Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally!! Something good from the university!

Received some good news in the e-mail. They have finally have the logic to put the 1 week recess week break back! Mind you, its not 4 days anymore but 1 whole week! Yes Yes Yes!!!! But it will only be put into effect in the Academic Year of 2006/2007. Well, at least its better than our schedule now!!
I feel that today I have travel a lot, from Tampines to Clementi, than to City Hall and back to Clementi, than finally back to Tampines again........That was.......I guess....100km?? -.-""""
Haha at least my memory is not detoriating. Know what this is the opening of the first two verse of this famous poem?
"君应有语,渺万里层云,千山暮雪, 只影响谁去?"
well i do..

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lol my account is still there leh....

Haha feeling bored so I decided to check if my long time account is still there. To my surprise, it is still

Something to pay for pontaning lecture

Due to the benefits of coming to Econ's lecture last week is less than the cost of studying for tests, I have to pay the price today. hmm, the lecturer decided to took one day off and forget that the week starts on a Friday!! Haha, actually no, he said it last week, but well, I was not there, so I faced a near empty lecture hall today. Saw his post when I finally reached home, which he posted at somewhere around 1709?? Our lecture is supposed to start at 1600 leh, sir, a bit late le ba.
Lets see how fast I can finished 古龙的“流星。蝴蝶。剑”Finished about 90 pages today on MRT.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Some rude idiot in NUS

This happens in the forum in Physics 2, which has some extremely rude idiot:
Date: 21/02/2006 05:04:00 PM
Topic Heading:
Lecture Matters
term test marks

and here is our barrage at him:
It is rude to type in capitals. And there is never a rule that says the people marking the mid term tests have to send us our score within a few days from the tests.I too am wondering when we can get to know our mid term tests scores, but if you are so rude, nobody is going to help you.
u r absolutely right XXX...such rude behaviour specially in capital letters will lead us no where.
kamran ji...AAP APNI BAAT KAREIN (the letters in RED are the rude idiot reply)
Your language is extremely rude. Couldn't u juz ask nicely instead of demanding for ur marks? I'm disgusted
I have unabashed disgust for your actions. You are then a shame of the University. Like what XXXX said, if you are so rude, nobody is gonna help you. Everybody is just as anxious to know about their mid-sem marks.
This world is not just about you and ONLY you.
I'd appreciate it if you could spare a thought for others, and spare them the misery from reading your all-capital-letters post.
Lastly, I think you need to improve on your Netiquette. It's bad.
Oh, and why am I wasting my time replying your message?
this shahzad guy is really mad.


I agree, but actually its only ONE person that is going too far. Tell you what , I will support the lecturer NOT to provide any answers to THAT person at all. So rude of him...
Oh my gosh!! You are crossing all the lines given to you!! You obviously did something that's very,very wrong and yet, you still do not correct yourself, not even at least try correcting it!I suggest that maybe you can start by posting here your apologies here to everyone that you have, whether directly or indirectly, offended. In this context, i would say it's directly! Where lies the justification for such blatant horrible attitude of yours as a NUS student?? Think about it yourself carefully and thoroughly! You should feel ashamed of yourself seriously! I seldom post in this forum, but i decided to do so after watching your horrendous act. And give you a piece of my mind. Maybe all of us, when replying to you and only you, do not have to be polite anymore, just to let you feel the taste of being offended the same way you did to everyone else!! you are obviously very disrespectful of primarily, the lecturer, since the answer to your question can only be answered by the lecturer, and thus your very question was directed to the lecturer, and secondarily, all of us reading the forum!! Maybe you should stop participating in this forum until you think about yourself and correct it in every possible way!I hope there's a way though. Last but not least, you are just so irksome right now!!!
well...guys and gals, pls ignore tis SHAHZAD NASEEM RANA....
he is jus trying to catch our attention onli...
pls do not fall into his trick....
he wans to b popular...
so pls jus ignore him....
btw if u r a singaporean, i'm will b veri pai sei to have u as my countrymate...
and if u r a foreigner, it shows hw bad u potray for ur country....
one more nonsense from u, i'll get those prof to review u to see whether u should be sent back or not.....
pls behave urself!!!!
hey SHAHZAD NASEEM RANA, we all hate you. I've openly blogged about you so that everyone know of pricks like you. Your angst was totally uncalled for on such a public domain.
I just wonder.. all these years of education, what has actually gone into his minute brain?? I pity him to have such a character.....
On a side note, I am seeing stars for Maths...I hate triple integration..someone help me...
Physics result is out, of all the 7 that I tikam, I only got 1 correct. Looks like lady luck doesn't favor me.hmmm :(

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bye bye Econs

I was hoping for an A in this module, but with so many people getting monster results... There goes my hope. Never mind, a B+ will do, and hope it is enough to pull up my Physics

My 1st R21 Movie!!!

This is the first R21 movie that I have seen since I turn 21!! Be warn, this is not porn ok?? This is actually something about gays, well not as spectacular as what I have in mind. Although it has won 4 Oscars awards, I just find the movie ordinary, maybe I am an engineers so I cannot appreciate something artistic?


Well, anyway, the whole movie is bout 2 gay cowboys whose relationship started when they met on Brokeback mountain. Due to the society at that time, this kind of relationship is not tolerated, and it will only result in a path of doom. The first sex they had is about passion, but the subsequent ones are about commitment (gunz,2006). This is a show that spans twenty years, which depicts how these two cowboys tries to fit into society, for example, getting married and have children. However, the bottomline is that they just cannot forget each other, resulting in a quarterly meeting and well, you should know what they do when they meet. This relationship shatters the family members around them, resulting in divorce. They just cannot understand why their husband turns out this way. This is really a sad story, imagine a guy who truly loves the other for the rest of his life till his death, and yet, 只有付出而没有回报 sad....


Today also marks the first field trip in my course. Guess what? I get to visit the Tuas Incineration Plant!! Haha, well, it is not as smelly as what you think, but it provides an area that I might be working in the future. Seeing all those pesky rubbish being burnt in a furnance that is around 1000 degrees simply get me excited!! Haha, BURNT off, you all loads of rubbish. Actually, Singapore is quite environmentally friendly. They actually treat the air and sewage before they are release into the environment! Steams from the heat are being used to generate electricity, and acidic fumes are being neutralize by lime powders. They say that in one year, they spent about 1 million dollars just by throwing lime into the air? Now.. I know where the taxes paid goes to..haha

Sunday, February 19, 2006

01 X Day to relax

As agreed, I decide to give myself 1 day to relax, totally no mugging today. Met up with XR, ZH, and PW today for K-lunch. Their service totally sucks. Only serve us lunch at around 130pm when every single room has already finished theirs. What kind of service is this?? Don't ever go Tampines K Box liao. Discover some old songs today that's quite nice....XR sang 天马行空 until he bo sia man..haha. Well, we also tried 潘都拉 and 不怕不怕 but it was a utter failure. The song is simply too cheeky for us to sing lol....haha.
Later, we went to Safra Tampines to have a swim. It was somewhere 1 year ago since I last swam?? It was simply amazing that I can still swim 2 laps at one go. Well, maybe i should swim more, to maintain my muscles for the up-coming IPPT test. Freaking hell.... IPPT for every year..sigh...
Why is there a sudden craze for johari lately?? I just wonder......
Receive a email today that someone tried to explain for the fee increase in NUS:
Well, its still the same argument. I still find that they have not done enough for us to justify the fee increase..... Thanks for screwing up 2 of my papers by changing so many answers during the exam.. "Thanks" man!!!

Freed, but its just temporary

I have just finished my last term test today!! Yeah!!! And its the start of mid-term break! Am I happy? Well, I don't really know. Maths was ok, Physics screwed up. Econs today was pretty average, praying hard that more people will buang harder than me...Or else going by the usual standard, I am only hovering around the 50% range... Suan le.. I have done my best, what to do? But one thing is sure, my results is going to be better than last semester!!
As a result of these tests, a week of tutorials were left undone. Sucks, have to catch up again, and that dampens my mood. Let me enjoy just today and tomorrow, before I start hitting the books again. NUS sucks!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Check list for this week

List of things to complete:
Physics webassign (14/2 2130)
Statics Impareo
Static ib-tutorial (12/2 2000)
Maths tutorial 4 (Highly likely not doing)
study Maths test
Maths past year Qns (15/2 2250)
Study Physics Test (still dun understand the topics)
Physic past year Qns (doing in school)
Study Economics Test
Economics past year Qns
Economics Tutorial 4
Maths helpsheet
funny...why is it that my JAVA will lag when it comes into contact with Chinese words?
ok this shall be my top page until my tests are all over.....
Ah Pan, thanks for the chocolate!! I love it!! lol, can i have somemore??? My class is so sweet today, gave all the girls in my class a rose each!! Happy V day everyone.
I skipped school today for Mr Serway.....Why did he have so much crap to say??? Stressed...
OMG OMG, I just tried some Maths questions. I made so many careless mistakes!!! DIE DIE DIE. I will not allow history to repeat itself tomorrow. I MUST not allow it... yes i must not....
I think i have to rediscover my class today liao. Actually, some of them can be quite humourous!! Those jokers, make me laugh until stomach cramp today while studying my Maths. Actually, knowing foriegn students can be quite a good thing. I got to know about their culture when we sat there talking after being bored down by Maths. Imagine....driving without licence in China, where their licenced driver are not much better themselves...sweat!!!
Maths today was disasterous.... The person who set the test did not do a good job. We have one question whose answer is not any of the four provided!!! Wasted so much time checking where I have gone wrong...damm him/her!! Somemore, the invigilator did not give any time-extension!! Total crap! Screw the test......Tikam 2 of the questions..hope I got it correct... Going to die tomorrow for Physics.. Sigh.....
Something good to note though: My group is the only group today that did not receive any negative feedback by my tutor in Critics class for our outline!! This is a history 1st for me!! Haha, as my standard of English is not that good, but well, that was done at the very last minute.
ok, this will be the final add-ons. 16 more hours till the end of my mid-term tests. I am feeling so excited now, simply cannot sleep. Well, not really, because I have not even start on mugging Economics yet, which unfortunately, my test is tomorrow. Hmm.
Well, my sling bag decided to gave up on me after staying by my side for 1 year. One of its strap just broke. Argzz....I want my beloved bag back!!!
Today Physics was even more disasterous than Maths. I attempted 8 and "tikamed" 7. To make sure that I have an equal chance at each answers, I put every answers that i tikam a C!! Lol. This is the 1st time that I saw so many Cs in my life!!
Maths answers was out. I compared with it and........ better not say it...... SAD.......
To hell with NUS, still dare to raise the fee somemore, when they have not done enough for us!!! I want to revoke!!!!

Screw CTW!!!

What the hell, I spent the whole of Sunday just to finish a 750 words critique?? Trying to come out points to tear apart the arguments of the author, Duncan Steel was hard enough. I still have to source the Internet for the revelent information to back my claims up! That took a hell lot of my time.... Grzzzzz. I hate referencing!!! It was so tedious.. typing out all the nonsense. Ok time to sleep. I still got 2 more tests to study.

Saturday, February 11, 2006



Friday, February 10, 2006

GCE 'O' Level

Today is the day for the release of GCE 'O' Level results. After a disasterous result last year, my sister decided to retake it this year as a private canidate. Her result was not bad!! Scoring a C6 for English, B3 for Maths and a A1 for science!! Way to go sis!!! This provides me a drive to work hard as well. Static, here i come tomorrow!! Go, go go!!!!
I am really happy for you, my dear sister... :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why why why??

Why is it that it started to rain heavily when I came out of my house today, then the rain stop when I reached the MRT station?
Why is it that it started to rain heavily again when I am going home, then the rain stop again when I reached the MRT station?
I think the weather don't like me today...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What a weird day........

What is happening to me today?? I start the day at Clementi Bus Interchange at 950am to hear.....
1 x lunatic old man who is suspiciously insane. Why? Well, he kept shouting KNNBCB KNNBCB to thin air...What the hell, scare me sia.
Next up, at around lunch time, I received an unknown call. I don't know who is the fucker who gave my handphone number to this bloody ABNN(Ah Bu Neh Neh). The moment I listened to my phone, I cannot understand what Tamil he is speaking about. Bloody Hell. I told him wrong number and end the call. You know what? He called again. So I press the delete button, and this cycle continue 2 times, until I cannot stand it anymore and tell him : "Hey you got the wrong number and don't ever call AGAIN!!!"
Well, I am not that sway today. I received a gift from my friend that just got back from Australia. The gift was 100g of soft vanilla and strawberry marshmallow coated with Australian dark Chocolate topped with chunks of fresh almond and Macadamia nuts. Sound yummy right? He handcarried all the way from Australia man. Thank you very much.
Lets hope tomorrow will be better.....Don't ever let me see ABNN again!!!!.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another bombshell

My dear BLUR Mrs Kwa, can you stop throwing bombs at me?? Now you are telling me to present the outline of Global city next week?? Where got time?!?!?!?! Wa....Let me just die....
Longest Maths tutorial 3: Used 7 pieces of paper = 14 pages of working. Why do I see so many stars....Maybe I really see too much stars...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Some more rubbish

What your boss really thinks of you with the words on your yearly performance reviews:

  1. Out going personality --- Always going out of office.
  2. Great presentation skills --- Able to bullshit.
  3. Good communication skills --- Able to spend a lot of time on phone.
  4. Work is first priority --- Too ugly to get a date.
  5. Active socially --- Drink a lot.
  6. Independent worker --- No one knows what he/she does.
  7. Quick thinking --- offers plausible excuses.
  8. Careful thinker --- Won't make a decision.
  9. Use logic on difficult jobs --- Get someone else to do it.
  10. Express themselves well --- Speaks English. (My Foot!!!)
  11. Meticulous attention to details --- A nit-picker.
  12. Has leadership qualities --- Is tall or has a louder voice.
  13. Exceptionally good judgment --- Lucky.
  14. Keen sense of humour --- Knows a lot of dirty jokes.
  15. Career-minded --- Backstabber.
  16. Loyal --- Can't get a better job elsewhere.
  17. Plans for promotion/advancement --- Buy drinks for all.
  18. Relax attitude --- Sleeps at desks.


The New Paper. 6 February 2006 Page 16. What Your boss really thinks of you.

Sunday, February 05, 2006









Saturday, February 04, 2006

Stress Time

Managed to finish revising for static test today, though applying the correct methods to the question is another matter. Hope I can managed to do all the two questions. Tried last semester questions, can only do 50% of the paper, this is not really encouraging.
I wonder, since when has Chinggay turn into such a big event in Singapore promoting the exchanging of cultures? Even the African nation of Angola has participated in it. I am stunned. Hmm, I not Stupid 1 is going to be on air at 1030pm today! Time to catch the 1st installment since I missed it the last time.
*Our dear BLUR Mrs Kwa has finally gave us the long overdue password for turn-it-in. -.-'

24 hours is not enough!

Having dinner at 85 can be so memorable, relishing the past good memories, chatting up with friends while enjoying the good food. Simply marvelous! I hope everyday can be like today, minus going to NUS for study, which is simply energy draining.
Just finished Webassign 2. Some calculation error made me went mad, due to units conversion problems.... I hope this semester is going to end fast, I simply cannot wait for the CAC camp. Heard from my friend that it is most likely going to be held between 26 June 2006 to 30 June 2006. Eusof Hall. Ahzzzzzz.
Jay Huo Yuan Jia, the more I listen to it, the more I like it.
Mugging time tomorrow.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Just some comments

tutorials are mounting,
time are slipping,
mid term are coming,
I am dying.....
argzz NUS is sucky...

Thursday, February 02, 2006


SO SWAY.... Ganna reservist liao at some wuluwulu camp......shitz....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I not stupid too

I must say this movie is a history first for me!! It is the first time that I have cried so many times in a movie theatre itself! The movie is simply soooooo touching, ahhh I must say that this is the best movie of all Jack Neo's productions. It is simply a MUST WATCH movie. Maybe it is a good reflection of our daily life, of what we have gone through since young, so we actually feels for the scenes in the movie itself. The whole movie evolves around the theme of familys nowadays in Singapore. How most of our parents works around the clock in order to support us, in the process neglecting the communications with their children. As a result, the frustrating children always wonders why their parents simply cannot understand them. This results to the children turning to other sources for support, such as blogging --- a place to release the feelings coop up in them, turning to friends, or worse, bad companies such as gang members because these so called "brothers" understands them better. The movie also further explore the feasibility of public canning in school, which is still a on going debatable issue in Singapore. In addition, Jack Neo also makes a dig at the trends of Singapore education, on how the MOE stands on Chinese has fallen in recent years, with the lowering of Chinese standards and the voiding of Chinese Language as a required subject to enter the university. This leads to children viewing Chinese as unimportant, leading to more people hating to study Chinese. I must admit that studying Chinese is indeed hard, but MOE just makes the situation worse off.
The movie itself also saw many familiar scenes because it is filmed mostly in the Eastern part of Singapore, namely Tampines!! Lol. I regconised St. Hilda's primary school uniforms, the red colored void decks where the gang members are, which is near Perry's house, Parkway Parade, Best Denki in Tampines Mall....etc.
There is really a lot of touching scenes in the movie, so prepared your tissues when you go in. Haha. On a side note, Gz finally claim his share of lunch at Cafe Cartel. Next bet will be Crystal Jade. I will win the bet this time, you better watch out, Gz...
~I promised I will study hard~