Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Usual 4 again! Lol!

Although I SMS those that I think will be onz enough to come for this outing I organized, but, alas, it is the usual four musketeers again. One got to go for his friend birthday, one got night classes, one more don't play lan and decides that Geylang is far from Bedok! Haha. ;p
Well, quite an enjoyable day spent, considering that I won all my match, even 3 vs 1. Let me count.... 30++ Kills 2 deaths in 3 match? Owning....double kills...triple kills! Owning....Haha. Ok next time I promise I will choose random heros. ok? I look forward to the next lan, this time marilyn and geraldine go organize?
Next, we went to Geylang to have our dinner. The BIG problem is I forgot the shop where I have the nice frog leg porridge before! I can only remember vividly that there is a temple nearby and there is a coffee shop that has a TV showing EPL matches. OK that isn't any much help at all. As a result, I frantically called for help. Called to to Kaili....I got this: "The line you have just called is not available." Last hope, called to zihui...and finally got a answer! Thank you, you are my savior. Remember people, the place is at Lor 9 Geylang! Don't forget it. We walk about 10 street to locate this bloody place! The whole dinner was nice, but I feel that the frog leg is a bit over-cooked. It feels a bit hard... Feeling not satisfied with the dinner, we cross the road to eat some dao hua and you tiao. Looks like we over-estimated ourselves. In the end, we have to find a way to force the you tiao down our almost full stomach while we chit-chat. Haha, guan ze is the worst out of the 4 of us. He is the last to finish his you tiao.
Result will be out tomorrow. Getting nervous. What will my result be? My aim is not that high, a 3.0 cap would suffice....


addictiontodust said...

good luck

kr said...

no luck, and out of luck lol