Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Deathnote 2

Yes you are right, I cannot resist the temptation. Went with ZH, XR and PW to watch Deathnote 2 the moment its sneak preview is out. I must admit, the second series still amaze me. To make the movie even more interesting, there is going to be not only one deathgod, but 3 of them, so that means there will be more than one deathnote circulating in the world!! Interesting right?? It is a battle of wits again between L and Light, how each of them try to outsmart and out battle each other. The tactics and plans they can come out, the logic and hypothesis L can think of whenever the Kira starts killing people, simply amazing! Woot~ There will quite some twist and turns in the story itself, but sadly, it will be a sad ending, where L and Light both dies, along with 2 of the deathgods. Amazing, the last name on the deathnote is actually _____ written by the deathgod itself, and the deathgod claims that it will be the most interesting thing he will ever see!! 0_0. This movie is really a must watch!!


(from left to right) L, Light, Misa


After the movie, we proceed to boss house for our class annual Christmas BBQ cum present exchange outing. Too bad, I cannot watch my xiao yu er!! Argzz. But well the weather also did not help much, keep raining all day. Hmm, by the time I and boss start the fire, it is already around 730pm. Lucky the food was nice, haha, I want the cheese mushroom again!! (Think I am going to get fat with eating too much cheese). Had a fun time playing the poker game (which I don't know what the name is called) to see who get to choose the present first. Got the present wrapped by boss, which is a gift towel. Haha! Thanks boss~


Got home around 130am, wait for my hair to dry until around 330am. Sleep at 4am, going to wake up by 10am on the 25th for my MgH outing. Hmmm, looks like I am really a busy man. *lol*

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