Saturday, December 09, 2006

Evians Outing

Hmm this is the first time that I am posting in the new Blogspot format. I must admit, some of my Javascript does not work here!! Where is my spiralling words that follow your mouse?? Hmm :(
Well, on Sat, 08 Dec 2006, Evians finally have a long overdue class outing! Haha its back to the old days where guys can rough it out and kill each other in the urban warfare! Don't like the person? Been holding your emotions or anger for too long? Well, it is pay back time where you can shoot a person to pieces!! Haha, for the lady members of our class, they prefer the more civilised dinner over at Holland Village, so they are not joining us for the game. Aww, so much fun was missed! Yes, we have our game of cross fire over at the Singapore Discovery Center.

A replica of the Carbine that we used

My team members

Terrorists attack!

My war wounds. Ouch~


After the game, we proceed to GD's house for a quick shower because we are all sweaty and stinky, and most importantly, we don't want to stink the hell out of other people when we are at Holland Village. Haha, GD, thanks a lot for letting us shower, I appreciate it, and thanks again for the amount of food that you allowed us to gobble up. Opps~


Holland Village 的 XO 鱼片米粉 was quite nice, haha even ZW went high after drinking the soup. *lol* But I think we ordered a bit too much, cannot finished all the food even after gorging ourselves to a 99% capacity. I must really exercise, I am super unfit now!


Summergal said...

WhoA~ it sounds so fun~!!! If there's a chance, ask me along too!! lolx...

Azure1984 said...

summergal: Are you sure??? Haha, are you prepared to be blown to pieces?? Are you prepare to suffer lots of war wounds?? lol :)

Bear that likes stars said... --> you forgot?? yl's aura spreads to everyone except herself... :S anyway .."this is the first time that I am posting in the new Blogspot format." ... NEW mehz..????? haha :P

Azure1984 said...

bear tt likes stars: got lor, you try switching over la? haha