Thursday, June 11, 2009

Australia Day 6 - To the suburb: Homebush!!

It was rise and shine again early in the morning to catch the train to go to the factory outlet located in Homebush. As the shops in Australia closed rather early in the day (10am - 7pm), no time must be lost if we ever wanted to visit all the shops located in the outlet. Based on our past experiences in USA, this will probably take up a whole day. A picture of the Homebush train platform. It was simple and equipped with just the bare minimum facilities. Even the time where they announced the arrival of the train was all done by turning the minute and hour hands of the clock by hand!!

Believe it or not, there was no gantry located in this station, so literally, you can ride the train for free, unless you are caught by the train inspector or you found yourself stuck behind the gantry at your destination. =p
A plan view of all the shops located in the factory outlets. At last, this outlet have a shop that sells some decent food that is really Chinese!
One interesting fact: Although Giordano is considered the average apparel brand in Singapore, but in Australia, they are branded!! However, sadly, most of the branded shops that we went into sell clothes that we considered are really not that cheap (unlike USA, they can be rather cheap, going as low as US$10 a piece, but no such thing here...) Even the Ralph Lauren only sells polo tees that are plain!! Where is their strips?? At the end of the day, my only haul is a long sleeve shirt from Timberland at AUD$50.


Iriene said...

Very interesting and informative post! Tks for sharing :D
Hope 1 day I can go there.
Btw, which part of Australia does this Homebush located? Tks.

kr said...

west of the central sydney. U can reach there by train.