Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My 1st R21 Movie!!!

This is the first R21 movie that I have seen since I turn 21!! Be warn, this is not porn ok?? This is actually something about gays, well not as spectacular as what I have in mind. Although it has won 4 Oscars awards, I just find the movie ordinary, maybe I am an engineers so I cannot appreciate something artistic?


Well, anyway, the whole movie is bout 2 gay cowboys whose relationship started when they met on Brokeback mountain. Due to the society at that time, this kind of relationship is not tolerated, and it will only result in a path of doom. The first sex they had is about passion, but the subsequent ones are about commitment (gunz,2006). This is a show that spans twenty years, which depicts how these two cowboys tries to fit into society, for example, getting married and have children. However, the bottomline is that they just cannot forget each other, resulting in a quarterly meeting and well, you should know what they do when they meet. This relationship shatters the family members around them, resulting in divorce. They just cannot understand why their husband turns out this way. This is really a sad story, imagine a guy who truly loves the other for the rest of his life till his death, and yet, 只有付出而没有回报 sad....


Today also marks the first field trip in my course. Guess what? I get to visit the Tuas Incineration Plant!! Haha, well, it is not as smelly as what you think, but it provides an area that I might be working in the future. Seeing all those pesky rubbish being burnt in a furnance that is around 1000 degrees simply get me excited!! Haha, BURNT off, you all loads of rubbish. Actually, Singapore is quite environmentally friendly. They actually treat the air and sewage before they are release into the environment! Steams from the heat are being used to generate electricity, and acidic fumes are being neutralize by lime powders. They say that in one year, they spent about 1 million dollars just by throwing lime into the air? Now.. I know where the taxes paid goes to..haha

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