Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Marvel Studios' Eternals


Synopsis: The Eternals, a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, reunite to battle the evil Deviants. [Source: Cathay Cineplexes]

Marvel continue their storyline after Avengers with the first introduction of Eternals, which are entirely made up of new casts and new characters. Good effort by the producers trying to develop each characters storyline, which ends up with limitless possibilities where the sequel can be develop next. It was nice stepping into a cinema again after 22 months, and a big thanks to Grab for the 2 free tickets to the show. Fighting scenes wise are typically Marvel, lots of CGI, not too intense but well a good show nonetheless. 

Rate: 7/10

Friday, November 12, 2021

River Wonders Trip

Since our SG vouchers are expiring in 1 months' time and there is nothing else much worthwhile to do in Singapore, we decided to go River Safari again. Though we have been here just 8 months ago, but the venue has now been transformed and rebranded as River Wonders. In addition, we managed to catch a sneak peek at the Lego dinosaurs exhibits just before their official start date.

Below are some of the Lego dinosaurs captured at River Wonders. And yes, it is a blessing that we got a nice cool cloudy day to tour the site with *OEE*. Thank God and hope *OEE* has a fun day today. What else is there.... Ahh yes, the star of the River Wonders - New Dad Panda. Yup, as usual, he is enjoying his Bamboo.

Finally, we managed to catch the show "Once Upon a River". You can only book your seats 2 hours before the show start, fastest finger first, 2 pax a booking, limited to 50 seats per venue with the current Safe Management Measures Rules.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Goodbye Ohm Energy. Hello Senoko Energy

With unfavorable market conditions caused by surging wholesale electricity price (This is caused by several factors – a significant rise in global spot liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices due to higher demand and lower production; higher-than-usual electricity demand domestically; and a reduction in the supply of piped natural gas from Indonesia), 3 electricity retailers have exited Singapore Open Electricity Market, and 1 have let go about 800 accounts. Unfortunately, the vendor I have signed my contract with is also hit by these market condition. In an email sent to me before the news broke, they announced they will be ceasing operation, with my account transferred back to SP Services on 20-Oct-21.

Well, it has been a good 3 years of journey with you.

Well, with such unfavorable market conditions, naturally, the plans available currently on market is not as good as before. With some research, I finally landed on Senoko Energy with their 2 years discount off tariff at 3%, mainly to take advantage of their current promotion of $60 bill rebate for any 2 years plan (Promo Code: TAKE60) and a referral bill rebate at $30. What I like about this company is that even for contract renewal, you can also apply their bill rebate promotion, which is rarely seen in other retailers.

Anyway, for others who are thinking of switching to Senoko Energy, here is my referral code for you to use to obtain a $30 rebate for you and for me!

Refer a friend to sign up for an electricity plan with Senoko Energy and both of you will earn a $30 bill rebate each to offset your electricity bill. The more successful referrals, the more you earn!

Use your referral code!

Friday, October 01, 2021

3Q 2021 Investment Strategy Update

Q3 has been a rather busy quarter for me. New assignment, office shifting, tightening measures. All these have kept me well occupied, leaving no time to look at other opportunities for investment. For Singapore side, IPOs have also dried up, with no new mega companies coming on board. Singapore too have a roller coaster ride with COVID-19 control measures, with the affected industries (F&B, retails, medicals) also having a roller coaster ride with the changing government policies. Globally, with increasing vaccination rate, countries are slowly opening up, with Thailand being one of the first Asean country to begin accepting fully vaccinated tourists with no quarantine restriction from 01-Oct. With the easing control measures, previously battered tourist sector (airlines, hotels, entertainment) will stand to benefit the most.

DJI ended at 33843, a decrease of 659 points (-1.91%) compared to 2Q 2021. For Singapore, STI ended at 3086, a decrease of 44 points (-1.40%) compared to last quarter. There are not much changes for Q3. For me, the next 3 months will probably focus a little more effort looking at hotel counters (e.g: Mariott). Situation are improving, Marriott are looking at re-starting dividends and stock buyback somewhere next year. It might be time for me to cash out some of my equity on hand as the stock rises. For this quarter, not much actions except participating in the rights of reits as they continue their expansion strategy:

Transaction 1: Participated in IReit Global Rights in July.

Expansion into being landlords of 27 Decathlon retail buildings in France seems like a good defensive move due to the long lease sign up (6+4 years) and rental pegged to CPI, which typically rises 1% to 2% every year.

That is all for now. See you all in Q4 2021 update and thank you for reading thus far.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

25 Jul 2021


Before and after re-painting of blocks. Just for memory sake. HDB blocks are repainted every seven years, as part of Repair and Redecoration works. At least, they have kept the commitment. And yes, the new paint truly suits the estate name - Greenwalk

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Staycation @ St Regis Singapore

Having stayed 1 full day here, I can say there is really no hotel like St Regis Singapore. The view, the perks, the room, the service (almost) are top notch! Wanting to have a last staycation before *OEE* goes to school for his playgroup, we picked St Regis Singapore just to have a 1 day indulgence. Thank God that we managed to get the lowest price available for the day. To maximize our time, we picked the "Live Exquisite 32-Hour Stay" package, below are the details:

  • Early check-in at 10:00am
  • Late check-out at 6:00pm
  • Epicurean breakfast at Brasserie Les Saveurs
  • Signature St. Regis Butler Service
Yes, the Butler Service is really a game changer. The service is available for each and every single room that you book in St Regis Singapore. Well, some perks that we really enjoyed is getting the 24/7 complimentary hot beverage delivered to your room, which we gladly ordered every few hours. Having forgotten to bring my iPhone cable to hotel, charging services is also available, which I gladly utilize.

Hot Chocolate!

The view from our room is also fantastic! Having indicated high floor preference during booking, they assigned me to 15th floor, which is not bad at all.

View from room. Bright and Sunny AM

Talk about changing weather. Dark and Gloomy PM

The room itself is also pretty spacious, at least they are bigger than your usual hotel room. Love the big toilet and the "all by itself" bath tub!

*OEE* managed to get a free St Regis teddy bear during the check-in process. Well, I guess that is the perk for having a kid around. Haha~

Staycation cannot end without a dip into the pool. We visited the kids pool area at Level 2. On the second day, due to the slight drizzle, we have the whole pool to ourselves. *OEE* have such fun crawling up and down the 0.1m deep pool 😃

For our breakfast, they do have quite a variety for your selection, which is way more than what you get at a normal hotel buffet. For us, we got ourselves Chicken Congee, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Dim Sum, Fruit Platter, French croissant and chocolate bread, Juices, Waffles with Raspberries, Coffee and Hot Chocolate! For dinner, we ate at Yan Ting, which have nice Braised Fish Maw Broth with Dried Scallops and Braised Ee-fu Noodles with Seafood and XO Sauce!

Thursday, July 01, 2021

2Q 2021 Investment Strategy Update

Q2 rumbles on with countries locking down again with the more infectious delta COVID-19 variant rampaging the local community. 1.5 years on since the onset of pandemic, social distancing and working from home has become the new normal of our daily life. When will international travel re-opens again? No one knows, but countries have been encouraging local tourism, else the local hospitality industry are long dead. Encouraging economic readings and inflation has prompt the USA Feds to tilt to preparation to start raising the rates. Banks counters are what I will be focusing on in the next 2 quarters as they will be the first to benefit once rates are increased.

DJI ended at 34502, an increase of 1521 points (+4.61%) compared to 1Q 2021. For Singapore, STI ended at 3130, a decrease of 35 points (-1.10%) compared to last quarter. This Q2 also marks the end of saga (or end of road) for both Krisenergy and Eagle Hospitality Trust. Not expecting any cash back as both company debts are way more than what can be recovered from liquidation. Well, that is the risk of investment, will remove both counter from my portfolio once they are delisted. For me this quarter, not much actions except participating in the rights of reits as they continue their expansion strategy:

Transaction 1: Participated in Mapletree Industrial Trust Rights in June.

It has been a long time since MIT last issued rights to retail investor to participate in their building acquisition as they normally preferred to deal with private placement. This time round, the rights are used for acquiring a portfolio of 29 data centers in USA. The deal will be yield accretive, so no need to wait, just accept your allocated portion and apply for excess.

Transaction 2: Bought 1 batch Altimeter Growth Corp shares in June.

If you haven't heard of Altimeter Growth Corp, it is now time to take note of it. This is the SPAC that Grab will be merging for its listing in Nasdaq end of the year. Currently, the price is at about 20% premium of Grab private placement ($10 a share) when they list. How to get to the private placement? I am not sure unless you have some link to their bankers. Once the listing is confirm, AGC will change to Grab. Do take note though, there are 3 types on AGC counter on the market (AGC, AGCU, AGCWW). AGC is the ordinary share which will convert to Grab 1 for 1. AGCU is the share attached with warrants (1 AGCU have 0.2 warrants attached, so you will need 5 AGCU to exercise 1 warrants at $11.50). AGCWW as expected is the warrants itself. 

Transaction 3: Bought 1 batch DBS shares in June.

The best bank share with the best growth potential in SGX, after having just amalgamated Lakshmi Vilas Bank with DBS Bank India Limited in Nov 2020. It is also in advance talks for the purchase of Citibank India consumer unit should Citibank decided to sell and it just took a 13% stake in Shenzhen bank for $1.08 billion in Apr 2020. Just buy and hold to prepare for easing of dividend restriction and USA fed raising of rates.

Transaction 4: Bought 1 batch China Everbright shares in June.

Continue accumulating good quality company giving potential 8% yield. Dividend has increase from S$0.0067 per share to S$0.0104 per share. As a China government linked wastewater treatment company, I can hardly see it goes wrong, coupled with the fact that tariff treatment price will increase with China increasingly higher wastewater discharge standards.

That is all for now. See you all in Q3 2021 update and thank you for reading thus far.