Thursday, April 30, 2009

The end of the road?

Yes!! As I walk out of the presentation room today at 1142am, my study life at NUS has officially ended. 4 years of sweat, pain and what ever you can name it, I am glad that at least I am out! Now, where can I find myself a permanent job?? Or should I relax a while first?? Sianz, one headache just ended and one more just came. I don't want (wish) to be part of the Singapore unemployment data!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Counting down

HR2002 was finally wrapped up yesterday with the final written paper in the middle of the reading week (such a lousy timing). This is a subject that we all do not know how to start or even study for it, except read the readings and hope for the best. Now, that leaves me with just 2 more important dates, 28th and 30th April, after which, I will be free....for the last and final time.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Final Journey (Almost) + ESE Outing At Vivo

With the end of Friday's Poster Symposium and submission of final thesis, that wraps up 80% of ESE4502. Looking back at the past 8 months, lots of sweat are spent, late nights in laboratory churning and reconfirming of data and results, worrying if the data are coming out all right with the expectation that i had, all are finally summarized into this 1 A1 poster. Lots of tough questions are asked and I hope that I have managed to wriggle myself out of the situation convincingly. Well, now I present to you, my poster.....
And the students and PHDs under our friendly professor Jeffrey P. Obbard
After a grilling afternoon, leaving our brain juice dry, our graduating ESE cohort went down to the Vivo City for a mini dinner~ I like this picture of the water fountain in front of the Vivo City. It kind of portray a serene landscape, where one can truly really relax and recharge oneself after a hard day.
And of course, one cannot leave such a nice place without a class photo. A pity that the picture is very grainy...
We had our dinner at Thai Express. I can't remember the last time I had eaten Thai food but I decided to test my tolerance by ordering their hot and spicy seafood curry - Kaeng Kari Talay. The serving given was pretty large and seriously, 1 bowl of puny rice is simply not enough. I ended up ordering 2 bowls of rice and that translates to lots of carbohydrates! Oh no, time to go exercise soon or risk getting fat~ =p The curry is indeed as the menu promises - smooth and rich in flavour tinted with the sweetness from the seafood! The price was also reasonably set at $9.80. The only bad point that I can say about the curry is that I find it a little too salty.
.Look at how much they are enjoying their food!!
For dessert, we visited Haagen Dass to try on their chocolate fondue. Overall, I find that it is an interesting experience, dipping the food, especially the ice-cream in the hot chocolate, watching it hardened due to the cold in the ice-cream and eating it in one big mouthful!! Haha, but truly speaking, the food is just average. For 16 scoops of mini ice-cream; slices of bananas, green apples and straw berries; chocloate fludge and cookies, set at a price of $50 a set, I find that it is quite expensively charged. Luckily, the whole class decided the chip in and share the cost so... it is just right. =p An enjoyable night and I hoped that we will keep in touch and meet up soon after graduation. =)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some more nice Videos!! Hahaha

Haha, the things he do sounds so familiar.. 7SIB huh...

Some Malay Infusion

Before this blog turns to dust, let me rejuvenate it with some Malay Interesting Video~ Hah