Tuesday, December 06, 2005


My current part-time job is getting boring. Tampines counter totally NO customer today. As a result, I spent about 4 hours thinking about what I am going to eat for dinner, after that, daydreaming and stoning for the rest of the time that I am not thinking about what to eat for dinner. Lame right? I thought keeping awake was hard enough, BUT stoning and keeping awake was even harder!! I almost fall asleep! Irriating man! My stoning skill 还不到家。I must learn from someone.....hmm, actually I know of 1 master liao, super pro at stoning one.. Haha, must 请教请教她一下。Lol, I think I am going to quit this job after I finish my semester 2. Then maybe start looking for some office job, change of environment.
What happen to my chatterbox?? The server down is it? Fabian, thanks a lot for your good recommendation man! Yes, tomorrow no need to wok. Yippi!!!

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