Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final 2 models

Thanks people for all the suggestions. I have short list to 2 final digital cameras. They are:
Canon Powershot A540
Panasonic DMC - FX01
which is better?
ok I have one question in mind, the sensitivity ISO 800 can help to reduce image blur, but does they help to reduce blur to handshake too???
Canon doesn't have any image stabilisation but the Lumix series do..... Hard choice.....

Sunday, May 28, 2006

In search of a Digital Camera

People, please provide me some advice on which one to choose....
After scouting the whole internet today......
Below I have 9 potential models, of which 4 of them I am more interested in....
Digital IXUS 60
Powershot A530
Powershot A540
Powershot A700
DSC - S600
DSC - W30/S
DSC - W50/S
DMC - FX01
DMC - FX08

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Results out! A bit better than expected

Predictions after taking the paper____ACTUAL

  • EC1301-----B______________________B

  • PC1432-----C+_____________________B-

  • EG1109-----B-_____________________C+

  • EG1413-----B-_____________________B

  • MA1506-----B-____________________B-

  • Expected_CAP_:_3.0________________3.131578947

  • Overall: 2.8157

    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    Next Semester modules

    I think I am going to die in semester 3......
    CE2184 ______Infrastructure and the Environment
    LSM1401_____Fundamentals of Biochemistry
    CE2134______Hydraulics (compulsory = die)
    CE2407______Engineering and Uncertainty Analysis (compulsory = die)
    *******______should I take a SS or clear my SATOR or take MALAY????

    Work Life --- good or bad?

    Innocently, I thought being a part-timer is the most care-free and slack job ever. I am not under any of the departmental stores and I only need to answer to my company. But nooo. Even in Metro, among promoters themselves, they also play politics. Because my company promoters are all part-timers, they are not entited to certain privileges given by Metro, like if you have a sales of above $750, you can get a Metro $10 shopper cheque. So normally we will just be kind hearted and give it to others since we are not entited to the privilege. Today was so scary. The moment I sell a pillow, I can see like 5 other people closing in on my counter, wanting to get a share of the sales. Who shall I give this sales to? What the hell, heck care la. In the end, the other 4 people who did not get it was unhappy. WTF If you want to play this, fine! I shall now only give the sales to those that has help me sell my product before, and that include 3 and only 3 people. All the others who wants a spoil of the share, FUCK YOU. You dun know my product, never help me before and still want the sales? TO HELL YOU GO!
    I found another irritating commercial. First it was the OSIM i-gallop. Now it is the fast challenge 201 yo-yo. I wish I can just blast the whole TV off!

    Monday, May 22, 2006

    Da Vinci Code

    This Da Vinci Code movie was actually quite a disappointment. It is not as nice as what the real book was, actually, it change some of the plot that it lose its excitement and appeal. Overall, I gave it a 2.5/5 for it following about 60% of what the Dan Brown wrote. I was pretty amazed that the film producer even change some of the important events. I shall list out some of their failures later on.
    Anyway, my next movie will be X-men 3 - the last stand. Having a 60% rating on www.rottentomatoes.com tells me that the movie is watchable, pretty average and not as exciting. But well, since it's the last series, I might as well watch it and see its ending.
    Failures of the movie - Da Vinci Code
    1. The handphone that Langdon used in the museum in the beginning was Fache's, not his. It was this tiny detail that Fache later trace back to know that Sophie was involved and believed Langdon is the killer.
    2. There was actually two codes to break. That means that in the book, there are two crypt(I am not sure if I spell this right). The answers are actually SOFIA and APPLE. Unlike the one in the movie, they only need to break the APPLE code word.
    3. Fache was never a Optus Dei member. He was just a devoted Christian in the book.
    4. Vatican actually voted to outcast Optus Dei in the book. Hence, optus Dei will not have anything to do with the church. This lead to Bishop Aringarosa to demand 20 millions Euros from the church as compensation. Unlike in the movie, the church and Optus Dei actually work hand in hand.
    5. Remly never reveal to Silas that he was the teacher in the book.
    6. The grandmaster who died was in fact Sophie true grandfather in the book. Unlike what the movie depicted, the grandmaster actually was not related to Sophie.
    7. Sophie has a brother who did not die in the accident. He was non other that the tour guide in the Roslyn Church.
    8. There was no body present in the Roslyn church except Langdon, Sophie, her grandmother and her brother in the book. Unlike in the movie, all members of the Priority of Sion was present.
    9. Silas WAS NOT DEAD at all in the book!!!!!!!! Unlike in the movie, he was shot dead. Actually, he carried Bishop Aringarosa all the way to the hospital!!!!!

    Well, for all those who have not read the book, you may find the movie uninteresting and dull. Haha believe me, the book was much much better. It shows how brilliant the grandmaster was to include double meanings in all the clues he left behind.


    Marvel at the grand architecture of ancient and modern times in the movie!

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Company Farewell

    My company is having a farewell for our Ah tau(in charge) at K-box yesterday night. It was a hell of experience. This is the 1st time that i went into a room that is so big and complete with a pool table! V.S.O.P are open like no body's business, and those are the dua gi(big) ones. Had a little too much a drink, down about 5 cups before I feel the high and weightless feeling. Haha, I know my limits, I shall not get myself drunk, so off i go home by taxi at 130am.

    Friday, May 19, 2006

    Target reached

    Target : $100 for card day
    Total earned: $133.50 (133.5%)
    Total sales for counter: $31041.92
    My sales: $6653.24 (21.43%)

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    18 May 2006

    Isetan closed door Private sale at Scotts
    Target to earned: minimum $100

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    Rated M-18 and above

    The content below is rated for M-18 and above. If you are under 18, please do not look down....
    Today, I am freaking angry... Why? You might ask...


    crawl up my

    while I was having my dinner!!!!


    Make me loose my appetite.

    Angry for whole day.

    Go and Die!!!!!

    Saturday, May 13, 2006


    hmph....paid a lot of school fees today, partly because I was a newbie, and partly because the others are on a lucky streak... but well, learn quite a lot, BUT I have to know what are the patterns that can help me win!!!!

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Stupid OSIM

    This freaking commercial is getting on my nerves.....
    zap zap 腹部
    zap zap 腹部
    zap zap 腹部
    zap zap UZAP
    zap zap 臀部
    zap zap 臀部
    zap zap 臀部
    zap zap UZAP
    zap zap 大腿
    zap zap 大腿
    zap zap 大腿
    zap zap UZAP.
    AND it keeps repeating itself every 30 seconds.... freaking IRRITATING!!!!!
    On a side note, I happen to coincidentedly meet the most number of friends in a single day at Metro Tampines....
    First was my army bunkmates: Gun , KS, ZY and JY. Thanks for coming specially to see me. LOL
    Secondly was my university friend....but I forget what was his name...LOL
    Third was my secondary school friends: Su Jin and Fabian Nah....
    This is really a small world indeed....

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Japanese Pop

    1.Yume no Chikara
    They really make my day brighter.

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Work... Make sales...Hit targets...

    Been so busy working these past one week. Amazingly... I managed to sell something every day that I worked. I wonder if its pure luck? Or I have grown more handsome that more people (mostly ladies) are buying from me???? :P

    Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Do you have a dirty mind?

    My mind is corrupted. Die....

    Mission Impossible 3

    This long awaited movie is superbly nice!!! It really lived up to its name, the missions in the movie are really impossible to be done. What jumping down a building using a parachute when there is not enough height... Swinging across buildings using just wires.....Getting blown off by aircraft nukes without suffering any internal injuries.. Well done... Action is 100%. I was marveling at the stuns all the time. Haha. There will be a lot of great movies coming out this semester break. I think my pockets are going to hurt. Hmm Da Vinci Code is next!

    Tampines GRC --- PAP won!! Woot!!

    Name: Tampines
    No. of MPs: 5
    No. of Voters: 126,142

    People's Action Party
    Irene Ng Phek Hoong
    Mah Bow Tan
    Masagos Zulkifli
    Ong Kian Min
    Sin Boon Ann

    Singapore Democratic Alliance
    Abdul Rahman Mohamad
    Lim Tung Hee, Arthero
    Ng Say Eng
    Ong Hock Siong
    Tan Lead Shake

    PAP: 80,356


    SDA: 36,942


    Void: 3,092


    Total PAP won: 82/84

    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Why women like to wear high heels?

    Can anyone tell me why? Shoes with heels are so taxing on the foot. They are also not comfortable to wear. You cannot stand for a long time and not feel the pain. Yet, women like to wear them... why???

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006


    On my way back home from work today, I managed to catch a SDA rally for Tampines GRC on TV mobile. Although it is just a few seconds clip, it summarize a few points that the SDA want to point out.
    Pls note that what I am saying below is my own personal opinion and it is in no other way intending to deframe any parties.
    Some points that the SDA point out in the rally:
    1. Set a minimum wage for Singaporean.
    2. Unemployment rate is too high.
    3. Make Tampines covered with wireless network, in another sense going hightech.
    First of all, I disagree with all the three points that the SDA point out. To set a minimum wage, yes, in the short run you can increase the poor family income, BUT does it really help Singapore in the long run?? I doubt so. Setting a minimum wage will only increase a company operating cost. If you study Economics, you will know that this is inefficient! Think of the small companies in Singapore that is only earning a minimal profit. Increasing its operating cost only will make them go bust. Talking about MNCs, with the minimum wage in place, they will hesistate to come and invest in Singapore. Can they make a profit after investing so much in the worker wages?? I also doubt so. There will be a lot of job loss, which I think will affect the economy of Singapore. If you have a minimum wage, you increase the income of the poor families in Singapore. Now, they will be able to spend on things that they could not buy in the past. All these will contribute to the GDP in Singapore which ultimately will lead to an increase in inflation. Prices of everything goes up. The poor will remain poor again because of the increase in living standard.
    Moving on to the second point. Unemployment rate in Singapore is too high. There is a lot of people with no job, in fact the number is 60000 people. This is simply ridiculous! Every economy will have a natural unemployment rate. If you can find a country with ZERO unemployed people, pls tell me so, I will gladly chop my head off for you (just kidding). Even in a good economy, people will still get retrenched, this is ineviltable. In fact unemployment rate of 2.4% (if I did not remember wrongly) is quite good already. Take for example the European countries, they have a unemployment rate much higher than Singapore, and the people unemployed is counted in millions!! Not sixty thousands......Yes they may have a good social programme in place that take care of the unemployed, but is this good? People not working are not contributing to the country economy, in fact they are a burden. PAP is already doing a good job with this problem. Look at the job career fairs being organized now and then. Look at the job retraining programme that is already in place. It doesn't help if the unemployed people do not want to help themselves by going to these programmes.
    Third point, making Tampines high tech. This point is too hard to reach. It would require a huge amount of resources. Do SDA have that kind of money? Or should I say, who have to bare the burden to make this plan in place? The people in Tampines?? Connecting Tampines with wireless broadband? Haha, who owns a laptop nowadays? So expensive! Even when I am in university now, laptop is still not a necessity for my course!
    Haha this is such a long post. I wonder when can they suggest a opposing plan to PAP that can managed to catch my attention.......

    Release of Examination Results

    Environmental Engineering 1
    27 May 2006
    3:00 PM


    OMG I think I am contributing more to Singapore's GDP this year than I should....Why? Because of the progress package la. I can now buy things that I wanted since a long long time ago. Muhahahaha......I am getting poor....ha...ha....ha :(

    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Post exam

    Yeah!! I will be starting work from 2nd May onwards. May is going to be a busy month for me. All the schedule I send to my company is approved! Unexpected...Looks like watching movies shall be push to the weekends. So expensive!! X