Saturday, December 02, 2006


This is the first movie I watched straight after my exams. Haha, cannot resist the temptation, since boss already jio me to watch during my reading week. Haha. Overall, I think the movie is pretty average, with a crappy ending. Unlike the previous 007's movie, this Casino Royale focused on the fighting scenes, with the absence of fanciful gadgets that seems out of this world. The opening scenes is nice, showing some extraordinary stuns that humans can do, and for once, that the target being perused is more skilled than James Bond in the art of avoiding obstacles. That really get me laughing. *LOL* The plot is pretty predictable, a watchable movie if you have nothing to do on a day. But, if you are looking for quality movie, then I don't recommend this.
I just saw that Harry Potter 4 : The order of the phoenix is coming out soon. Yeah~~. I am definitely watching it. Another one will be Deathnote 2. Woo. I cannot wait for holiday to start. Haha.
Just had a superbly nice family dinner that consists of Black Pepper Crab. *slurps* Too bad, I have to miss my Xiao Yu Er's show. Hmmm.

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