Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally!! Something good from the university!

Received some good news in the e-mail. They have finally have the logic to put the 1 week recess week break back! Mind you, its not 4 days anymore but 1 whole week! Yes Yes Yes!!!! But it will only be put into effect in the Academic Year of 2006/2007. Well, at least its better than our schedule now!!
I feel that today I have travel a lot, from Tampines to Clementi, than to City Hall and back to Clementi, than finally back to Tampines again........That was.......I guess....100km?? -.-""""
Haha at least my memory is not detoriating. Know what this is the opening of the first two verse of this famous poem?
"君应有语,渺万里层云,千山暮雪, 只影响谁去?"
well i do..

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