Thursday, August 09, 2007

New York Day 1

Dated: 31/7/07 - 2/8/07

New York, New york.... One of the busiest city in USA. Everywhere I go, people are rushing from point A to point B, few people are willing to stop to help someone in distress. I believe this is the evolution of society. The more built up a city is, the more cold its people get. I shall say that I did not really get a good impression of New York. Take for example our first day there. Because we are carrying 3 bags a person, we are having difficulty transporting our luggage to our hotel by "bus 11". If this was Sandusky, I can say that there will be people who are kind enough to give us a ride to the hotel. BUT, no...... not here. No one bother to offer a helping hand. Even if there is, (and there really is one) HE expect us to offer him some coffee money for his help when he has just help us to carry our luggage like 20 meters?? I am like.. what the ****? Where is the spirit of helping a person from the bottom of your heart? Apparently, most of this is lost in those New- Yorkers. This is really so saddening... This is not the end of the ugly side of the city. When night falls, the street can get pretty eerie and dangerous. That is where beggars start coming out to play. I remember that we are having our night snacks in one of the Burger Kings places. Once I have finished ordering and just receive my change, I got a tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw a ugly, dirty old beggar wanting some money from me. Wow! That really freak me out. They can walk into the shop and beg and still hang around in the shop???? That is really a culture shock for me. That happens not once but every night when we had night snacks in any of the places.

Well, enough of complains. I still had lots of fun touring New York, special thanks to Poks handy research~ I have saw the financial district of New York City, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway show: Les Miserables and been on top of the Empire State Building! Believe me, the Broadway show are totally awesome!!!! Well, below are some of the selected photos, enjoy touring New York!


A wooden escalator in New York?? You must be kidding!!

Hershey's Store

A church in the middle of skyscrapers

Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty

M & M's World

Along Broadway

Some street art

Their subway, just like our Mrt

Anyone wanna join the army???

Broadway again

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