Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weird Cheng Teng at Bedok

After playing soccer this morning at bedok, I and my gang decides to go the famous hawker center to have my lunch. Too bad I sort of sprain my foot (again). Lucky the injury is not serious this time, no bloated foot ( hmm I sprain the same foot only like six month before?), but I can feel the tear in the muscles. The full effect has started to kick in now. A little pain, but I can still walk. Lucky....
It has been a while since I went to have lunch there. I missed the Lor Mee, I missed their Katong Laksa, I missed The hokkien Fried Mee. Waa, look at all the high calorie food, I must be getting fat. X Good Food rulez the day. After eating, I decide to order a Cheng Teng to cool myself down. It was the weirdest Cheng Teng I ever saw. It was not traditional kind, where they gave you tapioca, and sea coconuts, nor the normal ones, where they gave you Jellys. It was a combination of both and some more weird stuffs. My Cheng Teng includes pineapples? Red Beans? Ching Chao? Sweet jellys? Lumps of Barleys? WEIRD!
Hmm, according to my timetable, I may take only 5 module this semester. A more relax life? Nah, because all the module I want to take clash with my core lectures or tutorials. NUS SUCKS!

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