Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thank you for Smoking

Went with LT to PS (again) to watch "Thank you for smoking". First took notice of this movie via Kai, who kind of introduce or recommend us to go and watch it. After my Phuket trip, went searching around tomatoes website, and guess what? It got quite a good rating!!! It is actually a comedy about this lobbyist for the tobacco companies. His job is try to persuade people that smoking is good for your health, at the same time fence off the suits and reports about nicotine causing cancer. The humour in it really rocks la!! Imagine, as long as you can proof that the other party is wrong, that means that you are right?? Lol, I like this attitude!!! Personally, I would recommend all smokers to go and see this movie, so that the tobacco companies will lose some of their "valuable" customers??
My final wish is fulfilled!! I got a watch for $77 where outside, it is selling for like $140?? 50% off nice deal man!! I like the blue background, I like the design, I like everything!!! Whahaha.
Next we went from bugis to Ceneleisure to see if there is any timing slots for the movie we wanted to watch. But too bad, as all is filling fast, so we head down to the ceneplex. Tour around the whole building, quite cool actually, but too bad the shops are not fully open yet. Upon reaching the top floor, the only timing it have is the 945 pm show. Too late la, I don't want to catch a cab home lor. So in the end, we settle at PS.....
Guess what? I only paid $1 for the movie tickets!! Muhahaha.

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