Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Daycation - Day out at the South (and East)

Since there is a long weekend and RL has invited us to visit her at the Westin Singapore while A is busy with helping out his friend wedding, we decided to bring *OEE* out to meet AM and play at the Westin infinity pool. Unlike JW Marriott South Beach, the water at the infinity pool is not that cold (and not that windy), which we are glad and *OEE* and AM have fun playing with the water all to themselves. Unfortunately, the infinity pool does not have a baby area and any child that is inside the pool needs constant supervision. View from the top is not bad, as we have a perfect view of the Singapore Flyer, the National Stadium and the sea.

Lunch was at Suntec Food Republic Blanco Beef Noodle and we are presently surprised how much Suntec has changed. Half the shops there are not what we remembered from years ago. The little ones are going cranky after lunch as it approaches their nap time and we went back to the hotel for them to take their nap. Dinner was at Changi Jewel Dian Xiao Er (An impromptu decision) where A joined us after the wedding lunch. It was really rare to see so many people out in the Jewel mall after the COVID restriction was lifted last week. Overall, a day well spent.

Monday, April 04, 2022

St Regis Staycation + Botanic Garden Visit

This is our 2nd staycation at St Regis after 8 months with *mds* and *OEE*. Little did we know that we are assigned to the same hotel room as last time. Room 1506, I will remember that. Same as last time, we chose St Regis for staycation was due to the promotion "Live Exquisite 32-Hour Stay" on offer:

  • Early check-in at 10:00am
  • Late check-out at 6:00pm
  • Epicurean breakfast at Brasserie Les Saveurs for 2 adults
  • Signature St. Regis Butler Service
However, this time round, one of the services on offer has changed:
  • Complimentary (unlimited) drinks is only offered based on arrival and during 6am - 11am.
So after COVID-19, they have removed the all day complimentary drink services, which is kind of sad as we are all looking forward to their hot chocolate!

Same view as before. Nice scenery!

This time round, we got a fruit platter instead of brownies

As we have some time in the afternoon, we decided to bring *OEE* to botanic garden to have a little evening walk. First day after mask wearing is optional outdoors. Still not many people around and the garden air is refreshing after the rain

We had a good walk before having porridge at Mui Kee and took a Grab back to hotel as *OEE* is too tired to walk further. Daddy ended up 抱抱 *OEE* to travel from point to point. Next morning was spent at the pool after breakfast and *OEE* really enjoys his time water playing. Lunch was ordered from Grab before we checked out at 6pm. 

Friday, April 01, 2022

1Q 2022 Investment Strategy Update

2022 started on a high but soon got dragged down over worries of Russia's troop built up at Ukraine border (threat of war) and a more aggressive Federal interest rate hike. Putin finally put his invasion plan into action on 24-Feb-2022 and with it, caused the sharp increase in Crude Oil Price. With Russia's miscalculation of a quick war and facing massive casualty rate, the situation has potentially turned into a prolong War of Attrition, with the Ukrainians putting up a good fight with weapons supplied by NATO and the Americans. Due to Russia-Ukraine war, the food, crop and oil price escalated, potentially halting global GDP growth as the world comes out from the shadow of COVID-19 lockdown, and in the worst case scenario, bringing some countries back into recession again.

Let us spend the next few mins in prayer for the people of Ukraine. May God bless the safety of the Ukrainians. May God in His will stop the Russian act of aggression and bring peace to the land once again. May God also in His mercy provide the displaced people strength and hope in the midst of suffering. Amen.

DJI ended at 34678, an decrease of 1660 points (-4.56%) compared to 4Q 2021. For Singapore, STI ended at 3408, an increase of 285 points (+9.12%) compared to last quarter. Singapore market largely outperform DJI due to the exposure to bank equity counters (DBS, UOB and OCBC accounted for 43.3% of STI weightage), which rises in expectation of increase in Federal interest rate. For this quarter, not much actions from me except taking the opportunity to accumulate more shares during the correction period for potentially good companies with room for growth:

Transaction 1: Bought 1 batch Man Utd shares in January. 

Buying at a low price of $14.17, potentially looking to sell off at around $20. Now with the sale of Chelsea looming in the next few weeks, the final bid value could be used as a reference comparison of how much Man Utd is worth. At the minimum, Man Utd should be valued on par with Chelsea, if not more.

Transaction 2: Bought 3 batches Grab shares in January and March. 

Investors seem to not have confidence in Grab, dumping its share when it reported its first financial result, which is below estimations due to massive incentives given to their driver and delivery partners during the quarter period. On the other hand. I bought in and average down as I believe Grab should be doing ok once they start monetizing their Ads Platform and start their digital banking operation in 2022. Time will tell if I am right. Anyway, my position in Grab is not big.

Transaction 3: Bought 1 batch Danaher shares in January. 

Accumulate good company during the correction period. This counter is a free cash flow generating machine. I believe its share price should shoot up once they start acquiring companies again.

Transaction 4: Bought 1 batch Mapletree Industrial Trust shares in March. 

Planning to accumulate and keep MIT shares for the long term as they have a good track record of raising their NAV and DPU.

That is all for now. See you all in Q2 2022 update and thank you for reading thus far.

Friday, January 21, 2022


[20-Jan-2022] Used up the last of our Singapore Rediscover vouchers before they expires on 31-Dec-2021 to purchase the DUCKtours on Klook to bring *OEE* out for a land and sea excursion. The whole trip lasted about 50 mins exploring the Singapore River (20mins) and a road trip around the central district (25mins). Truthfully speaking, if not for the vouchers to defray some of the cost, we would not have gone on this trip by ourselves as the tickets are quite expensive, with the adult costing $34.40/pax and child costing $26.40/pax after 20% discount.

Here is a map of the whole tour for your reference: DUCKtours Map

Well, our trip for the day can be considered anything but ordinary. We can only marvel by God's plan how things turn out all right in the end for us. Thank God for His Blessings on us! Things doesn't start out well for us as we cannot find a taxi on Grab to take us to Suntec City. In the end, we called a taxi on the ComfortDelgro App at 50% surge compared to a normal metered price. With little time to spare, we got onto the taxi at 14:13 and alighted at 14:41, with 19mins to spare to make our way to the counter for the 15:00 tour. Well, not too bad... until we found out the taxi brought us to the "Sands Expo & Convention Centre" instead of "Suntec Convention Centre"! Oh No! We made a mad dash to the MRT carrying *OEE* to take 1 MRT stop down to promenade, praying all along that whatever happens, may His Will be done and we will accept the outcome! I am glad that the past Army Training carrying that 10Kg Signal Set did not go to waste as the experience gained was put to good use today. Hah! After dashing up the MRT escalator and following the signs in Suntec, we finally saw this big DUCKtour Sign that says 30m ahead and time check 14:59. Ok... we are not late yet, only to find a sign displaying a re-direction order: "Due to COVID-19 measures, please turn right at Sephora and proceed out the Suntec entrance for the DUCKtour counter" What! Ok. we will definitely be late. Well, whatever His Will be done! We followed the re-direction and finally found the DUCKtour counter. Quite right, the DUCK has gone 4 mins ago. We explained our situation to the employees at the counter and they graciously ask us to wait for a while as they go check the system if they can assign us at a later timing. At this moment... it started pouring heavily, real heavily..... As the staff came out, he asked us to line up at the ticket booth, and his colleague will attend to us, meaning there is Hope! Cut the long story short, we are assigned to the 4pm slot, and by 3.40pm, the rain has stopped and it is bright and sunny again! On hindsight, maybe the Lord wanted us to enjoy the ride with *OEE* and hence, we miss the 3pm trip which will get us caught in the heavy rain with no good photos to take for memory.

Anyway, below are some photos that you will see on the "Sea trip"! Thank God for His wonderful Blessing on us!

Sunday, January 02, 2022

4Q 2021 Investment Strategy Update

With the blink of an eye, one year flew past. Focus of 2021 is still much about COVID-19, not the original virus, but its mutation. We have the Delta version, and now the Omicron variant, which is less serious, but more infectious. Countries are transiting to endemic states, though border controls for international leisure are pretty much still in place, with the exception of vaccinated travel lanes for business. Hospitality sector and airlines are estimated to return to pre-COVID levels in the next 2 years, depending on when this pandemic wave is over. Experts are currently debating if the Omicron variant will be the last of COVID-19, that will ensure its survival among us humans.

For me, some big changes are happening to my company. For one, they will be implementing the flexi-work arrangement, which employees are only required to return to office 2 days out of a week of your choice. For the rest of the 3 days, employees are to Work From Home. We have also just shifted to a new smaller office unit and the new pantry looks exciting, with better drinks and snacks stock up. Organization too need to adopt to the new norms.

DJI ended at 36338, an increase of 2495 points (+7.37%) compared to 3Q 2021. For Singapore, STI ended at 3123, an increase of 37 points (+1.19%) compared to last quarter. Singapore market has lagged DJI again, not matching the growth seen at the USA market. For Q4, the investor community are pretty hyped that the world seems to be moving out from the shadows of COVID. Airline and hospitality sector are hitting their annual highs. Government are looking at finally ending budget stimulus and raising interest rates as economy are returning to their pre-COVID levels. USA in particular, are increasingly likely to start raising interest rates in 2022.

With 2021 drawing to a close, it is time for the annual review against my 3 year plan (Next 3 years (2020 - 2022) Investment Plan) set back in Dec 2019. Below are my result:

Original 2020-2022 plan: 

  1. 50% Equity, 50% Reits/Trusts 
  2. Portfolio Dividend Yield to be 3.50% in 2020, 4.20% in 2021, 4.80% in 2022.
End 2021 result: 

  1. 59.81% Equity, 40.19% Reits/Trusts 
  2. 81.60% SG Equity, 18.40% USA Equity 
  3. Portfolio Yield at 3.07% in 2021 (+0.42% from 2020, but miss 2021 4.20% target)
Verdict: Miss Target

Below is my end 2021 portfolio snapshot:

Total dividend received in 2021: $4,335.27 (~$361.27/month)

2021 continues to be a challenging year. All I can do is to have patience and wait for the norms to return, so that investment can bear fruits at the time when I bought them at their pandemic lows. Thank God for blessing my family with good health and providing all that we need. Thank God that I still managed to grow my overall portfolio value and dividend returns. We need to start planning early for retirement passive income, which requires time to build up slowly brick by brick. Now, enough talking, below are my transaction for this quarter: 

Transaction 1: Sold 1 batch Marriott shares in October. 

Time to cash in as the stock raise to $160. Cant resist the high price and decide to lock in some profits. The next batch to sell will probably be the time when Marriott restart their dividend and share buybacks. I estimate by then, the price should hit $185. Lets see if I am spot on.

Transaction 2: Bought 1 batch Danaher shares in October. 

As the community are looking at re-opening of economy in October, medical shares got battered as they deem COVID are soon to be over and there will be lesser demand for COVID testing and related services. They are proved wrong a few weeks later with the Omicron emergence. Anyway, bought in this counter for the long term during the price drop for the company culture of using free cash flow to continue investing and acquire companies for growth.

Transaction 3: Bought 1 batch Visa shares in November. 

With Omicron ravaging countries rapidly in November, financial counters took a hit as countries re-impose lockdowns and investors start selling their position and took profits accumulated over the past few months. For me, I bought in more shares for the long term during the dip due to Visa generous free cash flow and share buyback program. With lesser supply, price are bound to rise over time. Simple theory.

Transaction 4: Bought 2 batch Grab shares in November. 

What excitement to see our fellow SG company debut in NASDAQ? Well, I personally believe Grab will be able to start making a profit after further fine-tuning their business model. Imagine the vast potential Grab can tap once they start monetizing their Ad outreach through their app and the start of their digital bank partnership with Singtel in 2022? Well, we will have more clarity once they start reporting their first financial result since listing. In the mean time, I just took some position when the share tanks. 

Transaction 5: Bought 1 batch Singtel shares in December. 

Continue accumulating Singtel shares in the face of price weakness due to pandemic and international border closure. Once things start to normalize, Singtel price should recover to at least $3.00. Anyway, India Bharti Airtel has bottom out and start turning in a profit after 5 years of brutal price war locally. This should help Singtel with its underlying profit and resumption of generous dividend.

Transaction 6: Bought 1 batch DBS shares in December. 

Continue accumulating DBS shares until USA starts raising interest rates. I believe current price of $32 still do not reflect DBS true strength, after they have acquired stakes in China Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank in April this year and taken over India Lakshmi Vilas Bank in Nov 2020. Personally, I believe DBS will make record profits for the next 4 quarter at least once interest rates begin to rise.

Transaction 7: Bought 1 batch China Everbright Water shares in December.

Continue accumulating China Everbright Water shares for their annual increase in dividend, yearly winning bids for government projects and most importantly, China push for sustainability. With this, wastewater treatment will be one of the main country focus which I cannot see a reason how this company can run into trouble, with such a strong backing from the parent company listed in HKSE. With the current $0.305 price, this work out to be a dividend yield of 6.55%.

Well, that is all for now. See you all in Q1 2022 update and thank you for reading thus far (I know this is such a long posting). Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay mask up and may God Bless you with a good year ahead~

Friday, December 31, 2021

Jurong Bird Park Trip

30-Dec: We are back to the bird park again after 11 months, before their official shift to Mandai in 2022, taking advantage of the current promotion where infants below 2 years are free and adults have 50% off the usual ticket price.

We are glad that *OEE* did managed to take notice and focus on the birds during the showtime. Nonetheless, due to the wet weather brought by the monsoon season, some of the shows duration are cut short. Once again, as most of the park do not have shelter, we did not managed to visit all the attractions as considerable time are spent hiding from the rain.

Well, all of the parent and child got to see the doctor the next day as we are down with cough and dripping nose. >.<

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

16th Year Blog Anniversary

Oops, this month really fly by without me realizing that I have missed my blog anniversary. This blog has been running for the 16th year and I believe this is quite an achievement. Wondering how many people have managed to keep blog running for this long. *OEE* has been growing up well and it is fun having him around the house filled with his laughter. To end off, may I give thanks to Him whom have bless us with everything we need and good health. May I pray that may He continue to keep my family safe and healthy, and guide us in everything we do.

Some Statistic:

Page Count: 73278 +4234

Year on Year increase: -2424 -36.41%