Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hall Pass

Synopsis: Rick (Owen Wilson) is a married man whose wife grants a one-week pass of freedom to do whatever he wants (affairs included), with no questions asked. Joining in the fun is his best pal Fred, (Jason Sudeikis) who at first thinks it's a dream come true. But it isn't long until things start to get a little out of control, as both their wives start engaging in extramarital activities as well. [Source: Yahoo! Singapore Movies]

Interesting concept. A 1 week break from marriage with no question asked. Apart from that, the whole movie is basically a no brainer, with crude jokes dished out that sometimes are not funny at all. At least a saving lifeline at the end was to show the audience that for the women that you have decided to marry, always be faithful and treasure her. My recommendation is to give this movie a skip unless you have nothing better to watch.

Rate: 5/10

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