Monday, December 12, 2005

FF7 Part 2 - Advent Childern

I have been waiting for this part 2
Red 13 in action

This must be Yuffie :)
Sepiroth Die!!
Tifa..... Don't die!! (Yes this is Tifa and not Aries!)

Reno, someone from the Shinra

Cloud in action. Lol still carrying his buster sword!


Marilyn said...

i got too many things to say liao, can;t squeeze on taggie.
yufi so cute!! but where's vincent?? reno's cute!!!!!! haha. and the last pic is nice...
where u get this part 2 de???

Marilyn said...

oops, i think it's spelt yuffie la. u see la, make me spell wrongly.
eh, good luck for driving. :D

Azure1984 said...

i cannot get a nice picture of vincent la, BUT, in the movie he is very cool yo...

The add is here: