Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yes.. for the 4th time this sesmester, my CAP is going up again!! Whaha! Now it stands at 3.14.
Here are the results
CE2183 Construction Project Management B-
CN2116 Reactor Design C+ (Ya, as espected, I hate this module!)
ESE2001 Environmental Process A-
ESE 2401 Water Science Technology A-
PH2213 Metaphysics S
SSA2202 Changing Landscape of Singapore S
Sem CAP : 3.625
GZ, WHAT IS YOUR SCORE!! I want my treat!!! Hahaha

Friday, May 25, 2007

MOE Busary Award

Yes!! Its a success!! Haha~ $800 more!!! But then, the money doesn't go into my account~ =( *lol*

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Historic Landmark

18th of May; and most importantly 23rd May!!
All right folks, I am off early for the first time today, so I am here blogging away. The wireless service down here has just been back up, or so they claimed, so I shall try to connect later using my friend's laptop. If successful, there will be pictures!! Haha, everything is fine here, with the weather behaving freakishly! One day you can get a cold chill of 4 degrees, and the next, you can have a cool weather of 25 degrees! yeah the weather is damm extreme here, but luckily, I am coping well. Times short, till next time~

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sorry for the late post

Haha, well folks, sorry for the late post, been very busy working and partly due to the wireless Internet at the center that is down since "don't know" when and they just did not get it fixed. Well update soon when the wireless is up or when I get days off next week. Hopefully, I can have time to post photos up. The connection speed here is really CMI!! I feel like I am using a 56k modem connection. =(

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Anxious

Excited - That I am going on a journey far far away.
Sad - That I will be leaving so many things behind that I cannot bare to part with.
Anxious - That whether I have not missed out anything in my luggage.
Happy - That I have met so many friends and relatives these past few days.
Frantic - That I think I still have so many things to stuff into my tiny 25' luggage.
Full of feelings, all mixed up into one, just what am I feeling now? I wish to know, but I do not know.

Friday, May 04, 2007

PH 2213 Metaphysic

Attempted 3.25 out of 4 questions. Mass plagiarism of lecture notes, hoping that I got the answers that he wanted. Enough said. Estimated: S

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spiderman 3

This movie was way cool!! Simply entertaining!! Many of you may have wonder, how is Spiderman 3 going to be filmed when Peter Parker has already revealed his identity to so many people. I tell you, in spiderman 3, he is not hiding his identity anymore. Well, at least all the villains know who to look for when they decide to hunt spidy down *lol* There is two new villains in this movie, namely Sandman (or Mudman when he touches water) and Venom (totally disgusting, just like some alien from outer space). In spiderman 3, spiderman has sort of become a new celebrity in town where everyone adore and love him (Eww, that's so not spidy..). His new found fame has make him to be over-confident and neglect his friends and family around him. Even worse, his new found power (the venom stuffs from outer space) is slowly converting him over to the dark side (Oh No!!). Well, I shall not say too much here least this post will become a spoiler. Hah! A great movie to watch with several fast action battle scenes, cool spidy suits, several attempts of funny situation and several touchy scenes. Watch out for the Goblin Junior!!! Next movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At world's end!!!!!! Ahoy! "Welcome to Singapore" --- Quoting Chow Yun Fat~ *lol*
Thanks Fabian for helping me to get the 1GB micro SD card~
Hmm, a needle just poke my arm!!! *argzzz* I Hate needles!!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FUGA movie kakis outing

Went for another round of K-singing at Marina South at 11am. Thanks Perry, Fab and Gera for showing up. :) Really lucky that we can catch the last 4 set of K-Lunch at the counter due to the cancellation of 2 reserved places, thanks to the person who cancelled, whoever he/she is~ Haha. Well, surprised that I can sing so many songs right, Gera? You never know~ *lol*
After K-Ing, Perry left for school to continue mugging for his last paper on Thursday. Good Luck!! All the best for your paper on Thursday!! We continued walking aimlessly around Suntec; resting for a while at the Suntec food court for Fabian to finish his erm.. "tea??", Marilyn joined us for dinner at around 6pm. Remember, must get me a "big" gift 4 months later hor~ haha~ Dessert at Ben & Jerry, Thanks Gera and Mary for the treat~
On a side note, Cleveland is the 8th most polluted city in USA leh!! And I am going there?? Somebody pass me a gas mask please....