Tuesday, January 02, 2024

First Bird Paradise Visit Review

Visited the new Bird Paradise on 27-Dec-2023 for the first time together as a family together with 大舅 and 外婆. On the whole, I felt the area of the new Brid Paradise, compared to the old Jurong Bird Park, is smaller, but more compact. There are boardwalks meandering throughout the different theme areas where they tried to allow birds to free roam fly around on their own, so that visitors can get up close with these flying creatures. There are only 2 tram stations in the park - one at the entrance, and the other at the amphitheater where the shows are conducted. It is just a short ride, and you can get there in 10mins via walking. Cafes, restaurants and food court wise, there are plenty located within the park. You can get yourself easily a seat if you go during the time when the shows are conducted at the amphitheater. This is one big improvement compared to the Old Jurong Bird Park, where there are only a few eateries located and you need to spend some efforts to get to them.

Personally, I will recommend to visit in the morning to catch the first show time, so that you can spend the rest of the day roaming around the park and get out by 3-4pm. Breakfast wise, not to worry, there are shops open outside the entrance where you can get a good breakfast. All you need to do is look out for shops that open between 8-9am.

Man-made waterfall at the entrance

Breakfast at Coffee House by Old Chung Kee

Breakfast Menu

First Show - Predators on Wings

Birds plenty flying around the boardwalks

No idea what this guy is doing but the wire wont last long...

Flamingos at the Wetland

Feeding Time

Second show - Wings of the World

Penguins - Up closer compared to the Old Jurong Bird Park

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