Monday, February 18, 2019

Side Visit to USJ & Nara

Thank God for blessing us with an affordable ticket to Kyoto such that we can explore Universal Studio Japan (USJ) and Nara Park with the extended weekend break. For USJ, it is a revisit to take the remaining rides that we failed to take the last time. Having prior experience, we took steps to avoid food and rides that are either not nice or not worth our time to queue. 

We are back!

USJ Universal Cool Japan is also having their 5th anniversary and for this current Spring term, they are having 3 new attractions: “Detective Conan: Mystery Challenge”, “Detective Conan Mystery Restaurant” and "Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride". However, as we failed to secure the Conan Cool Ticket Pass, we can only ride the "Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride" after queuing for it for 120 mins.

Lupin the Third Car Chase XR Ride

We miss the Conan daily event again. By the time we know, all the event task has been given out

A visit to Hogwarts Castle again, without the butter beer

As usual, lots of people even though this is supposed to be a low season

Spent the day slowly touring USJ till the park closed

Stayed at Hotel Keihan Universal Tower, which was conveniently located next to Universal City Station

Next morning breakfast at Top of the Universal where we have a great view of the bay area

After breakfast, it is a visit to the Nara park to look at free roaming deer. Sunday was also the Pokemon Go community day and we have a great 3 hours clearing research tasks and catching the shiny Swinub.

The Golden Temple @ Nara

Pagoda at the Park. We are also wondering why are there so many middle school students at the park on a Sunday...

The legendary deer

Engaging battle started!

Last but not the least, a light event at Kyoto Station