Monday, December 28, 2009

MOF @ Marina Square

How long ago was it since I last step into MOF? Probably not in a year's time. My impression of Japanese food was expensive, bad dessert and probably their best dish would be their salmon, bento and ramen, and that depends on the chef who was preparing it. So far, only the remen from Ramen Ten have my thumbs up for it. MOF certainly fits into my description above, only this time round, I tried their toji, which was pathetic in quantity and average in quality.
Before jumping into the food review, I must say that they surprise me with this exquisite brew of green tea the Japanese way. I could appreciate it if the tea they served was a bit thicker but that was not so big of a fuss. The fatal mistake they made was squeezing us into this little room such that there was little or no space for the waiter / waitress to maneuver. So what this meant was that nobody will bother to come in to serve us unless we go out to catch hold of them! Is this the quality of service that they are taught to give? Food for thought.
For their seafood toji, please do not be fool by the picture above. It sure looks a lot right? Well, truth be told, the whole plate is only 2cm deep, so you get the picture, pathetic in quantity but average in quality. The only issue I have with the dish was their calm. Although I counted 6 shells, but I can only find 3 of the calm bodies. What happens to the rest? Looks like I just have to stick to their bento in the future.
Rate: 5.5/10
The year is soon coming to an end. What will the next year hold? Will I accomplish all my goals? The Christmas lighting for this year looks good. Let us just indulge in this festive mood at the moment....

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