Sunday, June 27, 2010

She's out of my League

Synopsis: Kirk, an average Joe, can't believe his luck. Though he's stuck in a seemingly dead-end job as an airport security agent, against all odds Molly, a successful and outrageously gorgeous babe falls for him. Kirk is stunned. So are his friends, his family and even his ex-girlfriend. Now he has to figure out how to make the relationship work, even though he's the first to admit - "She's Out of My League". [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]
A cheap chick flick, it can really brighten you up and de-stress you with some non-sensible laughs. The show is about Kirk, low on self esteem and your average Joe (who only managed a scale of 5 out of 10 according to his friends), is about to have a girl (who is on a scale 10 out of 10) falling for him. Getting (sometimes not helpful) advices from his friends, he tries to make his relationship works, but most of the times, it ends up in disasters. It's enjoying to watch him end up in tight situation and trying to wiggle his way out of them. One bad point is the amount of swearing on the movie set. Well, the movie is NC-16 for a reason. Don't mind the plot though, it doesn't really make sense.
Rate: 6/10

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