Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last post for the year

Here are your EQ SQ results:

EQ: 40

SQ: 86

The important factor to consider is not your absolute score, but the difference between the two.
This indicates whether you have more natural ability as an Empathizer or a Systemizer. If your
scores are about the same for your EQ and SQ, then you have well balanced empathizing-systemizing

New Year is coming, I wondered what have I achieved last year. Yes, some of the targets are met, but for others, I am still working towards them, especially for my wish in attaining an overall CAP of 3.5. Still a long way off but at least I am now in the Cap 3 region. Hope that everything will end on a high on this very last day of the year and everything will start on a high too next year. Looking forward to the MgH chalet~


Yesterday, I

Went to the Escape Theme Park for the 2nd time in my whole life. Actually, the pirate ship is really NO kick la~

Went to Block 85 to eat my favourite 肉挫面 + 蚝煎

Revisit my secondary school. So much memories, yet so much have changed....

Spoilt Bishi Bashi Champ. CRAP! So long liao and they still have not repaired it??

A wonderful night indeed~

Friday, December 29, 2006


At long last.. free~

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day out with CAC grp 2

Haha, its like finally right?? An outing with my own CAC grp!!! Okok, group 6 people, don't kill me yet, the main character is not there lah~ *lol* Meet up with Marilyn, Fabian, Grace, Gera and Guan Ze ( Bro, you must be super happy and satisfied today right?? I don't take no for an answer! heh~) Place to meet? The famous 鼎泰丰 (Din Tai Feng) over at Paragon. We ordered quite a spread of food, including the recommended 小笼包 (I admit, my skill with the chopstick is not good, why does the skin always break one! Hmm), 虾仁蛋炒饭,蟹肉小笼包 (If i remember correctly), mango pudding with crushed ice, almond pudding with crushed ice and some other dishes whose name I cannot recall. Wow!! Nice right?? Haha~ The price is also super nice lahz. Lucky my group people are kind enough not to demand me to treat them, or else, think I will probably going to wash dish there for one whole week. Haha~ :P
Paiseh~ Have to leave early to meet someone over at Jurong East to get my Slam Dunk Comic. YES!!! Finally! After waiting for 6 years, I can finish what I left behind. This is the 2nd comic that I really like, and partly because of it, I started to learn how to play basketball when I was secondary 2. ^_^
CORS was down this whole morning. Had a little panic when I cannot log in into the system today to bid for my core modules. I only came to know that round 1A started yesterday night when TM called me on my phone. I was like .... 0_0 huh? start already ar! *lol* When I got home from work, the bidding slipped my mind totally and only managed to remember when I woke up this morning. Thought initially that it is my Internet problem because of the Taiwan earthquake as I totally cannot get to the login page at all. BUT, I got a real shock when I went over to my friend's house to find that the CORS will be down until 1230pm. HOW can they do this to me!! I am going out leh. How to bid?? Quickly summon all the help I can get, but all the people seem to be not at home. Finally, one angel arrived just in time~ ^_^ Thanks again, paiseh to trouble you so much, some more disrupt your band practice~ :P
From 方钟桦:绿灯 = rhythm? *faint*

Network Down!

Dear customer, you may experience slow Internet access due to an earthquake that occured in Taiwan. We are in the midst of restoring our service. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
That is what I got from the Singtel main website. Now that explains why my download speed is so slow two days ago, and why my Internet connection is so screwed up whenever I access overseas websites. Crap!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MgH outing

Wake up at 1030am to travel all the way to Chinese Garden Mrt station to meet up with TL. In the end, I am the earliest there, and I am already late for 10 minutes. Heh heh, where is the time management huh??
Anyway, great time was spent there. We played Basketball, which the ball was unfortunately "soft" and badminton. I wondered how come I and WH's aiming is so poor that... *ahem* wins the game in the end? :p *lol*
After the workout, had a bath over at TL's house and we proceed on for our steamboat dinner. Now, I must really thank TL and her family for being such a good host. The food was great, the meat was delicious and they prepared all the food for us. Really 感动 and thanks again.
Had some card games, taught someone the art of playing bridge, so that at least we will have an additional entertainment when the chalet comes. *hehe*
At some point in time, all of us decides to try on the weighing scale to see just how heavy we are. I must admit, either I have slim down a lot, OR the weighing scale is spoilt. How can I lose 10kg in over a year?? Seriously, no joking!! I am stunned myself when I looked at the scale.
Had an exchange of Christmas present. Thanks WH for his piggy photoframe. Haha, its nice. Thanks TL for her nice drawing and file and her message. Thanks WH again for the .... erm keychain?? :) Wow, MgH sure rocks man!!
Went over to West mall to walk walk a while, chit chatting with the group before heading home. A day well spent, I guess. And yes.... 2 more working days as of now. I will soon be free again!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

D-day today

Lets just hope that there will be a moderation of grades, and not the result that I see THAT day. Hmmm.
Hoping against hope
Edit at 2319
Forget it, NOTHING changed. Why am I still seeing Cs this semester?
If only I SU my arts module....If only......

Deathnote 2

Yes you are right, I cannot resist the temptation. Went with ZH, XR and PW to watch Deathnote 2 the moment its sneak preview is out. I must admit, the second series still amaze me. To make the movie even more interesting, there is going to be not only one deathgod, but 3 of them, so that means there will be more than one deathnote circulating in the world!! Interesting right?? It is a battle of wits again between L and Light, how each of them try to outsmart and out battle each other. The tactics and plans they can come out, the logic and hypothesis L can think of whenever the Kira starts killing people, simply amazing! Woot~ There will quite some twist and turns in the story itself, but sadly, it will be a sad ending, where L and Light both dies, along with 2 of the deathgods. Amazing, the last name on the deathnote is actually _____ written by the deathgod itself, and the deathgod claims that it will be the most interesting thing he will ever see!! 0_0. This movie is really a must watch!!


(from left to right) L, Light, Misa


After the movie, we proceed to boss house for our class annual Christmas BBQ cum present exchange outing. Too bad, I cannot watch my xiao yu er!! Argzz. But well the weather also did not help much, keep raining all day. Hmm, by the time I and boss start the fire, it is already around 730pm. Lucky the food was nice, haha, I want the cheese mushroom again!! (Think I am going to get fat with eating too much cheese). Had a fun time playing the poker game (which I don't know what the name is called) to see who get to choose the present first. Got the present wrapped by boss, which is a gift towel. Haha! Thanks boss~


Got home around 130am, wait for my hair to dry until around 330am. Sleep at 4am, going to wake up by 10am on the 25th for my MgH outing. Hmmm, looks like I am really a busy man. *lol*

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Day in JB

Just when I came back from Desaru on Tuesday, I went to JB City Square on Wednesday to shop for stuffs that I need. Looks like I really like Malaysia alot. *lol* Lucky that I did, because, a lot of bargains and discoveries were made! Haha~
First on the list. Every wednesday is a movie day, and their Cathay Cineplex movie ticket is only going at RM6!! I was like wow! However, their choices of movie were limited. I cannot believe that Deathnote, which was such a wonderful movie, cannot be seen anywhere in Malaysia. Sigh~ So in the end, we settle for a movie called Iron-grid Man. The movie is not even shown in Singapore, and I cannot find its movie poster over in the US too. How is this possible? hmm. But anyway, the movie is not bad, quite watchable and touching at times. The movie shows the lives of teenagers in the US who falls under bad influences, how they end up in probation centers and how one of these centers work hard to try and change their lives for the better. By building a American football team from scratch, they learned team spirit, battle against all odds to finished 2nd overall in the championship. Truly touching. If the movie is ever shown in Singapore, I recommend it.
Another discovery of the day. The prices shown on the shelves in Gaurdian is not logical. They does not make any sense at all!!


BUT, I know someone who has a more complete collection than me, hence a better choice in becoming Dove's 代言人!!*lol*

AND can you believe all these cost only S$15? no?? :)


See, there will always be good bargains and free gifts with me around~ Lol.


Presents for the Christmas exchange is bought, which I think is quite nice. The only sad part is I still did not get my hands on the FF12!! Why?? Because someone says confidently that close one eye also know the way around City Square. BUT, in the end, we cannot find the bridge linking the building. 0_0. Haha~ When we finally found the bridge, the shop is already close for the day. Sway ar......*faint*


Desaru Cycling Trip

Due to the heavy intermediate downpour, there are not many pictures taken of the trip using my camera. BUT, I am still waiting for Gun to send me his photos~ Haha. Ok, here are the pictures.

Just like the old times, a bum boat ride to the Malaysia Jetty


My army buddies, ZY and gun


A step into the past...


Where hell started to break lose

Where the waves are super scary during the monsoon seasons.


While others are outside in the cold tents sleeping on hard floor, bath in cold water, we actually "chu stun", rent a chalet, have access to hot showers and sleeping in the aircon on nice warm beds! *lol*


Due to the heavy rain, we only cycled about 20km during the 1st day, while the rest of the 40km was covered by van. Haha, how convenient! BUT, during our return trip, we had to cover the 60km by hook or by crook. Trust me, it is not a good feeling to cycle 60km in 3 hours, and when you have to stop every 6km to put on poncho to cover yourself from the rain, and stop every 2km to take out the poncho when the rain has stopped since poncho traps heat, it can really test one's own limit. Nevertheless, I am one of the first few to reached the jetty. Yeah~ It is like finally~! The end of the trip! But on the way back, its raining cats and dogs again, with the chilly wind blowing from the sea, it really send shivers down my spine. Luckily, I did not catch a cold. Hmmm.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Check List down

Adapter checked..
Jacket checked..

My new Jacket. Nice right? And this is the last piece! :)


Ok, time to prepare for my upcoming cycling trip~

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hopes.... Chem Eng

Code__________Name_________________Expected Grade(Actual)
LSM 1401 Fundamentals of Biochemistry___________B- (C+)
GEK 1001 Place Environment & society____________B (C+)
CE 2184 __Infrastructure and the Environment______B+ (B)
CE 2407__Engineering & Uncertainty Analyses______B+ (B-)
CE 2134__Hydraulic__________________________B- (A-)
GEK 1520 Understanding the Universe____________B (B+)
My hopes are dashed...... :(

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Being a middle man, there is nothing much I can do, except standing at the sideline watching them crossfire with each other. Hearing both sides of the stories, which happened that both make sense, I have to smile politely to both parties whenever my opinion was asked. What can I do, it wasn't even my fault in the first place. Trying to appease both parties at the same time is mental draining. Luckily, the matter is solved, and I got thanked by both parties for the troubles they have caused me. *shag out*
Seeing my new timetable for next semester, I think I am going to die every Wednesday. Sigh~ Engine life = NO LIFE. Oh well~

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I am tagged! o_O :)

Retro was the theme for yesterday K session. So much familiar song, all the way from my mum's era, to our teenage era, to now~ *lol* Sing until we went high. That reminds me, its also my first time singing English songs in K box. *lol* Lets see a run down of songs that we sang which I can still remember.. Hmmm...
Mum's era (the classics)
Teenage era (the memories)
Only Love
Eyes on me
Heal the world
A whole new world
Hmm, from the Chinese era, to where the English boy bands rules and back to Chinese again huh~! Haha.
We had a long long walk down in town to enjoy the Christmas lighting. All the way from Paragon, to Centerpoint, down to Plaza Singapura, to One Fullerton and finally the Esplanade! A long walk indeed. For more information, you can visit TL's blog or YL's blog. Haha
Wa.. being tagged by Currytan. Okok well, here it is.....
3 Best Stalls in NUS Canteens
1) List three stalls (in no particular order) in NUS canteens that you like the most.
2) Explain briefly your choice for each.
3) Tag three people (NUS students and staff).
4) Link back to the person who tagged you so that backlinks/trackbacks will appear.
1st choice: Yong Tau Foo stall in Arts Canteen
Long queues can always be seen during the peek period, up to the point that sometimes the queue can be stretched to 3 stalls long. That speaks volume about the "tastiness" of the food. Highlight will be its laksa gravy. Simply Serdap~!
2nd choice: Indonesian Food stall at Engine canteen
Though the queue always seems short, but that doesn't mean that its food is not good to eat. The main reason is that the stall people are super efficient, they clear orders within 5 minutes of waiting! So that tell us, 看东西不能只看表面。。。*lol* Highlight of the stall will be grilled chicken and spicy lemon grass chicken, topped over with a generous curry gravy. Woot~ Its grilled chicken are the biggest I have seen so far. Haha
3rd choice: Western Food stall at Business canteen
Best western I have tasted so far. Its chicken are marinated, which gives them the extra edge. The portions they gave are generous as well. On top of that, you have a great variety of food to choose from.
Muggerhood (MgH)
Yup, that's all. Think I better go and prepare myself for work now~ Haha.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Evians Outing

Hmm this is the first time that I am posting in the new Blogspot format. I must admit, some of my Javascript does not work here!! Where is my spiralling words that follow your mouse?? Hmm :(
Well, on Sat, 08 Dec 2006, Evians finally have a long overdue class outing! Haha its back to the old days where guys can rough it out and kill each other in the urban warfare! Don't like the person? Been holding your emotions or anger for too long? Well, it is pay back time where you can shoot a person to pieces!! Haha, for the lady members of our class, they prefer the more civilised dinner over at Holland Village, so they are not joining us for the game. Aww, so much fun was missed! Yes, we have our game of cross fire over at the Singapore Discovery Center.

A replica of the Carbine that we used

My team members

Terrorists attack!

My war wounds. Ouch~


After the game, we proceed to GD's house for a quick shower because we are all sweaty and stinky, and most importantly, we don't want to stink the hell out of other people when we are at Holland Village. Haha, GD, thanks a lot for letting us shower, I appreciate it, and thanks again for the amount of food that you allowed us to gobble up. Opps~


Holland Village 的 XO 鱼片米粉 was quite nice, haha even ZW went high after drinking the soup. *lol* But I think we ordered a bit too much, cannot finished all the food even after gorging ourselves to a 99% capacity. I must really exercise, I am super unfit now!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

How bad can my day get?

Freaked out by 2 gays yesterday.
Overgorged myself at lunch today all because of the hawker's fault.
Uneasy stomach for 2 hours at work.
Zero "The Newpaper" at all the newspaper stall.
Keep farting all day.
What's next?
Edited (1145pm)
Singaporean are really BLIND!!!!
Edited (1156pm)
Make it BLIND X 2!!!! WHY??? *faint*

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Isetan Katong @ Parkway Parade

Well, that's where I will spent most of my working days. The situation is not as rosy as Metro Paragon. The moment I stepped into the sales floor, all I saw is only unfamiliar faces. Well done, I thought, looks like I am going to be condemn to my little counter, spending all day reading my newspaper and mummering to myself. That so boring!!! In the end, only 2 old promoter remains, while there are 4 new faces,whom I have never seen before. To make the situation worser, the old promoter's counter are so far away, even if I wanted to talk, I cannot cross over to their counter. Hmm. That's life. Someone entertain me please.. *faint*
2/14 days done!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Of saying Hi and Bye

Today officially kicks off my holiday working schedule. First stop: Metro Paragon.
I am glad that all the past promoters still remains, so that I can still find friendly aunties to talk to, instead of staying all alone in an unfriendly environment and rot myself to death. There are lots of Hi and smiles when I first arrived. The aunties there sure miss me, asking me why I have not been to Paragon in such a long time, even to the point of declaring like it seems half a year ago when they last seen me! Actually, it has only been 4 months. *lol* Paragon, a city for the dead~ Ok that sums up my sales report for the day.
Sadly, this will be the first and last time I will be stepping into Metro Paragon, as my working schedule dictates that I will spend most of my time over at Isetan Katong. However, my sad mood was soon blown away when I saw Orchard at night. I must take more spectacular pictures!!

1st year anniversary

Page Count: 8461 +8461
Thanks to all the people who continued to support my blog site thus far. Really appreciate it. Hope I can upload more entertaining stuffs in the future to make my blog more lively and more interesting~ Haha.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Deathnote 2 craze

Ok I admit, I stole these pictures from my friends livejournal~ It is a must watch movie!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


This is the first movie I watched straight after my exams. Haha, cannot resist the temptation, since boss already jio me to watch during my reading week. Haha. Overall, I think the movie is pretty average, with a crappy ending. Unlike the previous 007's movie, this Casino Royale focused on the fighting scenes, with the absence of fanciful gadgets that seems out of this world. The opening scenes is nice, showing some extraordinary stuns that humans can do, and for once, that the target being perused is more skilled than James Bond in the art of avoiding obstacles. That really get me laughing. *LOL* The plot is pretty predictable, a watchable movie if you have nothing to do on a day. But, if you are looking for quality movie, then I don't recommend this.
I just saw that Harry Potter 4 : The order of the phoenix is coming out soon. Yeah~~. I am definitely watching it. Another one will be Deathnote 2. Woo. I cannot wait for holiday to start. Haha.
Just had a superbly nice family dinner that consists of Black Pepper Crab. *slurps* Too bad, I have to miss my Xiao Yu Er's show. Hmmm.