Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am broke

Why is computer accessory so expensive. A Norton systemwork 2006 cost me $89.00! Then the Civilisation 4 cost me another $59.90. Almost $150 spent in just 10 minutes. Where is the piracy shop? Argz!
Well, after installing the system work, I realized that it cannot run. Why? Well, I am missing an important driver. gdiplus.dll. Hmph, as a result I go around Msn frantically calling people to scan their computer and sent me the file! So troublesome!
After the scan, to my astonishment, I got 507 registry errors, 133 shortcut errors, blar blar blar. I got a feeling that my computer is going to be fried soon...


s0unD aS|eep said...

that norton thingy was worth it man.. your com is one infested machine.

Koffanatic said...

download, understand, download. who needs pirated shop siah?