Saturday, October 22, 2011

Korean Day 6 part 2

After Seoraksan National Park, it is time for some spa action next. First time into spa facility, I didn't really expect that the temperature of the water in the spa is actually around 42C. I really feel that I am cooked alive in the water.

Met up with *mds* and we proceed to check out other facilities in the center. We tried out some water slides, the experience were not that bad. One interesting slide, if I recalled correctly, is the tsunami. You plunged into a giant bowl and get roll up and down almost 300 degree so as to let you have a taste of what tsunami is like.

After spa, its lunch time! Our skin are really smooth after the spa.

Next destination is the Yong Pyong Gondola.

Riding it up 1400m to the top of Mount Balwang

Reaching the dragon peak!

Unfortunately, because out timing coincides with storm clouds rolling in, the temperature plunge to like 3 degree? Freezing cold!!!

Ski facilities used in winter

Garden at the peak

Because of the storm clouds, we cannot see the other mountain peaks. Sad...

A hut in the fog

Dinner time. Vegetarian meal again... ^.^!

Some pool action after dinner

And the night view of Yong Pyong Resort

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