Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pasta de Waraku

A joyful occasion to celebrate Perry's birthday~ Thank you Ernnie for organising this wonderful gathering. The day started with some singing of K which unfortunately I could not join in. However, I did manage to make it for the dinner, while most of the others are late! =) The group later decided on going to the restaurant (Pasta de Waraku) which gladly is not too expensive.
.Having been the first time entering this restaurant, I decided to try their "sukiyaki" which is a mixture of beef, mushroom and cabbage mixed in their special Wafu sauce. I quite like this dish as the cabbage they used is sweet and it enhances the taste of the whole dish. However, I still find the portion a bit small for my stomach. For my drink, I decided to try their "Maccha Float". The waiter said that this ice-cream was made of some tea leaf favour and I initially had some expectation for this drink. However, after taking a sip, it was total disappointment as the ice-cream are pretty tasteless and hence, the whole drink was pretty spoilt.
Overall, the staffs are quite friendly in this restaurant and provide satisfying answers whenever questions are asked. The ambient set up was pretty good for group gatherings to sit down and catch up with each other. Even though it was at the prime of dinner hours, the whole restaurant is still quite quiet for diners to enjoy a couple of quiet moments.
After dinner activities was a journey down to a German bar for some cold lager before we decided to hit the road for home. Happy belated birthday to Perry again and hope that you have enjoy your day.
Rate: 6/10

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