Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Solomon Kane

Synopsis: Kane (James Purefoy) is a mercenary of Queen Elizabeth I fighting in Africa, but after an encounter with a demon, The Reaper (Ian Whyte), he realises he must seek redemption or have his soul damned to Hell. He returns to England and lives a life of peace, converting to puritanism, but soon the doings of an evil sorcerer upset his plans and he must take up arms again. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]

A movie about blood, killings, witchcraft and a poor man trying to save his soul which was condemned to Hell. James shine in the movie as he was able to carry the manly outlook of the character demanded in Kane. The pace of the movie was fast, action packed but a bit far fetch for the plot. I just cannot understand why the devil will go through all the trouble just to make Kane commit sins so that the devil can claim his soul? Nevertheless, a good movie to watch which I think is exclusive to only Cathay Cinemas.

Rate: 7/10

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