Tuesday, May 01, 2007

FUGA movie kakis outing

Went for another round of K-singing at Marina South at 11am. Thanks Perry, Fab and Gera for showing up. :) Really lucky that we can catch the last 4 set of K-Lunch at the counter due to the cancellation of 2 reserved places, thanks to the person who cancelled, whoever he/she is~ Haha. Well, surprised that I can sing so many songs right, Gera? You never know~ *lol*
After K-Ing, Perry left for school to continue mugging for his last paper on Thursday. Good Luck!! All the best for your paper on Thursday!! We continued walking aimlessly around Suntec; resting for a while at the Suntec food court for Fabian to finish his erm.. "tea??", Marilyn joined us for dinner at around 6pm. Remember, must get me a "big" gift 4 months later hor~ haha~ Dessert at Ben & Jerry, Thanks Gera and Mary for the treat~
On a side note, Cleveland is the 8th most polluted city in USA leh!! And I am going there?? Somebody pass me a gas mask please....

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