Monday, July 10, 2006

Holiday again :P

Tomorrow 5 am, I should be at the airport waiting for check-in to Phuket trip. For Tuesday to Friday, I will be spending quality time with the sun, the sand and the sea! Just a time for me to truly relax and appreciate nature more. Haha, that's why I am in EVE!! Lol. Hmm hope I won't get burnt like a lobster there as I have no sunblock in my house at the moment. Anyone going to Phuket with me, remember to get a sunblock lotion leh, so I can borrow and use.... ~~~ :P
Tonight, I went out for dinner with my freshies orientation group. Hmm since when have they started giving us nicknames?? There is fisher, aka the TCS president, the 师傅, aka the big beng, the funny ghost, aka the failed Ju-on and the guy with the husband material??? *_* Well, we started talking about possible scandals with different persons and in the process, tried to cook up even more scandals. Lol! Gera, "thanks" leh for getting the "thing" started, now I think they will demand an answer form me le la.... X
OMG, I KO at 130am, missing the last match as a result.....


addictiontodust said...

hahahaha.... poor thing... erm sorry lah.... my bad... =x

addictiontodust said...

kangkang......... ni ji shi hui laiiiiiiii.........