....
Three people you would like to see take this
Just anyone, which means no one??? Whahahaha

Sunday, July 23, 2006


7 dreams before dying
1. Go to switzerland. Always have this dream since young.
2. Own a car
3. Visit the world
4. Be more thick skin
5. Get a cap of 5.0(come on this is only a dream)
6. Tell my parents that I loved them
7. Confess to someone that I like (this is also a dream again)
7 things I can't stop doing in this lifetime.
1. playing soccer
2. watching good movies
3. watching TVs
4. reading nonsense
5. sleeping
6. day dreaming
7. Enjoying Life and friend's company
7 things that attracts me
1. cute gals
2. beautiful things
3. nature
4. the lights of the city in the night.
5. soccer
6. good food! simply cannot stop tasting them!!!
7. nice songs
7 things I say.
1. lol
2. haha
3. erm......
4. la
5. leh
6. bye~~~
7. -.-'
7 books that I love
1. 绝代双骄
2. 小李飞刀
3. 七龙珠(漫话)
4. Harry Potter's series
5. Da Vinci Code
6. 科幻小说
7. (cannot think of any anymore)
7 movies that I loved
1. LOTR series
2. Harry Potter series
3. Pirates of the caribbean (mainly because of johnny Depp)
4. 无间道
5. X-men series
6. 向左走,向右走
7. 成龙所演过得戏( for his spirits and passion)
7 people to tag
Anyone who feels like tagging.........


ok, I am damm bored now, so I shall finish all tags once and for all, normally, I will just ignore them unless I saw my name specifically on my friends blog. hmmm.
Tagged by almost everyone in CAC. Sorry, this is kinda late, but well, better be late than never???
1. My ex is... my PS2!! Break up with it 3 weeks ago. :( Reason? No interest. Duh?!?
2. I am listening to... 王菲- 流年
3. Maybe I should... exercise more. I have been eating and slacking too much....
4. I love... soccer!! All time favourite!!!
5. My best friend... is one whom I have known for 13 years. He is my pri sch class mate, sec sch mate, Jc sch mate and soccer buddy!!! Thanks for being there for me all the while.
6. I don't understand... girls. I still have'nt pass WP xxxx. sad~~~
7. I lose... my direction sometimes, but I will always make my way back on the right track.
8. People say... I have a good temper. No matter how hard they try, I won't be angry. :)
9. The meaning of my screen name is... just my name.
10. Love is... thousands miles away from me now.
11. Somewhere, someone is... dying? Opps sorry, just saw a documentry on world's deadiest tonadoes just now.
12. I will always... be myself.
13. Forever seems... to be S.H.E new album!!! 触电!!! rocks!
14. I never want to... smoke, steal and get into a fight! (somehow this reminds me of Perry..)
15. My mobile phone is... ancient...Time to change for a new one le, anyone wants my phone, I sell it to you. Its ancient you know, got value de. Haha
16. When I wake up in the morning... I feel like lying on the bed and do nothing, hopefully later I will doze off again.
17. I get annoyed when... someone pissed me off.
18. Parties are... something that allows you to eat to your hearts content and make new friends!
19. My fish is... gone(never had one anyway).
20. Kisses are the worst when... your mouth stinks
21. Today I... got out from my bed at 1140am.
22. Tonight I will... prepare for tomorrow's work!
23. Tomorrow I will... be in Metro Paragon. Anyone, please feel free to visit me!!
24. I really want... my 3.5 CAP!!!!

My new watch!!

Oh no!! my K session with my friends is cancelled!! Now, I shall stay at home and rot!! Whahaha. Ok shall find something to entertain myself. First of all, I shall post some pictures of my new watch!

My new Casio watch, complete with the 1 year guarentee and manual.


A close up view


The design and the watch is nice right? Don't tell me no. I won't hear it. :P

Thank you for Smoking

Went with LT to PS (again) to watch "Thank you for smoking". First took notice of this movie via Kai, who kind of introduce or recommend us to go and watch it. After my Phuket trip, went searching around tomatoes website, and guess what? It got quite a good rating!!! It is actually a comedy about this lobbyist for the tobacco companies. His job is try to persuade people that smoking is good for your health, at the same time fence off the suits and reports about nicotine causing cancer. The humour in it really rocks la!! Imagine, as long as you can proof that the other party is wrong, that means that you are right?? Lol, I like this attitude!!! Personally, I would recommend all smokers to go and see this movie, so that the tobacco companies will lose some of their "valuable" customers??
My final wish is fulfilled!! I got a watch for $77 where outside, it is selling for like $140?? 50% off nice deal man!! I like the blue background, I like the design, I like everything!!! Whahaha.
Next we went from bugis to Ceneleisure to see if there is any timing slots for the movie we wanted to watch. But too bad, as all is filling fast, so we head down to the ceneplex. Tour around the whole building, quite cool actually, but too bad the shops are not fully open yet. Upon reaching the top floor, the only timing it have is the 945 pm show. Too late la, I don't want to catch a cab home lor. So in the end, we settle at PS.....
Guess what? I only paid $1 for the movie tickets!! Muhahaha.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

GEM Hunting

Next semester looks like its going to be hectic for me. I plan to take on 6 modules so I can go on I.A in Year 3 semester 2. Looking at my options, since my SS and SATOR clash, my only option is to clear all the ARTs and SCIENCE GEMs.
For Science Gem, I plan to take on understanding the universe. Why? Do I have an interest in the Universe? Apart from the nice photo shots of stars, and blacks holes, the most major draw will be that this module does not have any EXAM!!! That is if my friend timetable can fit with mine. Pray hard that he do. LOL.
For Arts Gem, I plan to take on Place, Environment and Society. Many people have been telling me about taking Logic. Ask big beng about that module, looks kinda like CTW stuffs. But, since everyone is talking about it, so I assume that the sample size will be large and it will not be easy to score well? Anyway, English stuffs or particularly language stuffs are not my forte. Looking around, I chance upon Place, Environment and Society, held by the department of Geography! Their lecture slots fits mine, and I do happen to have an interest in any Geography stuffs. Problem is, I still cannot find anyone taking this module with me. Hmmm.
Anyone who have taken these above modules before, can give me any advice??
Round 2A
lowest successful bid for science gem: 423
lowest successful bid for arts gem: 303
total: 726
This will be quite tight since I only have like 750 in my general account including this semester???
I hope everything goes well for me. Hmm looks like Logic is definitely out for me. Not enough points. Lol minimum successful bid is 900++

Sound advice

Never drink Martell + coke on a 50-50 mix when your stomach is near empty. One cup and now mine is grumbling like headless chickens..... BUT K box at Marina Square was fun!! SHE chu dian is out!! I shall try to master that song!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Watch Pirates 2 today with Serval's people. I am really surprised that Big Beng turn up. Haha, well to me, he don't look like the kind that will watch movie. Beng, please pardon me if you are seeing my blog :)
Before watching this, I have heard both positive and negative comments about this movie. Some people like it because of the humor, the CGI and the casts involved. Some of them condemn it because the movie don't have an ending?? But, for me personally, I am FOR the movie!!! Partly because I fall head over tails with Johnny Depp the humorous pirate in its part 1 installment. In this part 2, it continue Depp's adventure. I was practically laughing my heads off the whole movie. Whaha, Fabian, your laughter was super loud la, I can hear it 3 seats away!! *roll eyes* I liked the swinging cage, the Depp's fruit kerbarb and his uttering of nonsense!! Haha watch the movie guys!!! Depp better be back for its part 3 sequel, or else I am not going to watch it when it comes out! Next movie will be "Thank you for smoking" LT, better not pangseh me on Saturday lor!!!! BUT it depends on whether Bugis have the show a not la. Or else it will be in Orchard. Diao~~~~
I shall fulfill my last wish on Saturday....Yes I shall.....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who are these Jokers?????

Phyllis: Good design!
Joy: Nice site! My homepage Please visit
Freda: Nice site! [url=]My homepage[/url] [url=]Cool site[/url]
Found these in my tag today!! Whaha Jokers!! Spamers!!! Too bad I am going to delete you!!!
check with statcounter reveal these.....
As I sleep at 310am, these are the only possibility....

20 Jul
MSIE 6.0
Windows XP

20 Jul
MSIE 6.0
Windows XP
Singapore (
damm bo laio la, dun ever visit me again, I got your IP. :(

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

shit....I think I am going to be killed by my mom if she find out what has happened just now....Pray that she will not have any idea what is going on.....


Yes I have work today, so I have to wake up early no matter what. School is starting and it is time to think about what modules to take next semester. The 2 modules that I targeted all clash with my core modules! Thanks lor, NUS for giving me sucky timetable. Can't you open more lecture slots. Now I am faced with 4 core and dunno to take 1 or 2 more rubbish modules. I don't wish to think about it anymore, but the days just gone by and 7 days later it will be the start of round 0 for cores. dot dot dot. Any suggestions? Worse come to worse, I have to clear a science or arts gems, but looking at arts...Anything to do with philosophy is a no go for me! Maybe it is due to the influence of Big Beng, haha, I don't want to be too deep. But my gut feeling tell me I am going to disintegrate if I take anything to do with Philosophy.
If I have a wish, I wish to travel back in time and live the whole holiday again. I am muttering nonsense again. Never mind me, feeling bored. No one is online now, everyone is enjoying their sleep.
One Lost soul,
signing off~

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

S.H.E 触电

This is the new song form SHE that I have been telling Ah Ze today... It rocks man!!! Die, now I am searching for their MV on You tube.....

风走在我们前面 甩裙摆画着圆圈   
花美得兴高采烈 那香味有点阴险   
你在我旁边的旁边 但影子却肩碰肩   
偷看一眼 你的唇边   
明明是昨天的事情 怎么今天我还在经历   
想问个愚蠢问题 我们再这样下去   
像这样触电 就够我快乐熔化   
就这样触电 一直甜蜜触电 直到爆炸   
像一年四个季节 都被你变成夏天   
我才会在你面前 总是被晒红了脸   
像一百万个秋千 在我心里面叛变   
被你指尖 碰到指尖 我瞬间就被荡到天边

Phuket trip last day!!!

Sadly, good time flies. So soon, we have to leave Phuket and return to the boring Singapore, getting ready for work ahead and the sucky NUS. Looking forward to my next oversea trip, hopfully, it will be Taiwan, but I will need at least a S$2000 budget. Lets hope I can somehow strike lottery or met money falling down from the sky????

Our last day with room 411, its time for some photos!!



Headed down to Phuket beach one last time to see their spectacular waves. Somehow, I have a urge to film natural phenomenon. I dunno why, I just like it.....



Lost In Transition


The old times...


Sweason's new cup!!!

Phuket Day 2 snorkeling trip

Finally, I have the pictures shot by the underwater camera, thanks ZH.. haha

Hanging on for our dear life because the speedboat looks like throwing us out any moment...


Two "idiots" bobbing up and down in the water


I like this shot man, thanks pw...




3 slaves being smuggled by a speedboat to an unknown country....


Dangerous rock... ZH injured himself on his way down.....WEAK.. Muhahha ok just kidding!


definitely 4 idiots trying to enjoy in the middle of a torrentious rain....

Monday, July 17, 2006

Phuket 3rd day

After the tiring 2nd day snorkelling trip, we decided to head down to the nearby Patong beach for some sea activities... Too bad I brought too little money with me, or else I will be able to try jet skiing!!! booo~~~~~

relaxing by the hotel


Tsunami Phobia???


Attempting to "tanned" myself....


Two cute little dogs spotted on our way to dinner......

The seasports photos are not with my camera now, but I shall upload them when I get hold of them...


I am "professional"


Irish Coffee, trust me, the alcohol is damm strong... just like drinking shots.....


After that, we head back to the hotel for some more supper. Ended the night at ard 3am. Concussed....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Phuket trip day 2

ok now, I have some time to kill before going to Orchard so I guess I shall start blogging about my 2nd day at Phuket. Day 2 was quite a tiring day for me as we spent almost the whole day out at sea, visiting the exotic islands around Phuket. The view was magnificent!!! I never saw crystal clear was before in my life!!! And trust me, snorkelling without a life jacket is a killer! 10 minutes into it and I surrendered! The usual after effects: aching muscles.... -.-!!!!!
Ok, now I shall post up the pictures....

My hotel room that I am staying in


Bracing into the unknown on a speedboat. Lets pray I don't meet any pirates....


Boon(left), ZH (mid), me(right)


I love my new hairstyle!! Made by the strong winds and seawater!!!


Nice scenery + beautiful water.... What more can I ask???


Above site, which I think is Phi Phi island, was our 1st snorkelling site. First time experience snorkelling, I was like... erm.. How to put this huge goggle on huh? But too bad there isn't much nice coral reefs for us to see, most of them are destroyed by the tsunami two years ago. Sad, but I did get to see a lot a lot of beautiful fishes swimming around me!!!

Monkeys in monkey bay!! They are super smart! They don't eat the fruit whole, they actually bother to peel off the fruit's skin!


ok I need to go off now, will be back to continue uploading later....


Back (2345)... let me finished uploading somemore pictures before I call it a night!


One brave monkey onboard a boat! Surrounded by waters, how will it get back???



Can monkeys really swim?? Quick guess guess!!!

Here is the answer!!


After that, we break for lunch as the weather is getting worse...Stupid monsoon!!!!


Aftermath of the tsunami....sad...


Our dinner at a western restaurant, because today we engage in too much water activity, so we need something heaty.... lol

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Phuket trip day 1

Ok people, I am back after my relaxing holiday!!! The whole trip was fun, and the only regrets is that I did not bring enough cash with me!! I want to try jet skiing!! Too bad that day I am low on budget and I don't want to get myself too wet... :p

The new budget terminal!! It really looks budget lor, even the roof is made of Zinc and the whole terminal looks empty!


The tiger airplane that I am boarding. Nice shot right??


Once we reached Phuket, we are brought on a half day tour around Phuket town. It can be seen that the Thais really loved their King. His poster can be seen all over the roads! Once in Thailand, most people cannot wait to try on their exotic food, including my classmate.....


Kai eating on a mealworm that i freak out.. haha


Next we went on a hilltop for a magnificant view of the whole of Phuket town


ok maybe it was not that magnificant after all.... :P

Next we went to one of the famous temple in Phuket to bai bai and look see...


After a tired day, we decided to try out some traditional thai massage. It was really an experience!!


We ended the day touring the night life of Phuket.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Holiday again :P

Tomorrow 5 am, I should be at the airport waiting for check-in to Phuket trip. For Tuesday to Friday, I will be spending quality time with the sun, the sand and the sea! Just a time for me to truly relax and appreciate nature more. Haha, that's why I am in EVE!! Lol. Hmm hope I won't get burnt like a lobster there as I have no sunblock in my house at the moment. Anyone going to Phuket with me, remember to get a sunblock lotion leh, so I can borrow and use.... ~~~ :P
Tonight, I went out for dinner with my freshies orientation group. Hmm since when have they started giving us nicknames?? There is fisher, aka the TCS president, the 师傅, aka the big beng, the funny ghost, aka the failed Ju-on and the guy with the husband material??? *_* Well, we started talking about possible scandals with different persons and in the process, tried to cook up even more scandals. Lol! Gera, "thanks" leh for getting the "thing" started, now I think they will demand an answer form me le la.... X
OMG, I KO at 130am, missing the last match as a result.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Night out

Before going to ZH house to watch the 3rd/4th placing match, I met a superbly indian Indian. You know, the kind that try to speak English with a thick, and I stress again, thick Indian accent. I seriously don't know what the hell he is trying to say but luckily, I catch a Mustafa word in it. As I am at a bus stop, by logical thinking, I guess he is trying to ask me what bus to take to Mustafa. I am smart right?? Haha, I know some of you will feel like puking at this point, but WHY some Indian cannot speak proper English??? I think I am racist, but never mind, what the hell.....
After downing a XO seafood maggie noodle plus a ice cold Mocha, I realise I cannot sleep after the soccer match!! I am not immune to caffeine after all. O_O So, what can 三个大男人who cannot sleep do? Erm, please, of course not brokeback lor....Don't think dirty....But well, we started gossiping. I started hearing things that I don't know. Certainly a night well spent!!! But, it kept be thinking, just what the hell am I doing for the 4 years in my secondary school life?? -_-

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Day 5 (7/7/06)

Break Camp!!!
Had lots of fun, hope can meet up soon again.
uploading stuffs is time consuming.....

Day 4 (6/7/06)

Day out at Sentosa, and burnt like a lobster for me.....

Shag out..


Transporting of things using different body parts


Scandal...scandal... haha :p


Try fiiling up a pail poked with holes.... come on guys! Team work team work :)


Human transporter


Attempting to build a human pyramid


Pyramid completed


"Muthu" and his "friend"

SP dinner at cozy bay