Monday, February 13, 2006

Check list for this week

List of things to complete:
Physics webassign (14/2 2130)
Statics Impareo
Static ib-tutorial (12/2 2000)
Maths tutorial 4 (Highly likely not doing)
study Maths test
Maths past year Qns (15/2 2250)
Study Physics Test (still dun understand the topics)
Physic past year Qns (doing in school)
Study Economics Test
Economics past year Qns
Economics Tutorial 4
Maths helpsheet
funny...why is it that my JAVA will lag when it comes into contact with Chinese words?
ok this shall be my top page until my tests are all over.....
Ah Pan, thanks for the chocolate!! I love it!! lol, can i have somemore??? My class is so sweet today, gave all the girls in my class a rose each!! Happy V day everyone.
I skipped school today for Mr Serway.....Why did he have so much crap to say??? Stressed...
OMG OMG, I just tried some Maths questions. I made so many careless mistakes!!! DIE DIE DIE. I will not allow history to repeat itself tomorrow. I MUST not allow it... yes i must not....
I think i have to rediscover my class today liao. Actually, some of them can be quite humourous!! Those jokers, make me laugh until stomach cramp today while studying my Maths. Actually, knowing foriegn students can be quite a good thing. I got to know about their culture when we sat there talking after being bored down by Maths. Imagine....driving without licence in China, where their licenced driver are not much better themselves...sweat!!!
Maths today was disasterous.... The person who set the test did not do a good job. We have one question whose answer is not any of the four provided!!! Wasted so much time checking where I have gone wrong...damm him/her!! Somemore, the invigilator did not give any time-extension!! Total crap! Screw the test......Tikam 2 of the questions..hope I got it correct... Going to die tomorrow for Physics.. Sigh.....
Something good to note though: My group is the only group today that did not receive any negative feedback by my tutor in Critics class for our outline!! This is a history 1st for me!! Haha, as my standard of English is not that good, but well, that was done at the very last minute.
ok, this will be the final add-ons. 16 more hours till the end of my mid-term tests. I am feeling so excited now, simply cannot sleep. Well, not really, because I have not even start on mugging Economics yet, which unfortunately, my test is tomorrow. Hmm.
Well, my sling bag decided to gave up on me after staying by my side for 1 year. One of its strap just broke. Argzz....I want my beloved bag back!!!
Today Physics was even more disasterous than Maths. I attempted 8 and "tikamed" 7. To make sure that I have an equal chance at each answers, I put every answers that i tikam a C!! Lol. This is the 1st time that I saw so many Cs in my life!!
Maths answers was out. I compared with it and........ better not say it...... SAD.......
To hell with NUS, still dare to raise the fee somemore, when they have not done enough for us!!! I want to revoke!!!!


JH said...

24hrs a day is not enough..
So much stuff to study, so little time.
All the best for ur term test!

Koffanatic said...

i just want to ask, where the hell is ur tagboard?

Azure1984 said...

jun hong:thks jun hong, all the best to you too :)

zh: lol its just under my friends list. You cannot load the tagboard isit?

Koffanatic said...

canot loh, confirm

Azure1984 said...

using SAF computer right? maybe they ban it somehow?? lol, nvm la, say under comment la. Anyway, Tampines Mall got a sistic counter right?

Koffanatic said...

no lo, i at home also cannot load ur tagboard. WTH.. TM the information counter is also sistic counter.

Azure1984 said...

hmm, like that i dunno what is wrong liao. ok i will go get the ticket after my tests ends. :)

Gunz said...

yo... mozilla firefox can't load your tagboard but internet explorer can.

Miffi said...

oi bai tuo.... what's the diff between this and blogging a new entry??????

Azure1984 said...

gera: Haha, i want to keep my check list for this week right on top until my tests are over ma.
Gun: aiyo.. nvm la, if the tagboard cannot load, you can still put it under comments ma.. :)