Sunday, July 29, 2007

Niagara Falls

Dated: 24th - 25th July 2007
. The company to The Niagara Falls
Fireworks over the falls taken by ME!! (skill ba :P)
The American Falls from the Cave of the Winds
Believe me.... This feels like a F-5 Tornado!
Rapids near the Niagara Falls
Top view of the American Falls
The Lift that brings us down to the maid of the mist, which will bring us up close to the Horseshoe Falls
Rainbow over the American Falls as the boat sail past

The Horseshoe Fall itself!! (top view)
I don't have the front view as it was too wet in the boat for me to risk taking out my camera :P

More random photos of the Niagara Falls

Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows

This is the book I have been waiting for.......
I cannot resist any further.....
Thus I got it in USA!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The cream of the corps - Tower 8/9 Crews

Dated: 20th July 2007

All right, here are the people I have been working with for the past 11 weeks~

Notice that all are Internationals!!

From the left we have Zi Hui from Singapore, Megan from USA, me from Singapore (of course), Katy from Michigan, and Simon from China!

Hmm, see how my team leader parks her car the Michigan way!!! Lol

Castaway Bay - A indoor theme park water resort

Truth be told, actually the water park is very very small... Shhhhh :P

Monday, July 23, 2007

A little package

8th July 2007
. Received a $37 package all the way from Singapore!
Touched, hearts warmed. Thanks to JQ, JL and JH.

The contents: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Curry mix, red curry, green curry, chicken cubes, ikan bilis cubes
All those delicious food from Singapore are dearly missed :(
At least, these can satisfy our cravings for now.. awww
10th July 2007

Missed the food so much that we decided to cook it 2 days later!!

The finished product: Simply delicious and fragrant chicken rice!!!!!
of course with me, her, YB and YL enjoying it~

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time to say goodbye again

Dated 6th July
It is the time again to say goodbye to another friend (Jang) from Thailand. She has been a good tutor, who show me how to fit into my job scope during my first few days at work, a good friend who is ready to help whenever someone is in trouble and a good cook that let me sample some dishes from Thailand. So when she is about to leave, the hotel breakers staffs who she hangs out with (consisting of Singaporean, Malaysian and Vietnamese) and my girl who is her roommate, decided to have a farewell dinner for her at OK Wok.
The beauties admiring the restaurant
Me & Jang
Soon it will be my turn to leave....20 more days!!! Yahoo!!

Independence Day

Dated: 4th July
Independence Day is the national day for USA. That day is normally celebrated by putting up beautiful displays of fireworks all across USA, with each different states doing their own events. So when night falls, be prepared to see different bright colours light up the night sky as private resident can also buy firework and put it off in their courtyard! Amazing right? Luckily enough, my work ends early that day so that I can join in the Cedar Point fabulous firework celebration at 10pm.

The whole display of fireworks lasted around 20 minutes. Looks like Cedar Point is really rich lor, and yet they only pay us the minimum wage?? Argzzz! Well, the fireworks on the whole is not really spectacular, not as impressive as the firework festival in Singapore, but there is one good point in this. This is the only place where you will see people leaving the beach (where the firework is launched) in the middle of the firework display. AND there is not really that many crowds!! The difference between USA and Singapore!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trip to Lodi Factory Outlet

27th June 2007
Yup, this will be my first road trip out of Sandusky in close to two months since I first started work, unlike, the gentleman behind me, who has already gone to lots of fun and exciting places!! Argzz, it's all thanks to my work place and their inflexible working schedule lahz. Hmph, never mind, that day was a good start, the sun is out early as usual, no dark clouds to dampen our mood, and soon we are all set!! The people travelling in this shiny black Toyota, with me as the first driver!! Hehe, up to that date, I have not drive for like 1.5 years.. they better pray that nothing happens~ *touch wood*
After 1.5 hours drive, we had our lunch at Wendy's, a fast food restaurant selling burgers. The reason why we go there? Because we saw the $1.99 burgers with triple slice of beef being advertise on TV! Lol
Lodi Factory outlets consisting of lots of branded shops selling at discounted prices. First stop - Levis!! Then GAP, Addidas, Tommy .......

However, on our way back, we ran into a thunder storm. Oh No!! Believe me, I never want to run into one again. The rain was so heavy that I see nothing, with thunders everywhere... it was scary~ We got lost a little but still, with Pok master guidance, we are back safely~ Haha~
My reward for the day - a Addidas shirt, a GAP pants and a GAP burms AND a Levi jean.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rip Cord

It was that high
It was that far...(already on a 5X zoom)
Pull the cord...
And swing like a pendulum, flying through the air like a Superman!!

15. Wicked Twister

Continuing Cedar Point's tradition of breaking world records is Wicked Twister, another great addition to the park's unmatched collection of 68 rides, including 16 roller coasters.Located along the shore of Lake Erie, next to the Giant Wheel, Wicked Twister is the tallest and fastest "double-twisting" impulse roller coaster ever created. This steel giant is comprised of a U-shaped track with the ends reaching 215 feet into the air and is powered by a linear induction motor. Riders sit two abreast in specially designed seats suspended from the track above. Then, without warning, Wicked Twister launches riders forward out of the station and up a 90-degree, twisting steel track. Once the train slows to a stop, it streaks back down the structure and into the station before being launched backward up another twisting track. The train races up and down the track a total of five times at an amazing top speed of 72 mph! But that is not all. Each tower twists 450 degrees, providing one of the most unique ride experiences ever.
Thrill Factor: 4.0/5
Enjoy the video~

10. Mean Streak

Put the pedal to the ... wood? Located on the tip of the historic Cedar Point Peninsula, Mean Streak is a wooden roller coaster that beckons riders from all around the park. Built in 1991, this wooden forest of hills and thrills features a stunning 161-foot-tall first hill, a blazing top speed of 65 mph and more than 5,400 feet of hair-raising excitement.Made from 1.7 million board feet of treated Southern yellow pine, Mean Streak is still one of the tallest and fastest wooden roller coasters in the universe.
Thrill Factor: 3/5 (minus points for being really mean. I felt that I had internal injury after the ride as it really bums you around.)

Enjoy the video~

2. Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Built in 1969, you can take a fun-filled journey back to the Old West aboard the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Located in Frontiertown, this scream machine is a great ride for the intermediate coaster enthusiast. Riders careen over 2,540 feet of steel tubular track on the 2-minute, 42-second journey to an ending that will leave you "spinning" for more.
Thrill Factor: 1.5/5

Enjoy the video~

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dated July 2

Hah! Look what somebody has written??
Isn't "it" Childish??
Need I say anything more?
I think not.

Aha!!!There it goes again...Assuming that I never think before I write and assuming that I assumed that I think before I write and assumed that in reality I did not??Sounds confusing??Doesn't matter anyway...Some just don't get that I'm not a mind-reader...*rolls eyes*Finally it tells me "straight in the face" that it dislikes me...It has been what, about 9 months liao...Surely that is a very very long time for it to come to this conclusion...Nah, the most probable reason is that there is no longer any reason for it to continue its hypocrisy...After all, I have just told it about it itself...Criticising me right in front of me??Surely not, it must be mistaken...Because as far as I am aware, I see no figure of it, imaginary or real, appearing in front of me doing the criticising...Maybe that is its definition of "criticising in front"...Yeah right, in front of the bloody computer...So anyway it has decided to, as I quote, "now criticising you right in front of you"...Ya lor, as I've said before, took it 9 months to do that eh??By the way, it also accused me of being childish...Yeah!!Thank you for calling me that!!!I certainly enjoyed my youthfulness...Haha!!Anyway, I think it is kinda absurd...Or a matter of "pot calling the kettle black"...Example:"So what?"Throwing out a reckless challenge..."Neh"Sounds like what the 7 year old kid my mom is babysitting for used to say when she was 5..."You are beyond hope, beyond cure!"Blatant accusation (in a very self-righteous tone) without substance...How many people older then 17 still say that nowadays??Imagine a 14 year old kid (in a whiny voice, no doubt) saying that to another kid who manages to out talk him..."Hope I have burst your vessel"(-__-;)Need I say more??Not to mention that this was plagiarised, please be more creative...So be it... So be it then~~Nice knowing you for about 9 months...Thank goodness it was only 9 months...One of my friend says that "one more friend is always better then having one more enemy"...=-D*smiles sweetly*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Around Sandusky

How can I be in Cedar point and not tour around Sandusky eating all the yummy food?? So on my off day, I decided to bring my girl to a restaurant that her colleagues highly recommended.
Introducing Cracker Barrel The decor on the outside is so nice..I wish I had sit on the rocking chair...
Inside the restaurant completed with a fireplace.
My order of a medium well-done steak with two sides dishes
which comes with fries that is THAT big
and two biscuits!!
The whole restaurant.
It is so cute!! Sleep well k? ;)
So happy that I feel like soaring into te sky~