Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Passed My practical Test!!! YEAH!

I got a heart attack today. I thought I failed liao even before I start the test. Do you know why? I am so nervous that I forgot to shift to gear 1 before moving off. After that, I forgot to put down the handbrake before moving off again. The tester look at me and says: " Two times liao still not enough ar? Want a fourth time? " Thanks man, in my head, I say, Jialat, fail for sure again, so malu. Maybe I will loss to Pengwei. Cannot, I must pass today.
For circuit, I have no problem with that. No major error, no major fault. For the outside road, I was super super careful, using engine brake when going down the slope, checking blind spots, basically everything that I can remember. But the tester still can find fault with me!
Here is the boxes he tick when I got back:
1) Parking require additional movement : 2 points
2) Fail to confirm safety when parking : 4 points
3) Fail to remove handbrake when moving off : 2 points
4) Change lane abruptly : 4 points
5) Wide turn: 2*2 = 4 points
6) Fail to using engine brake on slope : 2 points
7) Fail to use engine brake at bends : 4*2 = 8 points
8) Fail to give signal/ give wrong signal : 2*3 = 6 points
Total: 32 points.
I thought die liao. Haha, but no....
For 1, 3, 5, 7, first mistake don't count, so minus 10 points.
For 8, first two mistake don't count, so minus another 4 points.
So my total score: 18 points! I scrape through. YIPPI!!
I passed
I passed
I passed
I passed

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