Monday, December 26, 2005


This must be my punishment for staying up to finish blogging at 230am. I only wake up from my bed at 1130am, where my working hours is at 12pm - 9pm?? Lucky its in Tampines, where I can rush down in 20 minutes. If its in town, I don't know how to explain to my boss liao. This is the 1st time I wake up so late in the day, forget to set the alarm somemore. What is my brain doing last night man.....
In the end, I was late for a record of 32 minutes!!It could have been worse, but well, I get my commission for today, sold about $800 worth of stuffs, so no complain here.
Yes, I managed to find a Hagen Dazs shop in Tampines to spend my $10 voucher!! I exchanged it for a 3 scoops icecream. Yummy!!!!! I loved the begium choloclate, the villina caramel, and the coffee favor ice-cream!! They are so nice!!! Oh!!! One thing to note: Please remember to finished the villina caramel ice-cream last, or else you will find that the other favors of ice-cream will be so bland that they are effectively tasteless. This is not the case of Hagen Dazs producing sub-standard ice-cream, but its because the villina caramel ice-cream is so sweet that it over wrote the other favors of the ice-cream! Stupid taste bud, make me eat my coffee ice-cream like drinking ice water like that!!!!

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