Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today is a shaq day, but fun!

Firstly, let me start my blog from the morning, when I left my house. Due to the fact that I have been watching Advent children, hence I am late again for the meeting, roughly about 20 minutes ba. So Sorry people, have to let you all wait for me again. I hope I will not be late the next time. After which, we went to Escape, the theme park at Pasir Ris. Too bad, not all the stations are open when we went in, about 1/4 of them are under servicing or out of order, and those are the more exciting one. Well, I guess they have to step up their safety measures after the incident 2 weeks ago. All is not lost, as we enjoy some water ballet by some foreign troops. Well, some of them are funny, like impersonating a chicken as you dive into the water flat. Ouch! That must hurt! For the station wise, I find the pirate ship is the most exciting station we have sat so far. I finally feel the kick when the ship is swinging up and down. After about 3 swings, the girls went silent. Why? Haha, because they have shouted themselves hoarse. They are just to scared to react. Oh by the way, I went with my orientation group again, comprising of Guan Ze, Marilyn, Geraldine and Justina. How many times have we met up this holiday already? I think we just cannot get enough of each other. Haha. The Go Kart was very fun too. We went for the station twice, well not to blame as some noob spoil our first ride. I think that noob no license one. Turning a curve can still buang, somemore disrupting traffic. As a result, we have to slow down as we get near him. What a spoiler! In my second round, I competed myself with Guan ze. Heh, I won in the end, he did not managed to overtake me. Yeah.
After getting bored of Escape, we decided to go East Coast for cycling. We are so siao on man. We cycle from East Coast to Katong to eat dinner. Guess what we ate? Its Katong Laksa! Haha. It was so nice!! Although I dared not ate too much, I scared that I will Lao sai the next day and affect my performance. Well, the sky hasn't been kind to us, it poured torrents of water down as we ate our delicious Laksa. But luckily, its pent up energy is used up within 20 minutes. Thus off we go again. With time to spare we cycled to Bedok Jetty and back. It was fun, I have to stay at the back as rear guard in case anything happen. Well, some of them are still not quite used to cycling, I can still see wobbling of handles....And their bikes look like they are just drunk, swaying from sides to sides. haha. ;p
Alas, tomorrow I will be taking my 3rd practical test. I prayed that I will pass this time. If not, I know who to look for, one person who has not stop cursing me. :p

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