Friday, July 21, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Watch Pirates 2 today with Serval's people. I am really surprised that Big Beng turn up. Haha, well to me, he don't look like the kind that will watch movie. Beng, please pardon me if you are seeing my blog :)
Before watching this, I have heard both positive and negative comments about this movie. Some people like it because of the humor, the CGI and the casts involved. Some of them condemn it because the movie don't have an ending?? But, for me personally, I am FOR the movie!!! Partly because I fall head over tails with Johnny Depp the humorous pirate in its part 1 installment. In this part 2, it continue Depp's adventure. I was practically laughing my heads off the whole movie. Whaha, Fabian, your laughter was super loud la, I can hear it 3 seats away!! *roll eyes* I liked the swinging cage, the Depp's fruit kerbarb and his uttering of nonsense!! Haha watch the movie guys!!! Depp better be back for its part 3 sequel, or else I am not going to watch it when it comes out! Next movie will be "Thank you for smoking" LT, better not pangseh me on Saturday lor!!!! BUT it depends on whether Bugis have the show a not la. Or else it will be in Orchard. Diao~~~~
I shall fulfill my last wish on Saturday....Yes I shall.....

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