Monday, December 04, 2006

Of saying Hi and Bye

Today officially kicks off my holiday working schedule. First stop: Metro Paragon.
I am glad that all the past promoters still remains, so that I can still find friendly aunties to talk to, instead of staying all alone in an unfriendly environment and rot myself to death. There are lots of Hi and smiles when I first arrived. The aunties there sure miss me, asking me why I have not been to Paragon in such a long time, even to the point of declaring like it seems half a year ago when they last seen me! Actually, it has only been 4 months. *lol* Paragon, a city for the dead~ Ok that sums up my sales report for the day.
Sadly, this will be the first and last time I will be stepping into Metro Paragon, as my working schedule dictates that I will spend most of my time over at Isetan Katong. However, my sad mood was soon blown away when I saw Orchard at night. I must take more spectacular pictures!!


averii said...


No wonder you ask us to bring camera to orchard...

Azure1984 said...

ya lahz, then you think what?? Haha, super nice lightings lorz~