Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Let me finish the trilogy!! This is so addicting!!!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yes, is this an early Christmas present? Maybe, maybe not. Results was within expectation, except one.... Still on course for my final target of C2L, theoretically speaking, but practically, it was be quite challenging. Looks like I still cannot rest for my final semester!! For those who have not check your result, you may click here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

ESE Outing @ The Central

Time seems to fly by us so fast. Just a moment ago, we are there in Year 1, blur and wondering where is the place for us to go for lessons in such a big place called NUS. A new found independence, from printing lecture notes and crossing faculties for our pre-allocated and bid modules. Then in a blink of an eye, year 1 ended and we are promoted to Year 2.
There is some change of our class roster, people come and go, though the majority of us stayed together. While we are now more accustomed to the "hectic" engineering life, we can still find time blasting our dear professor at his good recommendation of urging us to take LSM1401. As usual, while we sloughed through all our hard-to-understand modules, Year 2 came to an end.
Year 3 was a year where we do not really see each other. Most of us are either on internship at some companies serving them as cheap labourers, or enjoying away at overseas exchange. Evening modules was a new-found wonder as we discovered that actually, they are rather slack and generally do not require much time input to study it.
Then came Year 4, with a welcoming module entitled "Design Project", asking the impossible out of us. While we bang our heads and squeezed our brain juice dry, by the time it was done, the semester is already over. Before we re-immersed ourselves again into our FYP, let us come out, enjoy, relax, recharge~

The Manhattan Fish Market @ The Central

Alaskan Pollock and Rice
After working so hard for the last semester, I thought it was time to give myself a little treat, at least eat something that is decent. From its menu, it was described that the fish is in high demand due to its texture and taste. Sounds nice, at least they phrased it so. When my order arrived, I was initially quite shock at the generous serving of fish they give (the fish really really really looks gigantic). Initial contact with the fish was not bad: crispy hard exterior with a really soft and creamy interior, living up to the menu description. Thumbs up for it! Price wise was quite acceptable at only $11.90. The garlic rice that comes with it was not bad (you can ordered chips if you don't want to eat rice): soft and full of garlic favour. The only complaint that I can think of is that they are lacking in the department of smell. The whole meal was quite tasty, but they do not smell nice enough to get my appetite going and wanting for more.

For the setup of the shop, I find that it was just a little too squeezy. I had to literally lift up my bag to my shoulder height to squeeze out of the place. I understand that they are trying to pack as many patron into the shop as possible, but I would appreciate it if more space is given to the customer to walk around.


Rate: 7/10


After the dinner, it was time for some photo taking session, some walking around to burn off the extra calories that we had just eaten, hanging around for a while before closing the night and heading home.

1/3 of the ESE, Class of 2009

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist

Synopsis: Nick (Micheal Cera), frequents the New York's indie rock scene nursing a broken heart and a vague ability to play the bass. Norah (Kat Dennings), is questioning pretty much all of her assumptions about the world. Though they have nothing in common except for their taste in music, their chance encounter leads to an all-night quest to find a legendary band's secret show and ends up becoming the first date in a romance that could change both their lives. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
Went into the movie anticipating it will be like some musical with lots of nice songs, but, unfortunately I was wrong. The whole story of the movie evolves around the two lead characters quest to look for some legendary band called fluffy, in the process running into some gay pubs, cross dressing pubs, etc. The movie has some draggy moments that it can do without and unfortunately, I couldn't understand the whole storyline at all throughout the entire 90 minutes of the show. It will be advised to give this movie a skip.
Rate: 2/5

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3rd Year Anniversary

Time passes so quickly that I don't even notice that Kangaroo's Corner is 3 years old already!! Oh well, blame it on the 4th year hectic schedule. First, there is the design project that attempts to suffocate me, then there is still the FYP to take care of. Hah, can you imagine that I am now in school in my laboratory doing experiment?? My experiment will only end at 8pm.... *faint* Due to the lack of free time, posting has dropped drastically, just like the present stock market (hmm, the price of every stock is so cheap now, so when the market picks up, those people who have a trading account and money must be laughing their way to the bank), lets hope that next year, I will have more freedom and time to .....
  1. Look for a job.
  2. Secure a job given the present market condition.
  3. Plan for my graduation trip.
  4. Blog more

Some statistic (who ask me to be an engineer...)

Page Count: 29911 +10669

Year on Year increase: -112 -1.04%

Sunday, December 07, 2008

BBQ Chicken (West Coast Plaza)


First of all, I would like to say that I had a very bad impression of this shop. As a customer, we would like that our orders be correct as specified by us. If the message is not conveyed to the cook, it is ok if an apology is given and promise us that the correct dish will be served promptly. I understand that sometimes, there is communication breakdown as the shop is relatively new and understaffed. But... you know what the person did?? She just show an irritated face and snatched away the food and walked off like that. What kind of service is this!! Argzz, thinking of it makes my blood boil!!


Rate: 0/10 (service)

. Hot Hot Drum
Now, coming to the food. I ordered the Hot Hot Drum as recommended on their menu. At $12.90, the chicken is quite hard, overcooked, and the sauce served is too salty for my liking. With the same price, I would rather spend my money on 2 2-piece chicken meal at the KFC. To think that KFC can cook their chicken much better than them. At least, KFC's chicken is tender and juicy and not dry and hard!


Rate: 1/10 (for their effort in cooking)

Original Chicken


Now, coming to the Original Chicken, another highly recommended on their menu. As expected, the chicken is not juicy and tender, and the serving they give is way too small. Taking a comparison with KFC serving size, I would say that it's only about three-quarter. So to sum it all up, avoid the shop at all cost and instead, go KFC and enjoy some real chicken!!


Rate: 4/10

Miss clarity Cafe

Beacon & Sausage Baked Rice

Generous with their serving of sausages and backed rice, definitely worth every cents of your money at just $9.80! The taste of the food is pretty average (what can you expect with just beacon, sausages, rice and cheese?), but with the quantity served at such a attractive price, it justify all cost. The service at this shop is also quite impressive. I remember asking for 2 glasses of water, instead, they provide me with a jug. Would definitely recommend going back to the shop again for more yummy food!


Rate: 7.5/10

The Good and the Bad

Finally, I can have a fulfilling dinner with *mds* yay!!!
Remember this brand? Yes, it's the running shoe I got from the army. Now the economic crisis is so bad that people also want to "stun" it!! Time has certainly changed....Now I have to re-order my shoe from e-mart again....

Yes, finally, the moolahas has arrived =)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The aftermaths

In order of perferance: Final Fantasy 12 (I know its super old already but.... the optional bosses are so hard!!)
Football Manager 2009 (Forever a Man Utd Fan)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (ok, now soviet got the time machine and went back in time to kill Einstein...)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ESE 5401 Water Quality Management

Right at 1530 today, all my stress is liberated from my body. All was quite well, though I mis-estimated one last part worth 20 marks that the lecturer will provide the formula. But he decided to be cunning and provide none in this exam this time, asking us instead to derive it out~ Oh well, I am not a Mathematician, so naturally, I can't do it. For the calculation part, I am quite confident of my answers, and for the theory, only 75% confident. Hmm, looks my expectation for this module is going to drop...
Expectation: B+
Now, onward to FYP after a little rest....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ESE 5602 Environmental Management System

Yes, I am blogging from PC cluster 4, after getting sick of studying "dydx" and Monod equation from the water quality paper next week. Well, just finished my 2nd last paper for the semester, it is all about managing the environmental system!! (ISO 14001, EMAS) Quite an interesting module, though I am not quite sure everything asked in the paper is covered in lecture, some of the question is about your understanding of the concept taught. Hmm, I feel I have done quite ok for the paper, not much mistakes, the only one I can spot is the question relating to the maximum number of boreholes.... 2 marks gone like that for that one slide.... the rest is up to the lecturer to allocate the marks. Overall, the class is quite competitive, as we are separated by just 3 marks between the highest and lowest score for the CA component.
Expectation: B+
Now.. to meet my PHD student for some discussion.... Biodiesel market now not very good leh...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

EG 2401 Engineering Professionalism

Ah..., another module testing on your moral and ethics. Its high time to show these lecturers how ethical and moral we are. Given a situation, justify what the person has done is correct or wrong based on the grounds of professional ethics and common morality. How boring can this module get? Basically, everyone just "smoke" their way through, with no time to spare as it is a 2 hour paper and we have to answer 4 long questions. No idea how well will I do for this module, but given our good presentation and average report, I guess a B??
Estimation: B
1 down, 2 more to go

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My worst nightmare

My worst nightmare that is bugging me the whole semester, finally completed with a presentation, and a report consisting of 140 pages and 30,000+++ words.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welfare Tuesday

No, my blog is not dead yet, just that I am too busy over school projects to do any updating. Finally, my hell semester has come to an end, with the last presentation over just yesterday. A brief recap of the whole week: Was going back to school for my FYP when I chanced upon NUSSU giving out welfare pack at the forum at 12pm. When I was going back to my FYP lab at E2, then I chanced upon Engine Club giving out their welfare pack at 1pm. So, in the end, I end up carrying 2 big heavy bags home. Apparently, NUSSU is more popular with the sponsors....

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US sub-prime crisis

Still remember this from WAT 2007?? Now... read this line from an article that I have found yesterday:
On October 24, 2008 PNC Bank announced that it had finalized a purchase agreement for National City. The acquisition will be a stock purchase transaction to be completed by the end of 2008. National City will be merged into PNC and the National City brand will be dissolved.
Another bank bite the dust. Does anyone still have money inside....or negative balance?? I think that will be written off as bad debt.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ah Yat Seafood

On a bright and beautiful Thursday evening, I and *mds* went to eat something special at a very unique seafood market, where there are rows and rows of live sea creatures awaiting humans to take their time and pick which of them shall meet their doom~ =p. Concept wise, the unique seafood market is interesting and it definitely guarantees you that the seafood serve will be fresh since it probably just died 10-20 minutes ago? Nevertheless, we decided to dine in at the Ah Yat Seafood.
. As we are quite early, there are not many people around us at that point in time. We slowly go through the menu and I suggested the stir-fried scallop with yam paste (picture below) as it looks quite yummy and chilli crabs~ Chilli Crabs is a must since they offer a 50% discount on weekdays!!!! Where else to get that kind of offer??
Soon, our food arrived. The stirred fried scallop is so tender and juicy that it certainly melt my heart. The yam paste was fried to just the correct extend that it is still very crispy on the outside and piping hot on the inside. *shiok* One point to take note that this food must be consume when its still hot, or else, it will not be nice anymore.
Rate: 7.5/10

Next up is the chilli crabs. All right, I admit that the freshness of the crab melts my heart again, but....but... the chilli paste spoils it all!! Its not spicy at all and the paste is just not right. I find it too starchy and flavourless and certainly don't feel satisfied eating the dish. I certainly don't recommend this dish at this restaurant again unless they change the person who is cooking it.


Rate: 4/10 (+1.0 for freshness)

Friday, October 31, 2008

1 year on

Yes, its been one year since I joined Nuffnang and today, I managed to cash out $49.18!! *yay*
A break down of the earning reveal:
CPM: $45.13
CPC: $5.05
Clearance of cheque: -$1.00
Thanks Nuffnang~ I will be waiting for the cheque to arrive next month~ =)
Glad ~mds~ had a good day yesterday~ =) *hug*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High School Musical 3 : Senior Years

Synopsis: Disney's "High School Musical" phenomenon leaps onto the big screen in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," which finds high school seniors Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about their future. With incredible new music and exciting dance numbers designed to take maximum advantage of the big screen, this motion picture extravaganza delivers plenty of high-energy entertainment from East High's talented ensemble.
A perfect ending to a great sequel, the best performances put up by the entire cast!! What is there to say? The songs sang in the movie are very nice, and the whole movie is entertaining, gladly help by the director not focusing on Sharpay's character this time as she is just pure irritating in HSM 2 and spoils the whole movie. Yes, the Wildcats have finally graduated and each has moved on to live their dreams. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole Wildcats finale musical! I promise you won't regret it. =)
Rate: 4.5/5

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A step towards oblivion

Monday: EMS Project
Tuesday: FYP
Wednesday: FYP
Thursday: Design Project
Friday: Water Quality Project / Eng Prof Project / Design Project
Saturday: Design Project
Sunday: rest? No.. that is considered a luxury. Back to Design Project!!!!
Oh yes, Make this the 10th day that I am sleeping at 2.30am and waking up at 7.30am........

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Da Capo 08

Congratulation *mds*, it was indeed a night with a perfect ending~ =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ah yes!! The much awaited High School Musical 3 is going to be out soon!! Too bad this will be their final year, as I really like their songs and the whole movie concept. For me, in a few months (7 months?) time, I will also be graduating from university and be thrown into the cruel working world. But, before I step into the grueling society, I would like to have some fun since this is going to be only once in a life time thingy. On that day, I would like to wear the graduation robe and go all over the school to take photographs, especially with the sign "I was here" in front of UCC!! There will be lots of group photographs with friends to preserve this part of time in history, and of course, with my *mds* as she witness me graduating out of school! =)

So...Remember to catch Walt Disney Pictures' High School Musical 3: Senior Year in cinemas from October 24!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A long episode concluded

After 14 months of patiently waiting, I can finally declare the case close. Since then, USD has already gain 11% in value against SGD. Is this a blessing or a curse? No matter what, now I must find my way to TravelEx.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lai Lai Family Restaurant

20 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189041
Searching around HungryGoWhere for some good food in Bugis turns out this recommendation. As its 招牌 says, they are famous for their beef noodles. Craving for a taste of good food and wanting something that goes light on the stomach, I and *mds* decides to give it a try.
True to the website recommendation, the beef noodle did not disappoint me. It has been such a long time since I tasted a good and at least decent soup and beef chunks. The soup is not oily at all and certainly goes well with the noodle. If you ate it together with the small pieces of Cai Xin, it will further enhance the favour of the whole dish. The beef chunks, which is the soul of the whole dish, is cooked to just the correct tenderness, unlike some other beef chunks I had eaten in the past that is hard and dry. Overall, I can say that I am pretty satisfied with the meal. Service wise, they are just average, nothing good or bad to dwell on. Perhaps, the only thing that in my opinion that can be improved on is the price of the beef noodle. At $7.90 for a small size noodle, I feel that it is just a bit overpriced.
Rate: 8/10

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bird's Nest Cafe

Firstly, I would like to express my heart felt thanks to LT for treating me to a birthday dinner last wonderful Wednesday evening at the Bird's Nest Cafe. This guy has always managed to surprise me with the choice of place to dine in. Not only are they unique, the food served are always wonderfully good, most of them will be worth at least four out of five stars. I hope we will continue to stay in touch after graduation and may our friendship last~ =)

160 Orchard Road #01-13 Orchard Point, Singapore 238842

Set in a secluded corner inside OG Point, the outlet offers a quiet and relaxing ambient for people to forget a hard day's work and soak into the tasty and nutritious bird's nest fusion meals. With their current promotion at $22.90++ 5 course 1 for 1 meal, the offer is simply hard to resist. Customers will be spoilt for choice, particularly at the number of selections of bird's nest fusion deserts on offer in the menu. Without further ado, allow me to provide a brief review of the cafe finest food. =)


1st Course: Appetizer

Pan fried carrot cake; juicy pork, shrimp and bird's nest fusion siew mai; together with crispy mashed yam and minced meat - Simply irresistible!!
Rate: 9.5/10
2nd Course: Chicken Soup
.Nicely boiled tender chicken with soft carrot chunks, the aroma simply sets you flying through the air!! One set back though, the chef adds just a little overboard of pepper, which over-rides the sweet chicken taste of the soup. Nevertheless, the soup is still good to go~ =)
Rate: 7/10
3rd Course: Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with Chicken Rice
Fragrant, tasty chicken rice toppled with spicy black pepper gravy. The chicken is cooked to just the right amount of time so that the meat is still tender and springy. One of the best dishes I have tasted so far. =)
Rate: 9.5/10
4th Course: Chilled Soft Beancurd with Half Cherry

Originally, this was supposed to be bird's nest mooncake, but I guess since the mid autumn festival is already over, they have stopped producing them, thus substituting with the beancurd as desert. I find it just normal, nothing out of the special.

Rate: 6/10


5th Course: Coffee / Tea


Nicely brewed coffee with milk to sweeten it up. One of the better ones I have drank so far, but still, I find it nothing special.

Rate: 7/10


Now, coming to service, I must say that they are all very professional! Each of the waitress there will be on the lookout at the pace their customers are finishing their meal, so that the next course will be ready to be served just as they finished the existing one. Their services really get me impressed. Definitely worth every money for the price paid. For the service, I gave them...

Rate: 10/10

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The ever increasing cost

Since when did
  1. KFC chicken serving size is reduced by 50%
  2. The nice and tender 宫保鸡丁cubes at the deck is substituted by hard chicken breast meat
  3. The 红烧牛肉面 is not 红烧牛肉 anymore
  4. Most of the food in NUS cost $3 nowadays on average

I am so poor......

~I want the GST package now!!!~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

First of all, I would like to thank Fab, Mary, GZ and Perry for organizing and making the time and effort to come out and celebrate the September babies birthday last Sunday at Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar despite the hectic Year 4 schedule. It was a wonderful feeling to meet again and talk our hearts out. I am glad that GZ has managed to find a permanent job, and is quite near his house some more~ =) It was my first time at this Marche concept Japanese Food Bazaar. What Japanese style food could they possibly serve inside?
. The front view
Grilled Chicken Omu Rice
After walking round and round the whole complex, I finally decided on the Grilled Chicken Omu Rice (picture above) as it look the most appetizing of them all. Nicely grilled and tender served with onion rice and a omelet on top, the display simply set my saliva drooling. I would say the food is not bad, and reasonably priced too at $7.80. Definitely worth your money!
Rate: 7/10
Next up, I ordered the Rosti (yup, the same one as Marche) as I have not eaten one in ages. Heh heh, speaking of Marche, GZ, you still owe me a meal hor.... =p Hmm, didn't know why, maybe the person who fried it isn't skilled enough as I find the potato strips a bit over fried and oily. Did not get to enjoy it much. Oh well, but my Omu rice more than make up for the failed Rosti.
Rate: 5.5/10
. The Springfield Polo
4 GB Flash Drive
Hmm, how did you all guess that I need a thumb drive? =) Thank you again for the wonderful gifts and companionship. You all make my day~ Can't wait for our next basketball game just before the term break! =)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Once upon a time

As I stand chatting with this former colleague of mine in my IA company, I could not help but notice the enthusiasm and excitement that exhibits out from his aura, which is good. Looking back at me, what about the hope, and excitement that I also once possessed? All is lost in the ream of time in the gallows of musty engineering dungeons.....

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Happy birthday to me! I would like to say a big thank you to the 13 angels who wish me yesterday. You know who you are~ =) A special big *hug* to *mds* too~ =)
~I love soccer! =)~

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Synopsis: What if mankind had to leave Earth and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off? WALL-E, a robot, spends every day doing what he was made for. But soon, he will discover what he was meant for. From Academy Award-winning writer-director, Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo"), Disney-Pixar's "WALL-E" is the story of one robot's comic adventures as he chases his dream across the galaxy.
Another wonderful movie by Disney!! The love between Wall-e and Eve was very touching even though little words was spoken between them. Initially, I thought it was quite impossible to string together a movie with minimum dialogue, but Disney has proven me wrong this time round. What they lack in dialogue, they made it up by the emotions and actions of the characters. There are also a few rather interesting supports in the movie, for example, the robot that keeps on cleaning up the foreign contaminants and the cockroach that seems to never die. Have fun catching the movie, highly recommended by me~
Rate: 4/5

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Originally, the news was that I will be activated at 9am or 10am today. So.... I wake up at 8am, and start waiting~ 9am pass....nothing.....10am pass....nothing....
Happily, I thought it was probably just a false alarm, thus I continue on with my event of the day. Then...at 12 noon, I received this sms: The advanced party was just activated and we will likely get the notification at 2pm. Well done!! I was then at Clementi and I have to get myself to Maju Camp in 3 hours time (PS wanted us to reach within 3 hours as it was an OPEN mobalisation). How mess up can my beautiful Saturday be?
At least, I am happy to get to meet my *mds* for lunch~ =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

The busiest semester ever

1 paper to write
2 free days
3 examinable modules
4 groupings
5 group projects
Why can't they just set a quiz and get it over and done with?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Official Timetable for Semester 7

Looks slack? Neh... Lots of research and papers need to be done... starting from today....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Miss clarity Cafe

*mds* and I tried their Beef Stew with Rice and I must say that again, I am extremely satisfied with their food!!
~A wonderful day spent~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Essential Brew Tea Cafe and Restaurant

Met up with LT on Thursday (14/08/08) at Essential Brews. How long ago had we last met before he went off to enjoy himself in the USA at Texas A&M University? =p It was nice spending time catching up and chatting with him in this cozy little shop he recommended. Hope our friendship will last for many more years to come, catching up with each other once in a while~ =)
The shop interior was designed in such a way that it provides people a place to sit down, chill out and talk for hours!! Really, I mean it. There was a group who are there before us and after 2 hours, they are still there chatting away when we left~ It helps when they have nice comfortable couches to sit on and pillows to hug~ We ordered their signature dessert: Plateau Serenade (Picture above). I find this dish quite unique as they have a layer of crunchy cornflakes as base, hazlenuts on the tops and chewy chocolate in the middle. I recommend everyone to try this dish if you ever go there, best if its shared between 2 people~ Other than their dessert, you should also try their T-Jaz and ZOC. Its contains a unique blend of tea with something else and I guarantee that you will like the taste.

Special thanks to LT for getting me this unique shirt from Washington D.C.

JB day

Had lots of fun going on a short JB trip with *mds* on 13/08/08, where we eat our hearts out at Secret Recipe. Their Black Pepper Chicken (picture below) are so nice~!! This is also where we find irresistible movie deals. At RM6.50, where can you find a movie ticket cheaper than this?I also managed to get myself a new polo T-shirt from Bossini. Hmm, I wish I can go back to the USA factory Outlets!!
~So much fun~

Friday, August 15, 2008


What people took 1 year to catch, I finished it in 2 weeks. All thanks to Tudo.
.Ordinary people with extraordinary powers

Now, waiting for Season 3 releasing in September 22, 2008!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet Dave

Synopsis: Seeking a way to save their doomed world, a crew of tiny, human-looking aliens arrive on earth in the perfect disguise - a spaceship shaped like an ordinary man! The spaceship (Eddie Murphy, the ship's captain), with each miniature alien responsible for operating a particular part of the body, embarks on an adventure in Manhattan. Complications ensue when their captain falls in love with an Earth woman! [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
A movie made whose sole purpose is just to make audience laugh and entertain them! With no plot to speak of, Eddie Murphy has to rely on his sense of humor and acting to prevent this movie from falling into the pits of doom. Fortunately, he succeeded and I find this quite enjoyable to watch, particularly his facial expression in the movie. Not a bad movie to spend your day with, if you have the spare cash around to spend. =)
Rate: 3/5