Thursday, December 07, 2006

How bad can my day get?

Freaked out by 2 gays yesterday.
Overgorged myself at lunch today all because of the hawker's fault.
Uneasy stomach for 2 hours at work.
Zero "The Newpaper" at all the newspaper stall.
Keep farting all day.
What's next?
Edited (1145pm)
Singaporean are really BLIND!!!!
Edited (1156pm)
Make it BLIND X 2!!!! WHY??? *faint*


averii said...

Ooooohhh are they hitting on you??

Singaporeans are blind??
Be precised lar you... Elarborate!!!

By the way, thank goodness muggerhood meetings have ended, or else we would have ended up in hospital under gas poisoning...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. so are u blind too since u r also Singaporean???


Azure1984 said...

averii: no lahz, they are not hitting on me... yet, i think. Lol. just feeling uneasy seeing how they behave with each other. -.-' o lahz, I just seen the superstar result. How can Daren and dawn be out!! They are realli blind lorz, dun know how to vote.. Biang eh....
Jelmer: Haha I am not that blind yet, coz I did not vote to kik out one of the better superstar. Lol

Anonymous said...

But actually i think daren aint that good lah... dunno why the judge still give so high score.. the duet he sang was like imitation of Wang Jie, bad..

Haha.. Dawn i dunno lah, din hear her sing but i think she aint that good too after hearing her first song last last week... haha..