Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am broke

Why is computer accessory so expensive. A Norton systemwork 2006 cost me $89.00! Then the Civilisation 4 cost me another $59.90. Almost $150 spent in just 10 minutes. Where is the piracy shop? Argz!
Well, after installing the system work, I realized that it cannot run. Why? Well, I am missing an important driver. gdiplus.dll. Hmph, as a result I go around Msn frantically calling people to scan their computer and sent me the file! So troublesome!
After the scan, to my astonishment, I got 507 registry errors, 133 shortcut errors, blar blar blar. I got a feeling that my computer is going to be fried soon...


Marilyn said...

that norton thingy was worth it man.. your com is one infested machine.

Koffanatic said...

download, understand, download. who needs pirated shop siah?