Saturday, July 22, 2006

GEM Hunting

Next semester looks like its going to be hectic for me. I plan to take on 6 modules so I can go on I.A in Year 3 semester 2. Looking at my options, since my SS and SATOR clash, my only option is to clear all the ARTs and SCIENCE GEMs.
For Science Gem, I plan to take on understanding the universe. Why? Do I have an interest in the Universe? Apart from the nice photo shots of stars, and blacks holes, the most major draw will be that this module does not have any EXAM!!! That is if my friend timetable can fit with mine. Pray hard that he do. LOL.
For Arts Gem, I plan to take on Place, Environment and Society. Many people have been telling me about taking Logic. Ask big beng about that module, looks kinda like CTW stuffs. But, since everyone is talking about it, so I assume that the sample size will be large and it will not be easy to score well? Anyway, English stuffs or particularly language stuffs are not my forte. Looking around, I chance upon Place, Environment and Society, held by the department of Geography! Their lecture slots fits mine, and I do happen to have an interest in any Geography stuffs. Problem is, I still cannot find anyone taking this module with me. Hmmm.
Anyone who have taken these above modules before, can give me any advice??
Round 2A
lowest successful bid for science gem: 423
lowest successful bid for arts gem: 303
total: 726
This will be quite tight since I only have like 750 in my general account including this semester???
I hope everything goes well for me. Hmm looks like Logic is definitely out for me. Not enough points. Lol minimum successful bid is 900++

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Jelmer said...

That Place, Environment and Society module clashes with our Biochem lab leh, though only got 3 weeks clash.