Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Rules

I was tagged by Junhong to do this, so here I goes.....
Rule 1: List 5 weird or random things about yourself.
I like to watch movie a lot, most likely it is due to the positive influences by my bunk mates in 3rd Guards!! Haha, imagine having a team mate that can set up a god altar showing the amounts of movies he has conquered!! How can I not be influenced by him and follow his footsteps? Lol, I really enjoyed watching those good movie and he always can provide a good guide to weather a movie is good or bad! :) Now you know why I always jio people to watch movie with me. Lol
I admit I like to sleep a lot. It cannot be help when I have such a cozy and comfortable bed right? Something about sleeping, do you know I like to study lying on my bed? Well, this is not really the advisable tactic for me, as cozy bed + studying = sleeping time. Lol. I must change this bad habit of mine...Argzz
I love fantasy stuffs, be it games, story books or movies. That will explain why I like Lord of the Rings and Narnia for the movies, Heros of might and magic 3 and the Final Fantasy series for games, and Harry potter series for the books.
For sports wise, soccer is my all time favourite. Sorry for those who don't understand the beauty of the game itself. Man Utd rocks!! Down to Chelsea!! And Pls turn up for the weekly soccer outings!! My feet is getting itchy already!
Lastly I have a crazy love for coffee. Maybe its in my genes, well my mother's side relative are all coffee addicts...hehe better don't let them see this, but well, I managed to down 7 cups of coffee in 2 days during the CNY period, that's qualifies me as a freak too right? No wonder caffeine don't work on me anymore, I think I am immune to it already...
Rule 2: List 5 people whom you would want to do this quiz.
Ok I am that good, I shall spare all my friends the hassles of doing it.. Haha
Rule 3: Next leave a comment 'you're tagged' on their blog and ask them to read your blog for the rules.
Well, I shall be good to my friends till the end, so this section is void as well.. Lol
Finally, I am done with this...phew....

NUS lecturer, pls go and 拜年!

For goodness sake, don't come and bother us miserable students can?? This is what I get when I open my IVLE today....

Module : EC1301
EC1301 Midterm examination on Saturday, Feb 18
Dear Class:
The midterm examination for EC1301 is on Saturday, Feb 18, between 2 and 4 p.m., at the Multi-Purposes-Sports-Hall 1 and LT 11.
We'll let you know other details closer to the day of the examination.
With best regards,
Tay Boon Nga
Posted by TAY BOON NGA, 31/01/2006 2:06 PM
Bloody hell, he just posted like 1 hour ago....crap, super no life...thanks man Mr Tay!!!
Also Mr nice dewanto decides to follow Mr inspiring Tay to give us 2 x CNY presents --- the most irratating webassign and physic tutorial 2. -.-""""""" Help la help la.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Yes, I just came back from Tampines Mall after watching Fearless with zh. This movie has a tragic ending, unlike the rest of the typical hollywood style, where lived happily ever after is their main theme. All right, this may be Jet Lee final movie, so its a must watch!!! If you are looking for a fast action packed movie, you should not give this movie a miss! Plot wise, its pridictable..haha, because its a remake. lol. Ok I shall end here.

Happy CNY? Maybe not....

Just came back from Malaysia. It was hell of fun. Too bad my aunt did not get her hands on the fireworks, or else, the night spent will be even better. Wow, Malaysia allows me to do so many stuffs that are prohibited in Singapore!! When I was down at her house, occasionally, which was something like 10 minutes intervals, I was treated to fireworks displays that is put up by some other people!! Hehe.
Ok, now back to CNY. I think I am starting to dread the coming of CNY, where we go visiting our relatives. Why? Well, apart form the collection of ang baos, which was the only good part, I started to see more and more strange faces every year. That is the result when children grows up and start to get married, and start to have babies. I simply don't know how to address them!! In addition to mentioning that I have never seen them before. Hai~~ simply boring, I just laze around, talk cork to some cousins around my age, which I knew since young and watch TV. Wa biang, this is CNY, I cannot stand it.....
On a side track, I just realized that I had drank more coffee than ever in my entire life. Imagine downing 7 cups of coffee in 2 days. I must really thank my aunts, who kept asking around who wants coffee, and I unwittingly, always raise up my hand! I should stop seeing coffee for the rest of this week. Yes, I should.
Watch Three Good People by Jack Neo till 3am in the morning. The movie is really funny, but it also reflect the life and stigma the ex-convicts face in Singapore. And I am starting to fall in love with the hokkien song :" lang jia ham, lang jia ham...." LOL! bleh...

Sunday, January 29, 2006


何必在牛车水看人放鞭炮?不如到西马自己放个够,那才叫好玩!新年快乐!来来,去看“老鼠爱上猫”, 又是张伯芝!!! 哈哈!

Some cool htmls

Feeling bored, so I tried looking on the net for some codes to make my blog more interesting.. Hehe, I found a lot of stuffs, but they are just not compatible with this site!! Argzzz, never mind, at least some new things are introduced, hope you will like them. Hmmm, maybe I should someday learn html.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Argzz, I have just finished my mini reunion dinner at home. So many goodies to eat, I think I am going to be a Big Fatty soon. No!!!!! I still have my annually IPPT to pass!! Oh no!!! Red Alert!!!
Finished watching 2 movies on TV in a roll. 鬼马狂想曲 is a crappy show, not worth my time to watch for its superbly crappy and lame jokes. 绝对好男人 is a much better show. 张伯芝 is so beautiful... ahhhhh. Haha
23 more minutes to CNY. Happy New Year everybody!!!


玩归玩,不过可别忘了学业哟。Mid term就要来了。哈哈!超 anti-climax

Friday, January 27, 2006

Shack Shack day......

I admit that today is the worst day of my life since I entered NUS. I started my day at the Physics lab at 9am. Physics, as all of us know, cannot be done in the 3 hours time slot. Thus, doing as fast as my brain processor could handle, I managed to seal the deal in 4 hours. Hurray, my only break for lunch, 12pm - 1pm has just passed! Next program up for me is another 3 hours of lectures, namely statics and Physics (AGAIN!!!). Without food, I started to feel dizzy, and I believe that the 周公 has done his fair share in putting me to sleep too! Anyway, I slept for 1 hour and remain stun in my seat for the rest of the two hours remaining. Totally unproductive!! Took a slow walk down to LT8 later for Economics, grabbing my life sustaining coffee along the way. Yes, It help me to stay awake for the two hours in LT8. I finally have my long awaited lunch at 6pm. Engine running continuously for 9 hours = burned out. Next time, remind me not to bid for lectures when I have labs.....
Yes, I wish I can give the NUS staffs a piece of my mind! They just managed to wipe my online answers for tutorials off completely. That means 1 hour of my hard work going down the drain, which means I have to spend another 1 hour redoing all the shit. GREAT. NUS, YOU SUCKS!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Someone kill me pls

How am I going to survive tomorrow? 9am to 7pm with only an hour break (12-1pm) for lunch?? I need something to stimulate me........Yes, I know....... Give me 1 jug of coffee and let me live on caffeine.
/- Never Say Die!!! -/

Bad things comes in ........ ahhhz

What the hell, now my motherboard internal clock is down too. So I draw the conclusion that most of the computer appliances can only have a life span of 3 years. I cannot wait for the new windows operating system to be out!! I want to change to a more powerful computer!!! But then, 30% of my computer now is new anyway......hmmm

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Precious computer....Why do you gave up on me now????

This is simply frustrating!!! I got a stupid Trojan virus named Isass.exe, that forced my system to shut down whenever I am on it. I only know it when I call up Microsoft today!! I miss my precious computer, I missed Internet.... I am now totally dependent on it. Looking back, I just realized how much my life has changed. In the past, without a computer will not caused you to die, as it is just only a tool to help your school work and play games. But now, with technology advances, in addition of MP3, MSN, IVLE, blah blah blah, one day without Internet can cause you to literally die...My whole body is now screaming to be online! Argzzzzz, I hope that the stupid Trojan will be solved now. I don't want to call up the computer techician to repair it. This is a waste of money when you can solve the problem all by yourself. Hmmm, I think I should change to become a computer system engineer. Fixing a computer up can be sooo easy, but the abundance of viruses out there to destroy your computer can be soooo irrating and frustrating... 266MB of SP2 left to download. Fuck the Trojan! Waste so much of my time yesterday and today! But well, I got to change to my new modem, which has a download speed 4 times my old one!! Yeah, hurray to my new modem!!! I loved ya, 50kb/s of download!!! Crap, I am behind my tutorial schedule. I can't wait for this term to end!! Anybody interested to study in school on Saturday???

Monday, January 23, 2006

Here is some rubbish I have read

Note, this is found in NUS publication!!
".....Consider objectively the linguistic functions of the swear word "f***". It can be used as a noun(you f****!), verb(f*** you!), adjective( you f***ing dumbass!), adverb (totally f***ing awesome!), It is also creatively used to generate new words (abso-f***ing-lutely!)......."
Haha, now I know why it is so commonly used... :)
Selene. January 05/06. The Ridge. A NUSSU PUBLICATION.


That is for me to know and for you to find out :p
I shall say nothing more :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

We Were Soldiers

I don't know why but after watching the war movie yesterday, I could understand what they are all doing inside. I could feel their helpless situation, which at times call for desperate measures, including airstrikes bombing their defending position to prevent overrun by the enemy. This is where there is no room for mistakes. One miscalculation, like giving the wrong coordinates, or the pilot releasing the bomb a second too late, could result in killing your own men. This movie, though I don't know when it is made, is set in the timeframe of the Vietnam War. In it, we saw a battalion is being airlifted in by helicopter (I think it's UH-1H) to secure a landing zone(LZ-xray). After which nightmare started. They kind of underestimate the enemy. They got 1 battalion of American soldiers there, versusing 3 battalion + 1 reserve of enemy troops. This is nuts, they are heavily outnumbered!!! I really respect the officer-commanding the battalion there. He is a very tactical person, knows when the enemy is going to strike and what are they trying to do, so he can send people to cut them off, saving the lives of many. The enemy came in masses, they have got the people and know their terrain well. At the end of it, he did win a victory, but at a huge cost. Charlie Coy being overrun, Bravo Coy dissipated, Alpha Coy not much better. 400 soldiers in, less than 50 came out alive.
In it, I heard a lot of familiar terms being used, which kind of stir my memories of army days. It is really good to recollect how tough the past are, going through the whole shit and working together to achieve the same objective. This is really sweet, and I believed that it cannot be replaced, or bought with anything else on this Earth. "Flanking, LZ-hot, code name-broken arrow, Alpha Liner, machines used: UH-1H, Machine-guns, M-16, AK-47, grenades, motars" All these sounds familiar?? Well, its all part of what my company had to do in Army....haha.
War movie is not just mass slaughter of human beings using machines, seeing human dies, their guts being splashed everywhere, but its a ongoing everchanging situation where you have to outsmart, outwit the enemy to save not only yourself, but the lives of your brother in arm too. The Vietnam war is a failed American war. 58000 Americans died fighting a war that is not even their own. A huge tragedy indeed. War is a terrible thing, I hope there will not be a World War 3 in the future, or else what Einstein says will come true :"I know not with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."
We are the Guardsmen Warriors,
Resolute in Loyalty,
Steadfast in Commitment,
We fight for our Country,
Our Home, and our Family.
Land Warriors from air and sea,
Unfailing in toughness,
Valiant in our Actions,
We destroy all foes who Challenge our Mission.
We are Elite Warriors,
With daring Initiative,
We rule the day,
We rule the Night,
Always ready,
Ready to Strike!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


我昨天到底吃错了什么?。。。。。。。。两小时见了厕所两次。。。。。。。手脚现在软绵绵的。。。。。老天。。。。。。。饶了我吧。。。。。。。今天十点半,CH5 "WE WERE SOLDIERS" 见。
EDIT (at 1716)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I am a very good son :)

I just bought a pillow from my company for my father. Hope he can sleep better with it and cure his musical snores..... Shhhhh.....(don't ever let him see that I say his snoring is indeed "musical" & thunderous too!!) I just wonder how my mom has managed to put up with it for so many years...Hmmmm........

Quiz Time!!! :)

On my way home today from Clark Quay, on MRT, I thought of what lines will remind you of a particular game. Haha, I managed to come out with a few...well, if you are a gamer, this should be easy.
1)This is all PC game.
2)These games are quite old already :)
3)Name the title of the game and the unit saying it......
1) "For King and Country.....Indeed.....indeed..."
2) "Yes,me lord?.......Work,work......."
3) "My life for Nerzul."
Of all the games I have played so far, PC game wise, I still find Heros of Might and Magic 3 is the best. For PS game wise, I still cannot forget Final Fantasy 7. Why? Well, its the first RPG game I played, and the first game that got me hooked to the Final Fantasy Series....
Crap, I should not be talking about games now. Ok, I am off to eat my dinner. :) If you want to answer the quiz, you can do so under comments. If you got it all correct, the prize is.........(you will find out in time).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Useless Brain is Fried

I remembered that not so long ago, a lecturer once said :" If you think of the problem day in and day out, even in your sleep, you will find the answer." Well, today I decide to test his hypothesis out! You see, I got stuck at two Maths questions, namely Q6 and Q7 of tutorial 1. For Q6, I found the solution after thinking about it for 30 minutes!! But for Q7, while lying in my nice and comfortable bed...I actually fall asleep!!! Lol, after the 60 minutes nap, I continue to tackle the question. After struggling for 1 more hour, I decide to throw in the towel. TMD. The maths book don't even have similar example, how am I going to solve the question..... bleh. Anyway, I consulted my friend on MSN, and to my horror, the solution is superbly EASY!! I guess this useless brain of mine is too fried up today to think of this particular solution.. Haha.
Only homework left : Maths Lab... Yeah..!!!
By the way, super idol BRYAN is FINALLY out!!! His acting is v.v.v.v.cmi!!! My curse has finally work for once!! ^_^

Tuesday, January 17, 2006








Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is my computer having any problem??

I kept getting this message on my tagboard:"Error 4001: We are experiencing temporary technical difficulties. Please try again later." Is the server having problem or my computer having problem?? Argzzz. I hate to format my computer, if it's my computer problem. 6 hours of updating to be done....crap.
Last day of 4 day week for me tomorrow. I don't want it to end. Pls, let it continue.....
Today went out with Guan Ze, Marilyn and her friends to play DOTA. I think this is going to be the last DOTA lan session for me liao. After that, it's going back to my no life day again in NUS. :(
As usual, I pawned everyone I see. I used my BEST hero, the ultimate juggernaut, where no one can escape from my omnislash. Haha. In the end I think I got 15 kills and 1 death?? Hmm. No sweat!! Anyway, I would like to thank the person using the nerubian, he saved me quite a lot of times, and I saved him quite a lot of times too!! Haha, that's what team work is all about!!!
Second game I tried to be funny, choose techie as my hero, trying to irritate people with suiciding and remote mines. It actually works!! Poor Guan Ze, he is sooo irritated with my suiciding!! I could see it in his reaction whenever I blow myself up!! Lol!! I still remember the stats. 14 kills 11 deaths. Got 8 kills by suiciding someone else!! Haha that is fun!! They actually all scramble for their life whenever they saw a poor old techie coming along the way!! Haha, treat me like a terrorist like that, scared that I blow them to pieces!! Lol. In the end, I am the lowest level of the heroes as I am busy planting mines all the time. Cannot go out in the battlefield and chop people up. No fun la, playing techie.
3rd game saw 2 people leaving. As usual, they are so scared of me that they refused to play a single game unless it's 3 vs 1 again. Well, as a gentleman, I comply, playing -ar mode. I got phantom lancer. I agree it is a good hero, but it has no killing power. Cannot stun people, only know how to make illusions and rush tower. No good, no good. In the end, they play creep rush. Each of them pushing one side. Whenever they see me, they all run away. I chase them until 我快疯掉了。 Never mind. The result is I lost. The creeps destroy my throne. :(
Last game, I agree to another 3 vs 1. But this time, there is a string attached. I choose my hero!! (Evil Smile) Anyway, I choose Axe. And this is only the 2nd time I am using this hero!! I need this hero because of its skills. In case they decide to gangbang me....hehehe, they are dead!! In the end, total ownage. 10++ Kills 0 deaths!! Too bad, they should let the Drow Ranger defend their base. She is the only hero that 我没法子杀 because of her freezing arrow. I just cannot go near her!! :( Well anyway good game people. I definitely have fun today, but I hope not at the expense of yours?? :)
Night people. Last week of Monday free. Better enjoy every seconds of it now.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I think I am really Crazy

Ok, after much consideration, I am going to school to attend make up lecture + doing all the shitty tutorials. If anyone want to join in, feel free to message me. Haha! If the Economics tutorial slot is decided, msg me also, cause bidding starts in 3 hours time! SIAO ON.... bleh!
Ok, I am wrong balloting will only start at 14 Jan 2006 2200. Sorry folks...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Never try 6 hours of lectures in a row......

Today, my brain is finally stretched to the max!! 6 hours of lecture in a row!! Namely, Statics and Mechanics, Physics, and finally Economics. After lots of forces and structures, I am treated to the wonders of electric field and electric flux. After that, I went on to have some lessons on how to be a rational person in the Economical World. Wow, this is confirm shag! It also doesn't help me a lot due to two jokers seated behind me conversing in a not so quiet tone......The female student is complaining the whole lecture on how boring the lecture is and it's wasting her time to be there. Complaining that the lecturer is not good and her JC's notes are much better. Thanks hor. If it's really wasting your time, then kindly leave the lecture!! Why are you still glued to your seat?? -.-' Luckily, these stuffs I have learned before in JC already, so getting a little distracted is all right... Well, the lecturer also helps in a sense that he is quite funny at times. Well, I think I am quite lucky in a sense that all my lecturer this semester are much much better. They know how to liven up the boring lecture by injecting a few jokes. :)
After that I have a very interesting lesson crashing pengwei biochemistry lectures. I learned about the effects of Parkinson disease, how to cure it, there are some nice interesting video showing the people affected by these disease. After that it is back to the boring pka thingy about amino acid, so I end up doing tutorial 0 of Maths. Wow, its a month since I touched Maths...Luckily still know how to do most of the questions, with Fabian providing me the dot product and the cross product formula...Thank you hor. But still I don't know how to do the last two question. Need to consult the book...Hai~~~
After which we have a nice dinner at Kakit Bukit to reward myself after a loonnnggg day. Haha, everyone must be shock at the food we have on table, which arrived all at once!! Here's the photos:

Three morons who ordered too much food!!!

The same three morons show that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE!!! Whahahaha!! :)

A interesting find at S12!! The gents is......waaaalaaaaa Lol!! Where is the Gents!!??!?!?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brrr.... Its so cold....

It has been raining since morning. Now, temperature has dropped even further. Someone lend me a heater.....I need a blanket.... Now now, back to electric field and Econs....Spent only $50 buying new books this semester...Which is considerably cheap. Think of semester 1. The bulky Physics book alone cost a whopping $50!! If I managed to sell all the books I do not need, this semesters books will be all paid for..Haaaaaaaaa...... Cold............Cold.........Cold....Cold...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I just saw the idol final eight contest. My god....their acting skills are all so stiff......all of them cannot make it in their acting skills. My guess is that bryan will be kick out. See if I am right.....
My counter is fast reaching 1000 hits.. Haha, who will be the lucky one? I am curious to find out. If you are the ONE, maybe can leave a msg in my tagboard?
Nah, my jinx is not strong enough, he got through... What the hell. The TV is trying to stall for time... 3 round of staying in the stupid cannister......
OMG its going to the 4th round...stupid TV...
&%#@(^(&)% Ok these are all censored materials.....
AND....FINALLY...(more commercials....iditoic)
Lilian Got the BOOT....Sian diao diao....

I open my IVLE and see this shit......

There will be a make-up lecture for lecture group D this coming Saturday (Jan 14) 10-12noon at LT7A, to make up for the Tuesday lecture. Please make an effort to attend.
Thanks, I will never go for saturday lectures. Don't you know that?? Hai~~, I hate Chinese New Year, as that will mean more saturday lectures for me.... SAD.....
I think I shall go check out the Maths Textbook tomorrow. They say that another 350 copies is available. If not I shall get it by next week. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DOTA King no more...Haha.

Well, after holding on to the self proclaim title of DOTA King for 3 months, I finally have to concede defeat today. I was erm...Defeated twice, not by brute force, as I managed to get more Kills than all of them combined together (Haha, still trying to save some face here, bleh.. :p), but by numbers. Yes I played three 3 vs 1 match today, winning once and losing twice. :)
Here I welcome the professionals who defeated me today
First on the line : Marilyn ---- The Lucky one (She managed to escape my clutches with less than 100hp remaining not once, not twice, not thrice, but 4 times!! That's definitely lucky!!)
Second on the line: Guan Ze ---- the cyclone King ( Every game always built the same artifact to cyclone me. But no use, I always managed to escape 90% of the time. ^_^)
Third on the line: Guan Ze's brother, Guan Li (erm, I hope I got the name right..hehe) ---- The runaway one. (He is very hard to kill, and very cautious.. That's why I killed him the least number of times..)
Now, here is the exciting showdown of the game.
First game: Death Prophet Vs Phantom Assassin + necrolite + Orge Magi
This was a very tough game, I was on a godlike streak, going on at around 10++ kills and 2 deaths. But the three of them showed good coordination skills and effort to hold me back, distracting and destroying my big tree in the end. Good work! I remember that I had around 6000 gold in my coffers when the game ended. :)
Second Game: Skeleton King Vs Bounty Hunter + Chaos Knight + Slayer
At first, I thought I was a goner. What the hell is skeleton king? All I know that it's a slow coach and a reviving King!! Lol. Well, under my "expert" guidance, I manage to turn it into a mean machine, all of them don't even dare to go near me!! As a result, I only chalked up 6 kills and 1 death, before destroying their base in a convincing victory!! Haha.
Third Game: Bone Clinkz Vs Soul Keeper + Rouge Knight + Shadow Shaman
Yeah, my favourite hero. Haha, expert at backstabbing skill!! Well, as usual, chalked up 10++ kills and 4 deaths. This time they are smarter. All the three of them stay together and gang up on me. Somemore they even have a gem of true sight. I want to run away also cannot. Stun + Cyclone = death. My poor boney...... Sobz sobz. Well, I cannot kill them in time to stop their waves of attack. So, as a result, I lost....
Conclusion: The three of them are becoming better and better at the game!! I hereby promote them to the ranks of professionals! Haha, so next time it shall be 2 v 2 fair fight?
Ok, I think I really sounds like I very "buay hiao bai" in this entry. This is only just for entertainment sake. In the real life, I am not like this, ok?
OMG, 2 hours lecture on Wed, 1 hour lecture on Thursday. Someone kill me pls.... Travel 3 hours just for these lectures.... *shake head*

Monday, January 09, 2006

Feeling cold these few days....

These few day is so freaking cold.... I feel that the air-condition is turn on 24-hours a day in my house!! During the day is still ok, but at night, when the temperature drops further.....My hands and legs will start feeling cold, just like being put in a freezer like that!! When will the sun starts coming out?? Temperature is so low.
I think I will dread coming to school in the morning.....coldz.....

School is starting soon in 2 more days.. :)

Argzz, why is fun time passed so quickly and studying time seems like never ending? Yes, my one month holiday is ending soon. Semester 2 is starting, time to go back to mugging mode and get my score back on track....
Today, the sky seems to mourn for me, marking the end of my play time. It rain continuously for twenty hours non-stop. That really spoil my day. Soccer cancelled, walking around is a little inconvenient carrying an umbrella around. I decide to go Takashimaya at the last minute to hand in my punch card for the month. I figured that I would not be passing by Orchard in the next few weeks. That's why.... Although I came out early, I did not foreseen that today was a rainy day, and people will be fighting over taxis everywhere. In the end, I spent 30 minutes before managing to flag down a taxi..... :(
Went to Setter's Cafe to meet up with Marilyn and Geraldine over dinner. Haha, I dragged them out to accompany me to chill out so that I will not be bored to death at home like yesterday... Thanks man, though it caused you two to leave your class outing early... I really appreciate it. :) We played scrabble and The game of Life. Yeah, my English sucks, that's why I can only form three letters word throughout the whole game. How am I going to pass my critical thinking and writing?? I just wonder.....
Got a shock today too. My good friend is flying off today for London instead of tomorrow!!! Arggzzzz, I remembered the date wrongly. I only knew it when I was about to start my dinner at Settler's. Hmm, I managed to explain it to him that I may not be able to send him off, hope he understands....Sorry dude. :)
Yawnz..Sleeping time... Nights everyone.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rain Rain, go away, come again another day..

Super Sianzzzz, today morning soccer cancelled due to rain... Its been raining since early morning, at 5am??? Its still raining now.....When will the rain stop.....Bleh, back to my PS 2. Rain, rain go away, come again another day........


为什么新加坡那么多慈善演出?他们真得那么需要钱吗?自从NKF事件后,我对一切慈善节目已失去信心。调查出来的报告更叫人沮丧。 他们什么时候才会停止这些筹款节目?我期待这一天的到来。。。。。。。

Saturday, January 07, 2006

NUS Put the Cors ONLINE!!

I am doing my timetable now, typing out all the venues. Most of the information can be obtained from IVLE, but I don't have my groupings in Critical Thinking & Writing. Only Cors has the information I need!!! Come on NUS, put the system back online!!! Argzzzz...
Ok, I am super bored today, thats why you can see three entries here...

Rotting at home

So sianz today, no one to go out with. As a result, I am rotting at home now. Switch on MSN, nobody online.... Play PS2, got bored after playing it for 3 hours. Yes, I still have not complete my Star Ocean 3 yet. The game is freaking long, but the storyline is good!!!
I don't care, I must find some kakis to go out tomorrow, last day to enjoy before stepping into hell again.....

Bored Stiff

I never know Clark Quay (Kway?? <--- thats how I pronounce it when I was small...) is so big!!! I thought its just basically a few restaurants and bars up to Riverside Point only. Now, I know it actually stretches dooowwwwnnnn the Singapore River, with lots of shops selling different kind of things. My company showroom is in one of the shop in Clark Quay, and I have a huge problem locating it since this is the first time I am going there. After numerous direction asking via handphone and a lot of wrong turns, I managed to arrive at the shop, but I was 23 minutes late. Hah! Lateness is always one of my problems..... -.-'
Training ends at 1230pm and I have to rush all the way back to my Tampines counter at Metro to report for work. Well, since I have an excuse to be late, I decided to take the Mrt and slowly make my way there. I tell you, Clark Quay Mrt station is camouflaged so well that it actually blends into the surrounding buildings, because I can only come out of the station but cannot find my way back in again!! LOL! As a result, I have to make a long walk back to Raffles Place Mrt station.... haiz~~~
I think I might as well report sick today. After the Christmas festive season, all shopping centers has became shoppers graveyard. There is totally no crowd today in century Square! As a result, I became drownsy after standing at the counter for 30 minutes. That's a record for me!! Feeling sleepy in 30 minutes after reporting for work!
3pm -- Start to feel sleepy
4pm -- eye lids start closing
5pm -- Even walking around doesn't help to keep you awake.
6pm -- cannot take it anymore!! Start to whip out my handphone to SMS people.
After work, went to 85 to have supper with Fabian, Tsz Ming, Zi Hui, Xiang Rui and Peng Wei. It has been 4 years since I last went there to eat. I really miss the place a lot. All the 老字号 and nice dishes....Slurp!!!
Ok, my weekly soccer on Saturday has been pushed to Sunday morning. So that means the whole of Saturday I am free. I don't feel like rotting at home doing nothing. Anyone going out? Pls ask me along hor....I just don't feel like staying at home rotting the time away...Movies anyone? Or just sit at a Kopitiam and talk cork?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Should I be Happy? But I dun feel it..

Is this world fair? Logical answer is a big NO. Nothing is fair in this world, face reality man, nothing is fair. Yesterday, my day was bad enough, so today it can only get better, i guess. Yes, it definetly got better, with me selling 6 out of 7 pillows there as there are two promoter at the counter. I felt sorry for the other person, she is just so sway....all the customers who are interested in buying the pillows all came to me. Is this way things are supposed to be? One day being super sway and one day being super lucky? If I can choose, I choose to live a normal day. Yes, I got my commission all right, but all these kind of affect my mood. Because at the end of the day, my boss suddenly calls me to tell me of a training at Clark Quey tomorrow at 10am, when I am suppossed to report to work at Tampines at 12pm! My mood instantly drop into bottomless pit. God, if there is one, pls don't toy with me anymore. Working full shift for 3 straight days, facing all the shitty things is kind of frustrating.
Somemore, back at home on msn, facing friends who are just trying to joke with me, (I know they mean no harm), but i just don't find the jokes funny at all. I am like deprived of all feelings, even irritated. I felt like giving them a piece of my mind, but I know its not their fault, so its not worth it to make everyone unhappy at the end of the day. If thats the case, I rather I be the one thats unhappy will do. All the recent chains of events really tires me out. Maybe its time to get some rest. A day will do, but that will have to wait till 24 hours later, when I have done my last job before school starts.
To everyone whom I might have made unhappy accidently, forgive me. I really don't find the joke funny at all. On normal days, maybe I would have played along, but not today, not with the recent chains of events......I hope you all might get what I am trying to say.... And, pls pls, don't ever be angry with me, I don't mean it.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I am Jinxed today!! Super Unlucky...

This must be the most unluckest day in my whole life... I wonder who in the hell is cursing me? A series of unfortunate events just unfolds.....
The 1st unfortunate event happened at 12pm, when i first step into Metro Tampines at my counter. Bloody hell....My counter is a mess man. All our display pillows are lying all over the shop. I just wanted to scold those inconsiderate shoppers. U think you customer very BIG isit? Can anyhow throw things one huh? 那么没家教!!!!
2nd unfortunate incident
After tidying my stuffs, I proceed on to counting stock. To my utter horror, I have 1 x QL pillow worth $259.00 missing!!!!! TMD! Missing pillow is the worse situation to be in. Very troublesome one. If it was sold, its still ok, if its stolen.....I don't want to think about it...
3rd unfortunate incident
I proceed on to ask the cashier if they have sold any pillow this morning or last night. Well, to my expectation, they say they don't know. Thanks for the help hor.... This information is VERY USEFULL indeed!!!!
4th unfortunate incident
Next better idea is to check the sales figures for yesterday and today. Well, only the supervisor has access to the print out of sales figures, BUT that supervisor is working afternoon shift today!!! That means she will only be here at 2pm!!! Well done....why do she has to work afternoon shift today, when I have a missing pillow? X
5th unfortunate incident
Finally at 2pm sharp, I spotted her arriving for work. Seeing that she was not busy, I went over to ask her for help in printing out the information that I need. To my COMPLETE HORROR, she replied me :" Ah Boy ar...你们的公司很麻烦的。每一次不见一个枕头就要我print sales figures. 不可以这样。等monthly sales figures 罢。" I confirm dulan her.... The thing disappeared in Metro lor, not my company shop. Somemore we are paying THEM to have a counter there. Where is the fucking in-house sercuity?!?! At least help me to confirm whether the pillow is stolen a not, at least I can make the proper arrangement.
6th unfortunate incident
Due to her uncooperative attitude, I have to make countless phone calls to my company to inform them of the situation, and to the promoter for the previous day to double check the stock. The customer service lady see me until sian liao la, walking in and out non-stop for 1 hour.
7th unfortunate incident
Confirm shaq....my company also don't know what to do, some say get a police report as usual...some say cannot, as the pillow is not yet confirmed if its stolen. My mind now is in a swirl. By the way, this is the 1st time my senses are working at 100% attentiveness by this period of time since I join the company 11 months ago. Usually, I am half falling asleep at 2 - 3pm as there is lack of people shopping.
1st fortunate incident FINALLY
I don't know if its out of guilt or what, the supervisor suddenly 做好心 and offered to help me check the sales figures. My hope is running high that the stupid fucking pillow is sold so that I can avoid the taxing and unneccessary paper work later.
8th unfortunate incident
The IDIOTIC pillow is not sold. All the sales figures tally with the sales record book. So the conclusion is : The pillow is shoplifted!! Bravo... It took such a long time to get this conclusion. (Hmm i feeling like strangling the supervisor now..)
9th unfortunate incident
More phone calls to my company to inform them of the latest news about the pillow. They want me to make a police report after my work today. troublesome....... And thats the reason why I hate missing pillows....(To think of it, I laughed at one of my collegue just 2 weeks ago when he is in the same situation as me, now, I tasted the same medicine. I must say that it taste bitter... sighz...)
10th unfortunate incident
As if my day isn't bad enough, yes, 0 sales again for today, one couple decides to change pillow - not upsize but downsize!!!! So that means for today sales, I will be in the RED!!! Well done negative $50 to report at the end of the day. Totally screwed.....
11th unfortunate incident
What else, but to make a detour to the nearest police station. Lucky they have not close for the day yet....phew.
Ok, after letting off some steam in the writing, I am feeling better now. Screw the typo errors and whatever errors, I am not going to check it. This is the swayest (if there is such a word), most horrible day of my life. I hate inconsiderate shoppers........
ok sorry people, I don't expect it to be such a long post, so please bear with me....... Thks for the patience...
And Wish you all have a Happy Day tommorrow... :)

New Year Resolutions

Argzzz, feeling bo liao now. Still got 3 more hours before going to work. Might as well draw up a plan of what I hope to get in this coming New Year. Hope it is not too late, better be late than never...
1. Improve my bloody CAP. :) (This must happen or else......)
2. Get a internal DVD re-writable drive. (I never know games now come out in DVD roms... As a result, cannot even play my Civilisation 4. SAD)
3. Get a new watch. (Mine is now falling apart, or maybe you all know what to get on my birthday....Hah!)
4. Save up more money so that I can go on holiday in June / July. (I want to go Taiwan free & Easy!!!!)
5. Go on holiday :)
6. Join in CAC 2006 as counselors. Have fun....Its going to be a loooong break.
7. Watch more exciting movies! Namely Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest, Mission Impossible 3, Spiderman 3 and X-men 3. These are not to be miss!!!!!
8. Begin mugging since week 2, when tutorials starts. Library will become my 2nd home.
Yup, that's the more important ones. I hope I can accomplish all of them when 2006 ends.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What is your perfect Major?

You scored as Mathematics. You should be a Math major! Like Pythagoras, you are analytical, rational, and when are always ready to tackle the problem head-on!





























What is your Perfect Major?
created with QuizFarm.com

Haha, I saw this interesting quiz and decided to took it before I go to work. Yeah, I guess my choice is right. I love Mathematics, but i will not major in it as i don't want to be a teacher. I also love Chemistry, but I will not major in it for the same reason. Both are offered in Science, where all the teachers-to-be gathers. So, whats next? Engineering!!!! With a high rating of 83%!! Yeh, Environmental Engineering is the way to go! This also shows why my English cannot make it, attaining a lowly 42% only.

Last Outing before school starts?

As the sayings goes....好事成双。But I beg to differ, I believe 坏事也可以成双。Like what happened today. People says pictures tells a million words, so I shall let the pictures do the talking.
I planned to go Marina Bay to eat steamboat as I have not gone there for a very long time. This time it was the usual 4 people again, with fabian substituting Guan Ze.
Before setting off from Marina Bay MRT Station, it rained like cats and dogs. This is a bad omen to us, but we choose to ignore the sign. As a result, something happened as we arrived at the bus-stop.
someone's shoe broke......
Someone's unbrella broke....Lucky we still have Fabian around, so we are not wet.
In the end, we took a cab to citilink for the person to buy her shoes, if not she is going to have trouble making her way home later....
After the sumptious meal costing $12 per person (which was totally worth it), we head over to Esplanade to have some chill out session.
Something interesting happens....
I got my reverge at Gera for keep disturbing me
Fabian has a go at abusing a TOY Tortise. Fabian, go and try on the real thing la...
A loving couple in the making??
OK, thats it, thats sums up my day. Quite hilarious and exciting. Got to sleep soon, working at Compass Point Iin Sengkang from 10am -10pm, confirm shaq tomorrow.....

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Interesting Day at Queensway looking for lost shirt!

First and foremost, Gun Kiat and Kok Sheng, why you never tag at my blog and let me have your blog address?!?!?! I only knew you have come here before when I check my statscounter accounts! Haha, ok la, now I have your blog liao. :)
Today I went with 2 of my best friends in secondary school, KY and Wah to Queensway Shopping Center to shop for New Years clothes and shoes. Little do we know that there will be a little incident coming up on Wah as we made our way home by bus. After we have done our shopping, of which I bought two 3/4 pants for school, spending about $40 ( Have to save a bit, no money left after passing TP), to my horror, Wah discovered that he had lost one of his shirts, which cost him $35!!! The problem is that we are already on the bus, it was arriving at Chinatown and the time is already at 815pm! Normally shops close at 930pm, so we have about 1 hour left to go back and find the shirt. Under sane condition, people would usually take it that they have lost the shirt forever, but Wah decides to give it a try, despite knowing that chances of finding it are minimal, since he doesn't even know where he drop the shirt in the first place!! After taking the bus to rush back and running the 400m sprint back to Queensway shopping center, we tried out the two best location that he might have drop the shirt since time is tight. My stamia is confirmed not there liao, run 400m only can also get shaq!
We split up, with Wah going to the Level 3 toilet to check it out, and me and KY going to the shop where we have bought the shirt before. Luck is not with us, his shirt was not there, but there is still hope, since the shop owner says that she saw him taking the shirt with him as he left the shop. Just at this moment, a "light bulb" light up at KY head - there is still a last possibility, a bag shop where we stop before going for our dinner. Time now is 915pm. Got to rush as the shops are closing fast. Wah is so disappointed at first since the 1st two location turn up nothing. We decide to try out this last shop. If the shirt is still not to be found, then its fate that he will lost the shirt forever. Haha, I don't know if its Gods will, or he just want us to end the year on a happy note? As we walk in, we SAW his shirt sitting behind the cashier counter!!! LOL. He has found his shirt at the last minute!!! He forgot to take his shirt with him after checking out some bags on the shelves! He was really lucky that it was not stolen! I also could not believe his luck!
After that, we took Bus 14 back all the way to Bedok. It was a long journey and guess what? We played Dai Di on the bus!! haha, I am pro!!! Out of 10 rounds, I won 6, and got to shuffle the cards only once!! Lol. If we have played money, I will have won big time!!!
what's well, ends well. To everyone, wish you all a Happy New Year. Funny, why is everyone writing a New Year resolution?