Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Final 2 models

Thanks people for all the suggestions. I have short list to 2 final digital cameras. They are:
Canon Powershot A540
Panasonic DMC - FX01
which is better?
ok I have one question in mind, the sensitivity ISO 800 can help to reduce image blur, but does they help to reduce blur to handshake too???
Canon doesn't have any image stabilisation but the Lumix series do..... Hard choice.....


Koffanatic said...

All this blah blah are only applicable if you are professional.. we are just casual photo takers. Hehe..

Dee said...

increasing ISO will make the picture more grainy but makes images taken in dark settings more visible. strangely another effect of upping ISO leads to longer time the shutter remains open, so ya increasing ISO may cause blurrer pictures from handshakes.

Koffanatic said...

Taihang, you're pro! - Zihui

Jelmer said...

Ha.. it is up to u...

Canon A540 doesnt have image stabilization, Panasonic FX01 has.

Canon uses AA batteries while Panasonic uses rechargeable.

Canon has 4X zoom (140mm) while panasonic only has til 102mm.

Yet, Canon doesnt have wide angle (35mm) while Panasonic is 28mm.

Canon is bigger in size, while panasonic is lighter.

Canon has 2" LCD while Panasonic is 2.5"

Ha.. Both has pros and cons...and really depends which u prefer...

The FABtastic One said...

high ISO settings are used only for low-light settings.. then will have less "noise".

alternatively, you can increase the exposure.. or play with the settings.

things like aperture width, ermm.. shutter speed etc, all will affect the image lor. :D