Saturday, May 06, 2006

Why women like to wear high heels?

Can anyone tell me why? Shoes with heels are so taxing on the foot. They are also not comfortable to wear. You cannot stand for a long time and not feel the pain. Yet, women like to wear them... why???


The FABtastic One said...

it makes them look taller, more graceful and elegant. haha :P

btw, i don't mind watching MI3. just gimme the details...!!! :)

s0unD aS|eep said...

eh kangaroo, mind telling us where u got the inspiration for this post?? hmm..

izzit cos you had the unfortunate opportunity to experience what the fairer sex has to go through to look good???? hahaha..

bottom line: wearing heels makes the legs look longer and slimmer! :P