Friday, December 30, 2005

Narnia scene is so cool!

I just came back home from Suntec watching The Chronicle of Narnia - the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. I like the scenes of the movie a lot, so grand..., got to see lots of fantasy creatures, like centaurs, minataurs, giants, dwarfs, cyclope, phoenix, harpies.....just to name a few. The battle scene is also so nice!! Thanks to digital image that made this possible. The whole movie basically about four children fulfilling the Narnia profercy in helping Narnia escape and ending the evil white witch clutches. Typical storyline right? Well, you get to enjoy the super cool battle scene and the exploration of kinship between brothers and sisters, which is what made this movie worthwhile to watch. The minus point will be that the middle of the movie is quite draggy, making it quite uninteresting to watch. On the whole, this movie is ok one. Haha.
I just received TM sms at 12pm informing me that tonight cycling is cancelled due to poor responses. Haiz, tio fly aeroplane liao. I want to go night cycling!!! Ok TM, I know its not your fault, u put in great effort in planning out the route, well done, next time, we try again ok?
The bidding just ended 2 hours ago, I hope I will get my module. Pray...2.5 hours before the result is out......

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another word art

Working Life
Studying is more fun. Haha

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


haha, that's what i am feeling these past 2 days.. ok, I am lame.....

Monday, December 26, 2005


This must be my punishment for staying up to finish blogging at 230am. I only wake up from my bed at 1130am, where my working hours is at 12pm - 9pm?? Lucky its in Tampines, where I can rush down in 20 minutes. If its in town, I don't know how to explain to my boss liao. This is the 1st time I wake up so late in the day, forget to set the alarm somemore. What is my brain doing last night man.....
In the end, I was late for a record of 32 minutes!!It could have been worse, but well, I get my commission for today, sold about $800 worth of stuffs, so no complain here.
Yes, I managed to find a Hagen Dazs shop in Tampines to spend my $10 voucher!! I exchanged it for a 3 scoops icecream. Yummy!!!!! I loved the begium choloclate, the villina caramel, and the coffee favor ice-cream!! They are so nice!!! Oh!!! One thing to note: Please remember to finished the villina caramel ice-cream last, or else you will find that the other favors of ice-cream will be so bland that they are effectively tasteless. This is not the case of Hagen Dazs producing sub-standard ice-cream, but its because the villina caramel ice-cream is so sweet that it over wrote the other favors of the ice-cream! Stupid taste bud, make me eat my coffee ice-cream like drinking ice water like that!!!!

Damm shaq now. But I am still not feeling sleepy!

I think this will be a pretty long blog, so I shall make it short and sweet, a summary of what I have done on 24th December Christmas eve and 25th December Christmas day.
24th December 2005
I was supposed to meet Fabian and zihui at Tampines Mrt Control station at 12pm to go NTUC to buy the stuffs that is going to be needed for the class BBQ later. Guess what? They went to Burger King without telling me, so naturally I thought they are late and make me wait there for 20 minutes. Haha, I am not late this time round liao hor.
After the buying spree, which I have to foot the bill as I was the chairman for the BBQ ( that's what they say... only know how to sabo me only), we went on to Zihui house to prepare the pit and the food. Haiz, I knew treating them to a meal for me passing my TP is going to be a mistake. They want to go Billy Bombers and those who are present at that time are also entitled to the treat! Wa...I confirmed going to broke and file for bankruptcy if this goes through because there are like 5 people at that point of time. Well, I know that being classmates and friends for so many years, they are not that 惨忍。In the end, they settle for a MacDonald delivery lunch. Phew.....
In the mean time waiting for the sun to set before we can start the fire, I and Zihui challenge to the game of Winning Eleven. Wow, Zihui is confirmed pro lor. All together, I think I only won him 3 times and lose to him like 7 times?? Haiz, 一山还有一山高。我服输。
After the BBQ, which we all ate to the fullest, not to forget that there is also the 豆浆 from the famous Lor 9 Geylang, we went up to exchange the Christmas gift at 12am. Haha, I got a box of cookies. I am going to be fat when you see me when school reopens. Imagine, eating MacDonald for lunch, BBQ for dinner, and choloclate cookies for supper. So much calories!!
I did not sleep after that as I proceed on my Mahjong learning trip and experience. Lucky they did not play any money as I was super noob and kept asking questions. well, I was not that bad as I managed to win once throughout the night. This is only my 3rd time playing Mahjong!
25 December 2005
I reached home amist torrents of rain. KO immediately when I lay down on my bed after bathing. I slept for only 3 hours as I have to go for another gathering at Bukit Batok this time round. And this time round, I was late (again) for 10 minutes. Sorry la, as I live in the East, getting to the destination requires quite some time. BUT I was the 3rd person to arrive out of 6 people. Haha, I am not the latest to arrive. Yeah!
Went to Swenson to have our lunch. Too bad there is no Hagen Das nearby. I have to find a way to spend my $10 voucher that is expiring on 27th December 2005. I don't want to waste it!! Argz. I have a chicken bake rice as my lunch. It was cheesy and yummy!!! I want to have it again, if only they have some pills that can burn off the excess calories. I don't want to become a big fat pig...
After that, we went to Marilyn house for some Mahjong session. For Fabian and Geraldine, sorry hor, I saw that you all are quite bored as you do not play Mahjong. In the end, after seeing some lousy TV show, The two of them are...sleeping on the sofa!!! Haha, I should have taken a picture of them sleeping and blog it up here!!! I am Ultimate Evil. Muhahaha.
In the end, after finish playing one round, I only lost $4. I am definitely getting better as my times of winning have increased expotentially. Although I feel that I am still playing Guan Ze and Perry "school fees". I and Marilyn are like being slaughtered by them....
After that, we ordered our Pizza dinner. Wow, another heavy meal, this really the season to be celebrating, keep eating good food and its Christmas somemore. We took some pictures around Marilyn house on Fabian's digital Camera. Too bad he is not on MSN now, or else I can ask him to send me the pictures....
Wow, its already 225am here. I have been blogging for 45 minutes!! Better get some sleep. I still have to work tomorrow. And although its a bit late now to say it --- Merry Christmas Everyone.

Friday, December 23, 2005

No Tabao, BUT screwed

Yeah, like what I have expected, or predicted, most of my modules are in the range of Cs. A few surprise, though. I thought I will score Ds for computing, in the end it come out C. I could have got better results, if not for my disappointing CAs. Imagine, CA for computing I am at the 2 percentile.... note its 2 percentile...Fail like hell, I must have done a lot better in Final Paper, in fact I felt that I have done better in all my Final Paper than CA, except for Electricial Engineering, where I fall back a little.
Results are not very encouraging, but at least I did not Tabao any of the module.
well, so far, I have not found anyone lower than me yet. I felt quite discouraging when I saw my results. Cap of 2.5 where people around me are getting 3.5 and 4. At least I know I have done my best, doing better for almost all my finals and pull me out of the F range. But, what's over is over, I cannot dwell on it and feel sad or unhappy. In fact, I should focus on next sem, where I must score better than Cap 3.5. This is the only way to safe my ass. I am a optimistic person. That's what I feel. haha, okie I shall allow myself to feel sad for tonight. From tomorrow onwards, everything will start afresh! I must quit my job latest by February.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Gift Exchange

I wonder if this is fast becoming a popular trend? I don't remember that we have this kind of things in the past. Yes, none at all, until this year, I am hit with 2 Christmas gift exchange. Now, I know the hassles of last minute shopping, literally last minute. I started shopping for the present at 9pm (well I was working and only knock off at 9pm). To my horror, I started to see the shops closing! As I walk into the gift shops, 3/4 of the things on display are soft toys. Thanks man, I don't think guys like soft toys. For the rest, they are way out of my budget, costing around $30 and above.
I thought of buying food as a present, something like chololate, but I think its a bit cheap skate, I will leave this as the final last frantic option. Then, I thought of buying decorative candles. But the one I saw at Metro are not that nice at all, at another gift shop, I saw others that are much nicer, BUT there is a glitch. The price tag read "$20 >>". Sianz! Out of budget again! Went to Toy'R'Us, nothing to buy, all selling toys and not a single gifts. Last final hope, the display at the Level 1 of Tampines Mall. And... Yes, I saw something that I can buy!! Haha, mission accomplished! But well it was a little over budget. The lucky person that got my gift is going to Zhuan Dao. Haha. The gift can be useful, but I think it will most likely end up as a table decoration. Can you people guess what is it?

The Usual 4 again! Lol!

Although I SMS those that I think will be onz enough to come for this outing I organized, but, alas, it is the usual four musketeers again. One got to go for his friend birthday, one got night classes, one more don't play lan and decides that Geylang is far from Bedok! Haha. ;p
Well, quite an enjoyable day spent, considering that I won all my match, even 3 vs 1. Let me count.... 30++ Kills 2 deaths in 3 match? Owning....double kills...triple kills! Owning....Haha. Ok next time I promise I will choose random heros. ok? I look forward to the next lan, this time marilyn and geraldine go organize?
Next, we went to Geylang to have our dinner. The BIG problem is I forgot the shop where I have the nice frog leg porridge before! I can only remember vividly that there is a temple nearby and there is a coffee shop that has a TV showing EPL matches. OK that isn't any much help at all. As a result, I frantically called for help. Called to to Kaili....I got this: "The line you have just called is not available." Last hope, called to zihui...and finally got a answer! Thank you, you are my savior. Remember people, the place is at Lor 9 Geylang! Don't forget it. We walk about 10 street to locate this bloody place! The whole dinner was nice, but I feel that the frog leg is a bit over-cooked. It feels a bit hard... Feeling not satisfied with the dinner, we cross the road to eat some dao hua and you tiao. Looks like we over-estimated ourselves. In the end, we have to find a way to force the you tiao down our almost full stomach while we chit-chat. Haha, guan ze is the worst out of the 4 of us. He is the last to finish his you tiao.
Result will be out tomorrow. Getting nervous. What will my result be? My aim is not that high, a 3.0 cap would suffice....

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am broke

Why is computer accessory so expensive. A Norton systemwork 2006 cost me $89.00! Then the Civilisation 4 cost me another $59.90. Almost $150 spent in just 10 minutes. Where is the piracy shop? Argz!
Well, after installing the system work, I realized that it cannot run. Why? Well, I am missing an important driver. gdiplus.dll. Hmph, as a result I go around Msn frantically calling people to scan their computer and sent me the file! So troublesome!
After the scan, to my astonishment, I got 507 registry errors, 133 shortcut errors, blar blar blar. I got a feeling that my computer is going to be fried soon...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weird Cheng Teng at Bedok

After playing soccer this morning at bedok, I and my gang decides to go the famous hawker center to have my lunch. Too bad I sort of sprain my foot (again). Lucky the injury is not serious this time, no bloated foot ( hmm I sprain the same foot only like six month before?), but I can feel the tear in the muscles. The full effect has started to kick in now. A little pain, but I can still walk. Lucky....
It has been a while since I went to have lunch there. I missed the Lor Mee, I missed their Katong Laksa, I missed The hokkien Fried Mee. Waa, look at all the high calorie food, I must be getting fat. X Good Food rulez the day. After eating, I decide to order a Cheng Teng to cool myself down. It was the weirdest Cheng Teng I ever saw. It was not traditional kind, where they gave you tapioca, and sea coconuts, nor the normal ones, where they gave you Jellys. It was a combination of both and some more weird stuffs. My Cheng Teng includes pineapples? Red Beans? Ching Chao? Sweet jellys? Lumps of Barleys? WEIRD!
Hmm, according to my timetable, I may take only 5 module this semester. A more relax life? Nah, because all the module I want to take clash with my core lectures or tutorials. NUS SUCKS!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sat and Sun is not a good day to go Malaysia

Yes, I went to Malaysia with my parents, this time to wash the whole freaking house.
Reach Singapore Custom: 12pm. Saw a long queue of people, cutting here and there, total chaos, no order. Temper Flare, well, the sorching sun in fact does nothing to help the situation.
Reach Malaysia Custom: 2pm. Finally I saw the end, but there is still the f***ing long queue to clear.....
Reach Malaysia: 2.30pm. Wow, I am stuck in queue for 150 minutes! I think those traveling by car worse. Stuck in Singapore Custom and the Malaysia Custom too. Pity them...
I know I should not accompany my parents to Malaysia today. Kind of regret it, but ell. whats done is done.
I think I am hooked to the book "Angels and Demons", written by the same author of " Da Vinci Code".

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chao Ta Kangaroo

Sianz! Ganna sun burnt 2 days ago when i went to Escape. As a result, my skin is now falling off!! I feel like i am a snake shredding off my skin. Extremely Ugly. I don't know why but my skin now feel itchy. I know i definetly will hate my skin in 2 days time where all the chao ta part will all start coming off. Argz!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Passed My practical Test!!! YEAH!

I got a heart attack today. I thought I failed liao even before I start the test. Do you know why? I am so nervous that I forgot to shift to gear 1 before moving off. After that, I forgot to put down the handbrake before moving off again. The tester look at me and says: " Two times liao still not enough ar? Want a fourth time? " Thanks man, in my head, I say, Jialat, fail for sure again, so malu. Maybe I will loss to Pengwei. Cannot, I must pass today.
For circuit, I have no problem with that. No major error, no major fault. For the outside road, I was super super careful, using engine brake when going down the slope, checking blind spots, basically everything that I can remember. But the tester still can find fault with me!
Here is the boxes he tick when I got back:
1) Parking require additional movement : 2 points
2) Fail to confirm safety when parking : 4 points
3) Fail to remove handbrake when moving off : 2 points
4) Change lane abruptly : 4 points
5) Wide turn: 2*2 = 4 points
6) Fail to using engine brake on slope : 2 points
7) Fail to use engine brake at bends : 4*2 = 8 points
8) Fail to give signal/ give wrong signal : 2*3 = 6 points
Total: 32 points.
I thought die liao. Haha, but no....
For 1, 3, 5, 7, first mistake don't count, so minus 10 points.
For 8, first two mistake don't count, so minus another 4 points.
So my total score: 18 points! I scrape through. YIPPI!!
I passed
I passed
I passed
I passed

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today is a shaq day, but fun!

Firstly, let me start my blog from the morning, when I left my house. Due to the fact that I have been watching Advent children, hence I am late again for the meeting, roughly about 20 minutes ba. So Sorry people, have to let you all wait for me again. I hope I will not be late the next time. After which, we went to Escape, the theme park at Pasir Ris. Too bad, not all the stations are open when we went in, about 1/4 of them are under servicing or out of order, and those are the more exciting one. Well, I guess they have to step up their safety measures after the incident 2 weeks ago. All is not lost, as we enjoy some water ballet by some foreign troops. Well, some of them are funny, like impersonating a chicken as you dive into the water flat. Ouch! That must hurt! For the station wise, I find the pirate ship is the most exciting station we have sat so far. I finally feel the kick when the ship is swinging up and down. After about 3 swings, the girls went silent. Why? Haha, because they have shouted themselves hoarse. They are just to scared to react. Oh by the way, I went with my orientation group again, comprising of Guan Ze, Marilyn, Geraldine and Justina. How many times have we met up this holiday already? I think we just cannot get enough of each other. Haha. The Go Kart was very fun too. We went for the station twice, well not to blame as some noob spoil our first ride. I think that noob no license one. Turning a curve can still buang, somemore disrupting traffic. As a result, we have to slow down as we get near him. What a spoiler! In my second round, I competed myself with Guan ze. Heh, I won in the end, he did not managed to overtake me. Yeah.
After getting bored of Escape, we decided to go East Coast for cycling. We are so siao on man. We cycle from East Coast to Katong to eat dinner. Guess what we ate? Its Katong Laksa! Haha. It was so nice!! Although I dared not ate too much, I scared that I will Lao sai the next day and affect my performance. Well, the sky hasn't been kind to us, it poured torrents of water down as we ate our delicious Laksa. But luckily, its pent up energy is used up within 20 minutes. Thus off we go again. With time to spare we cycled to Bedok Jetty and back. It was fun, I have to stay at the back as rear guard in case anything happen. Well, some of them are still not quite used to cycling, I can still see wobbling of handles....And their bikes look like they are just drunk, swaying from sides to sides. haha. ;p
Alas, tomorrow I will be taking my 3rd practical test. I prayed that I will pass this time. If not, I know who to look for, one person who has not stop cursing me. :p

Monday, December 12, 2005

FF7 Part 2 - Advent Childern

I have been waiting for this part 2
Red 13 in action

This must be Yuffie :)
Sepiroth Die!!
Tifa..... Don't die!! (Yes this is Tifa and not Aries!)

Reno, someone from the Shinra

Cloud in action. Lol still carrying his buster sword!

Malaysia I love You!!

I am super happy today. I went to Johor with my parents on a shopping spree. Well, not actually, as most of the time was spent visiting my fifth aunt. In the end, I was so bored that I start helping her to weed her mini garden. Well, weeding is definitely not an easy job, 10 minutes into the weeding process, my whole shirt is covered with sweat. But in the end, I get to buy the two games that I always wanted. They are Star Ocean 3 - till the end of time and FF7 part 2 - advent children. I really hate Singapore cops, they are so good at anti piracy that all the pirated shops in Singapore seems to vanish into the thin air, unlike Malaysia, where I can find it in abundance....
*P.S. The above comments are my personal feelings, and does not in anyway intend to show disrespect to The Singapore Police Force.

Screen Shots of Star Ocean 3

Nice Fighting Scene

Nice beautiful character

Die! You big bad monster

Cool Magic

I think I am falling in love with this mage

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Simply Irritating

People, listen up. If you went shopping and the cashier forgot to take out the sensor tag, pls take it out yourself after hearing the beeping of the sensor when you walk out of the shop! Imagine me hearing the beeping sound every 20 minutes for 6 hours! Irritating man, in the end got a nagging headache. My head still hurts now.....god, cure my headache please. Worse of all is the reaction of the people after hearing the beeping sound. They look at me and say: This is from that shop.....I paid for it already.....your sensor ki siao isit? Paid liao still sound off.... FOR GOODNESS SAKE , take the bloody sensor tag off and everything will be all right! Its just a small piece of white plastic with barcode. If not, prepare to hear the beeping sound whenever you enter a shop that has a sensor door, and of course the awkward situation.
Awww... stupid headache is here again! Buzz off will ya?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

SAW 2 (nice twist = Good Movie)

I went with Marilyn, Geraldine and Guan Ze to see SAW 2 today at cineleisure. Initially, I thought the movie will be only average, as it has a 56% rating on Well, it prove me wrong. Actually, the movie was nice, and I like the twist at the end of the show. Well, there is plenty of blood and gore, so it is definelty not a movie for the faint-hearted. The movie is set in a house where people are to fight out for their survival. There is plenty of traps, I have to praise the creativity of the serial killer. He did not kill them, actually, it is them who killed themselves. He did warn them of the dangers, but they choose not to listen to him. THEY choose their own death. The killer is a genius to design all these plots and traps!! By the way, I am not going to be a spoiler and tell u the twist here, you will have to go and see it for yourself. Enjoy the movie ^_^

After that, we went to subway for dinner and have DOTA at a lanshop. As usual, my group ownz...haha I have a record of 7 kills 0 deaths... I could have more kills, if their heros run slower...too bad, I choose random and tio tormented soul. :( Hope can play more DOTA soon.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ridiculous Day at Work

I am at Isetan Scotts today working as usual. Imagine : No customers to serve, resulting in promoters talking among themselves. Supervisors also don't care about us as our counter is far far away from the household department. In the end, my company paid me $6 per hour to 闲话家常 from 10am to 940pm. Imagine that, easy money! Lol, by the way, my sales today is -$10, because of a downsize of pillow. Argg. Where is everyone?? Come out and shop, this is Christmas season!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


What a day today! Its has been such a long time since I have taken a afternoon nap, play DOTA, and play PS2. Totally Shiok!! As a result, I am now super awake, guess I will not feel tired until after 12am.. Well, all is not lost, there is still the Champion League to entertain me at 335am. Benficia VS Man Utd. Man Utd gogogo, I will be rooting for you. You better not disappoint me. After watching the Fu Lu Shou on channel 8, I stay on to watch the Super Idol. Wow, all the contestant are super strong. This is going to be a tough fight. Heh Heh, the guys are so 帅。And the girl are like 沉鱼落雁。I am Star Struck. LOL, well, I admit the F4 is cute, and F2 is beautiful too. These are the 2 that caught my eyes. For the 1st part of the show, it test them on their acting skills. I find that M2 and F2 are the worst of the lot, 只有外形而没有投入角色。M4 and F4 are the best. M4 acts as a drug lord, super pro lor. And F4 cries on the spot. Wow!! For the 2nd part of the show, all the contestants are still not up to the par, got a feeling that all of them are force to laugh like that. So in the end, I guess M2 is going to be kick out. For the females, I am guess F2. See if I am right.
Oh by the way, whose NUS account is ?? Thanks hor, your computer has a virus lah!! Pls get a anti virus!! Look what I got when I scan the email?? "Virus "W32.Netsky.Z@mm" found. " Thanks man!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My current part-time job is getting boring. Tampines counter totally NO customer today. As a result, I spent about 4 hours thinking about what I am going to eat for dinner, after that, daydreaming and stoning for the rest of the time that I am not thinking about what to eat for dinner. Lame right? I thought keeping awake was hard enough, BUT stoning and keeping awake was even harder!! I almost fall asleep! Irriating man! My stoning skill 还不到家。I must learn from someone.....hmm, actually I know of 1 master liao, super pro at stoning one.. Haha, must 请教请教她一下。Lol, I think I am going to quit this job after I finish my semester 2. Then maybe start looking for some office job, change of environment.
What happen to my chatterbox?? The server down is it? Fabian, thanks a lot for your good recommendation man! Yes, tomorrow no need to wok. Yippi!!!

4 x siao on people

This is the 1st time I am working that so many people call me on a single day! 1st of all, while I was serving a customer, 2 people call me. Naturally, I cannot pick up the phone, thus tio 2 miss call. One of them is from my leader, scared that I never received schedule, thus never go to work. Hmm, I should have told him a lie that I was at home, see what is his reaction... 2nd one is from my sec friend, jioing me to go PS at 940pm to watch movie. Hey, thanks thanks, too bad I cannot make it as I knock off at 9pm, unless I teleport there. Then at 9pm, my sec school friend call me again. Guess what? They are at Tampines Mall foodcourt!!! LOL! What happen to the movie?? I ask them the reason, they say they miss me... Like real... Pika...不要骗咯。。。

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Change of Blog

ok I am officially changing to Friendster just sucks to the core. The monthly downtime, and after i have done an update, it says that cannot find server so cannot publish post. WTH man. Well, most people will thank me for switching server, as their mail will not get flooded by the junk mails that friendster sends whenever i have an update.
well here i am :)