Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Australia Day 1 - Landing into Sydney

After 4 years of undergraduate life, I have had enough of studying. I have waited to say this for a long time (since maybe 2 years ago?), and that is: "Goodbye NUS!! I graduate lo!!" Well, I am almost there, but I still have to wait for the eastern wind to come on May 29 2009 at 3pm. Hopefully everything goes well.....
For mine and *mds* graduate trip, it was all the way free and easy. All the hotel accommodations and transports are all pre-planned or pre-booked so that we need not worry about them when we landed at the airport. Time is of the essence and we have to make sure every single seconds are used to the fullest. =)
. On board the Qantas flight to Sydney, I found a very interesting thing - Magnum are served on board the flight and they are made by Ben & Jerry!! I only knew that they made ice cream in cups/tubs but in sticks too? Why they never do this in Singapore??

The train station that we alighted to go to our hotel for the night. At least, our MRT are not as complicated as theirs. There is no such thing as express service trains where you have to scrutinised all the stops for the incoming train to see if it will drop you off at the stop you wanted.

Museum stop - the stop which has seen the history of Australia unfold. There are history pictures on the tiles as you walk out of the station to hit the streets. Interesting, and certainly not as boring as our MRT stations. =p

Y Hyde Park Hotel - the hotel where the rates are cheap and location is good. It is conveniently located at the central of everything such that they are all within walking distances!!

St Mary Cathedral

Our first dinner in Australia - Instant Noodles!! We walked towards the wrong direction on the street such that we did not see any restaurant or eateries at all!! In the end, we have to settle for these instant noodles that we have bought in a convenient stall. We discovered later (when we came back to Sydney again) that had we walk in the other direction, we could have so much more choice and definitely better food to eat!

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