Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Blue Mansion

Synopsis: The Blue Mansion is a quirky murder mystery about a wealthy Asian tycoon who dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances. He returns as a ghost to try to uncover the secret of his death with the help of his family and the police. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
Finally, some great movie from the local movie industry and not the usual sarcastic comedy dominated by the Liang family. Despite the un-catching movie title, its plot and the supporting casts more than make up for this little disadvantage. As the movie slowly unwraps itself, the audience are treated to several darkest secrets that each member in the family hold behind the wealthy facade. How did the tycoon die? The movie presents to the audience several options which are all highly possible, and the answer (a surprise) will be revealed at the very end. Through suspense intermix with a few span of comedy, I must say the director has done a very good job. If only the local industry can produce more movies that are of this quality.
Rate: 3.75/5
Yay! *mds* had a happy day! All the hard work is worth it~ =)

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